It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house and our new HOH put a plan in place for week 10 of Big Brother All-Stars. With not many options to choose from, this week’s plan is pretty simple, but it will all come down to the POV which plays out on Saturday. Get all the Big Brother spoilers on what was talked about on the Big Brother live feeds on Friday right here!

We started the day off with Nicole holding one on one meetings prior to the Nomination Ceremony. The first one was with Memphis who tried to convince Nicole that he didn’t make any deals outside of The Committee because of the loyalty aspect of the game. He didn’t want to have to break promises to people, so he just didn’t make them. He tells her that if he can stay off the block this week, he would be okay with bringing Nicole to F3 with him. He also told her that he would vote anyway she wanted him to if he wasn’t on the block.

He also tried to convince Nicole that Christmas was going to be his target if he won HOH this week. He tells Nicole that he has no deals with Christmas and that anything she sees between the two of them is just him being friendly to her. After he leaves the room, she camtalks about how she knows Memphis is lying because he has a F3 deal with everyone in the house but her (the two Wise Guys alliances).

Christmas comes in to talk to Nicole and they talk about Nicole’s plan for the week. Nicole tells Christmas that she doesn’t want to see Christmas leave this week, but implied that there was a chance that she could see the block. Nicole does ask Christmas if she should stay off the block and win POV, would she use it to take Memphis off the block. Christmas promises that she wouldn’t do that. She does bring up the possibility of Memphis winning the POV and taking himself down and that Nicole would be the tiebreaking vote and she is able to avoid answering the question. During this conversation, Christmas mentioned a few times that Enzo and Cody are well-liked by the jury.

Cody talked to Memphis while Christmas was in the HOH and Memphis seems to be pretty nervous about how long she’s been up there (she was up there for a really long time). Cody tells Memphis that he is eager to get up there because he hasn’t been able to talk to Nicole at all since she won HOH. Memphis tells Cody that they are fine this week as long as Christmas doesn’t win the POV this week. He implied that even if she does, they can just cut Enzo instead (he’s in for a surprise).

After Christmas leaves the HOH, Cody goes in and Nicole tells him that she wants Memphis to go this week, but if he wins HOH, she is fine with Christmas going. Meanwhile, downstairs, Christmas is telling Memphis that he has to make a deal with Nicole that will keep her safe next week because her not playing in the HOH next week is what makes her most nervous. Memphis doesn’t tell her that he has already tried this and just nods with agreement.

Memphis then goes to talk to Enzo about what Christmas just told him he needed to do and he says to Enzo that all he could think about while she was talking was “it doesn’t matter, if you’re on the block, you’re going home.”

Enzo heads up to the HOH and talks to Nicole and Cody. Nicole tells him about how Christmas was throwing both of them under the bus trying to convince Nicole that Enzo and Cody are too well-liked to take to the end. Cody mentions that it would be funny if Christmas stayed next week, won HOH just for Cody to win POV. He says that if that plays out, he is going to straight-up tell her that she is completely clueless in this game and there is no way anyone takes her to F3.

The feeds go down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up, we find out that Christmas and Memphis were nominated. Memphis tells Cody that Christmas told him they need Enzo to win POV and take one of them down so that Cody could go up and they can vote him out.

Nicole and Enzo talk about what needs to happen this week and Enzo says that he doesn’t trust Christmas, but Memphis is the better player and has to go. Nicole says that she regrets telling Cody about Christmas throwing him under the bus because now Cody wants Christmas gone.

Cody and Enzo agree that Memphis has to go this week because he is the bigger threat. Enzo checks in with Cody a few times and mentions that Memphis has to go and that they need to win the POV.

Cody and Enzo later talked about a plan that Christmas and Memphis had to get Enzo renom’d and evicted this week. They agree that it was probably Christmas’ idea. They also talk about how Memphis doesn’t know that Enzo knows about The Committee or that Cody knows about the other Wise Guys.

Nicole joked that if Memphis or Christmas win the POV Enzo and Cody will have to play rock-paper-scissors to determine which one will go up. In all reality, it’s going to be Enzo, but with there being one vote on either side, it’s going to be up to Nicole to break the tie if that should happen. Stay tuned for POV spoilers coming up later on today!

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