It was Power of Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 22 house and the nominees spent a lot of time before the meeting trying to convince the POV winner to use it. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from before and after the Veto Meeting right here with our live feeds recap!

We started the morning off with Christmas in the HOH room trying to talk to Nicole who was drying her hair. Christmas sat in the chair in the HOH waiting for Nicole to be done so they can talk, but Nicole headed downstairs to do her makeup. Nicole tells Enzo that Christmas is already following her around trying to get her to use the POV this week and BD Cody. Enzo tells Nicole that he just had a conversation with Memphis where he seemed to be hopeful that Nicole was going to use the POV to BD Cody. He also told her that Memphis tried to tell him Christmas and Nicole would flip on Cody and vote him out. Cody walks in and Nicole tells him that Christmas and Memphis want him out so bad this week.

Nicole talks to Cody a little later about her POV speech and how she should word it. He tells her that it’s best to keep it short and to the point. He says that she should just tell them that at this point in the game, it’s best for you to keep them on the block together because they both betrayed her. He tells Nicole that she just needs to keep telling Christmas she is safe (she is) and they will work on making Memphis feel like he is safe (he’s not).

As soon as Cody leaves the HOH room, Christmas pops in and says “guess who?” Nicole is pacing back and forth clearly not wanting to talk to her. Nicole tells Christmas that she doesn’t know what to do and tells her that she trusts Enzo when he says that he will vote to keep Christmas. Nicole asks Christmas if she trusts him and Christmas says she does, but she has also seen him say one thing and do another. Christmas also says that if Nicole wants to keep Christmas that badly, keeping her on the block is a huge risk. Nicole tells her that she should go talk to Enzo and see how she feels after.

Christmas leaves the HOH to look for Enzo who is outside playing pool. She pulls him inside and talks to him in the bathroom about the vote. Memphis walks in and Christmas tells him he needs to go talk to Nicole and do some work with her. After Memphis leaves the room, Enzo tells Christmas that he wants to see her in F3 and reassures her that he has her back.

Nicole tells Memphis that Christmas owed her and that Christmas betrayed her more than he did. She tells Memphis that she is leaning towards wanting Christmas out more than him. After he leaves the HOH, she calls herself brilliant and adds that as long as they don’t compare notes, she is in a good spot.

Enzo walks into the HOH shortly after Memphis leaves and tells her that he told Christmas he would come up and talk to Nicole. He tells Nicole that Christmas is doing way too much and it’s so annoying. He tells her that he told Christmas everything she wanted to hear so that should hold her off until the POV Ceremony.

Memphis is downstairs telling Christmas that he told Nicole to take Christmas down if her plan is to keep her around because he knows that Enzo and Cody are going to keep him. Christmas tells him that Enzo is upstairs reassuring Nicole that he is going to keep Christmas and as long as there are conflicting stories, Nicole might feel compelled to use the Veto.

Christmas goes to Nicole and tells her that she is concerned about staying on the block. Nicole tells her that regardless she wants Memphis to go this week. Christmas throws Cody under the bus again and tells her that Cody is going to clip one of them next week if he doesn’t go this week and adds that if he goes this week, it gives them a better shot at making it to the end. Christmas tells Nicole that this isn’t a push for Memphis to stay, it’s a push for Cody to go.

Feeds cut for the POV Ceremony and when they come back up we find out that Nicole did not use the POV as planned and Christmas and Memphis remained on the block. Nicole is talking to Cody about her talk with Christmas and how Christmas was insulting her while trying to manipulate her into using the POV. Cody says that Memphis needs to get a grip on the game because he doesn’t know about anything going on in the house.

After a lot of lounging and hanging out, Enzo tells Cody that he is worried Christmas will cut him (E) over Nicole next week. Cody thinks that she would get rid of Nicole to break up Cody and Nicole.

The feeds were in and out all night with no game talk happening at all. The plan this week is still to get rid of Memphis, but Enzo and Cody are still kind of worried about what Christmas might do if she wins HOH or POV next week. The POV winner next week controls who the sole vote will be.

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