It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and the feeds started a little on the slow side. Later in the day, we finally got some campaigning from one of the nominees, while the other one had been working the HGs for days. Will the efforts sway the house or was it too little too late? Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds!

The first conversation worth noting was between Kaysar and Janelle. He tells Janelle that it might be time to just go with the house. He said he talked to Memphis and as much as they want Keesha to stay, they can’t make any obvious pushes for her to stay this week. He tells Janelle that he thinks that Cody actually wants to work with them, but he’s having a hard time trusting it. Janelle agrees that they can’t trust that just yet. Janelle asks if they are working with Cody, who would be his target? Kaysar tells her that he thinks it would be Memphis (it’s not). Janelle tells Kaysar that they need to tell Keesha before the eviction so that she isn’t blindsided.

We started the day off really slow, so slow that Big Brother gave the HGs something to do to entertain us at about 1 PM BBT. Cody came out of the DR with cards looking for a big bowl. When they all sat down, they are told that the exercise they are about to do will be streamed live on Facebook. It was called the Great BB Debate and the HGs read off questions and gave their opinions on the answers. Here is the video from Facebook:

After their debate, Christmas had a chat with Franzel about how she hung out with some of the alliance last night and they all seemed really chill. She said that they all sat around laughing and having a good time together (Franzel was sleeping). Christmas also mentioned that she had a talk with Bay and asked her how she felt about Janelle. Bay told her that she felt great about Janelle, but when Bay was asked how Janelle felt about Christmas, she was unsure.

Kevin and Janelle had a chat about next week. He mentioned that he was going to play in the Safety Suite and told her it would be a good idea for her and Kaysar to try and connect with someone so that they at least have a chance at a plus one. Janelle asks Kevin if he would use his plus one on her if she voted for him this week. He laughs and said, “girl, not just vote, I’m not THAT easy!” He adds that if she spent the week campaigning for him, he might consider it.

Enzo touches base with Kevin and tells him that there is no way Kevin is being voted out this week. Meanwhile, NicA is telling Janelle that it looks like the house is leaning towards keeping Kevin this week. NicA asks her how she feels about that and Janelle tells her that whichever way it goes works for her.

Janelle and Ian have a talk about the vote, neither of them knows what’s going to happen. Janelle mentions that she just doesn’t want to be in the minority vote.

Franzel tells Tyler that she thinks the house will be split next week. She thinks that the other side of the house is going to end up being Bay, Day, Kevin, NicA, Janelle, and Kaysar.

Day talks to Keesha and asks her how she is feeling. Keesha tells her that he has a gut feeling that Kevin will be staying this week. Keesha says that everyone is avoiding her. Day tells her that she doesn’t know what everyone is thinking but if she hears anything she will let her know. She also tells Keesha that she needs to talk to everyone, even the people she thinks she has, just to solidify her votes.

Ian tells Kevin that he has his vote, he is just asking for Kevin’s protection in return. Kevin tells him that he has Ian’s back.

Kaysar tells Keesha that the only chance she has to stay is to go to Cody and paint herself as a bigger target than him. Prove that she will be able to keep the heat off him. He adds that she also has to convince him that she won’t put him up if she were to win HOH.

Keesha catches up with Memphis and tells him that she thinks she is going home this week. She adds that she doesn’t understand why they want to keep Kevin in the house when he is such a floater.

Janelle and Bay had a conversation about Franzel and what she might do if she won HOH. Bay said that she didn’t think Franzel would target the girls. Janelle is wondering where the game changed to voting out whoever the HOH wanted out. She adds that they used to do the opposite and vote out who the HOH wanted to keep in the house. Janelle mentions how in Season 6 there were all girls at the end. Bay said she would be okay with something like that, but Janelle says that Cody and Tyler are definitely working together and have pulled David in. Bay doesn’t think David has any idea what’s going on, but Janelle thinks he knows more than he’s letting on.

Bay asks Janelle what she thinks Dani would do if she won HOH. Janelle tells her that Dani is all about girl power and would nominate only the guys. During this conversation, Bay realizes that Keesha going home will give the guys the numbers. Janelle tells her that’s what she has been saying all along.

Day and Franzel talked last night about Keesha not starting her campaigning until now. Franzel asks Day if she is close to Janelle, she tells her that they aren’t close, but Janelle seems to want some kind of connection with Day, so they are getting to know each other. Franzel tells Day that she feels good about her and working with her, especially because no one would suspect they would get along. Day mentions that later on they can create to fake friction between them to keep people off their track.

Keesha goes to talk to Cody like Kaysar suggested. She told him all the things that Kaysar told her to, but Cody acted like he wasn’t pulling for either of them to go this week. Keesha tells him that the house is waiting to hear what he wants.

There were a lot of conversations in the house that was just reiterated information throughout the evening. NicA saw an alliance meeting with Cody, Tyler, Franzel, and Dani and reported it back to Kevin.

Janelle talked about how Big Brother isn’t just letting them go back home to their families. She apparently asked if they were voted out week one or two, if they would be going home and they told her no, they weren’t going home until September.

Memphis tells Cody that he plans to nominate Ian and Bay if he wins HOH next week. They also talk about how Cody thinks they can trust Dani, but he is wondering where she is getting all this vague information. Memphis is worried that Dani and Christmas are close.

Janelle went back to campaigning for Keesha to Bay and Christmas. Janelle tells them that they should be voting on who’s better for their game, not who the HOH wants to keep in the house. Bay admits that Keesha is probably better for her game, but she doesn’t want to be part of the push to keep Keesha.

NicA checks in with Cody and Enzo. They all suspect that Kevin will be staying with just a few votes against him. Bay joins the conversation and tells them that Janelle is back to pushing for Keesha to stay. Bay said that Day said she was going to vote for Keesha, but she doesn’t think that’s where she is actually putting her vote. She thinks that Day just said that to get Janelle off her back about it.

Everyone except for Bay and Cody leaves the room and they discuss Janelle. Bay tells him that she doesn’t trust Janelle and they both agree that Day has a really good read on the house. They don’t understand why Janelle would be pushing to keep Keesha in the house when it’s hurting Janelle’s position in the game.

To end the night, there was a conversation between Dani and Cody. They hope that Tyler wins HOH next week and Cody said that he would use his Safety Suite card if he did just to throw people off. Dani promises that she is loyal to her person in the game and right now he is her person. Dani also tells Cody that Memphis’ wife was her wedding planner, so she thinks she is good with him. Cody tells Dani that he likes Memphis as an ally, she warns him that Memphis thinks he is running the house and he’s going to ruin his game down the road if that doesn’ change.

It still looks like Kevin will be staying after tonight’s live vote and eviction, but as we know, anything can happen inside the Big Brother house in just a few short hours. Stay tuned for my eviction poll and a little later check out my eviction prediction. Then, make sure you join me tonight for my live recap of tonight’s eviction!

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