It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house and the HGs got to play in a Big Brother classic! The POV winner was named and a clear plan for the rest of the week is in place. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s Big Brother 22 live feeds right here for all the details!

One of the first conversations worth talking about is one between Nicole and Christmas. Nicole tells Christmas that her nomination wasn’t for revenge for trying to flip the vote on her. She claims that she just couldn’t put two targets next to each other on the block. Christmas tells Nicole that she hopes that this isn’t a repeat of her season where her hard work and her efforts throughout the season are overshadowed.

She warns Nicole that the guys could pick them off easily. Talks turn to which of the guys is a bigger threat. Cody for playing a respectable game, Enzo for having a flawless social game, or Memphis who formed The Committee? Christmas plays up Enzo and Cody, but when they get to talking about Memphis, she downplays saying he is rough around the edges and pissed some people off. Says she doesn’t think his jury management has been as good. Christmas promises to keep Nicole safe in F4 if she wins HOH.

After Christmas leaves the HOH, Nicole says that her ideal F3 would be her, Cody, and Christmas because both of them would take her to F2 with them. Christmas camtalks and says that she wants Nicole and Memphis in her F3.

Enzo tells Cody that he thinks they need to cut Christmas this week. Cody says it would be better for their game but it would make Nicole mad. Enzo tells him that he is worried that she would keep Christmas over one of them for F2 (she would keep Christmas over Enzo based on her ideal F3 plan).

Feeds cut for POV, when they return we find out that Nicole won POV and it was BB Comics! Nicole promises Enzo and Cody that she isn’t going to use the POV.

Enzo tells Cody that they might want to cut Christmas because he wouldn’t cut them over Nicole. Cody tells Enzo that it doesn’t matter to his game really because he thinks both of them would cut him next week (probably true).

Nicole tells Cody that Christmas already tried to talk Nicole into using the POV and BDing Cody. She also tells Cody that Memphis thinks that he is staying this week. Cody tells Nicole that it’s better for their game to get rid of Memphis this week. He tells her that once they cut Memphis, there isn’t anyone left that could beat either of them in F2.

Christmas tries to come up with a plan with Memphis on how to convince Nicole to use the POV. Memphis tells Enzo later that there is no way that Nicole is going to use it. Enzo tells Memphis that he will work on Cody and make sure he doesn’t think that Memphis would cut him over Nicole next week if he stays and wins HOH. Enzo and Memphis are worried that Cody would keep Nicole over one of them in F4. Memphis wonders to Enzo who Nicole wants out this week and suspects that it’s Christmas. Enzo agrees.

Nicole and Enzo talk a little later and she says that Memphis definitely needs to go this week. She tells Enzo how Christmas is trying to get her to use the POV on her and BD Cody. Enzo says she’s lucky she’s even staying this week.

The HGs got an alcohol delivery last night and talks turned casual in nature. It seems like Memphis is heading out of the Big Brother house on Thursday night unless Cody and Enzo decide that Christmas is worse for their game. Christmas pushing Nicole to BD Cody and Nicole then going back to Cody and Enzo to tell them all about it might end up biting her though. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Just a reminder, there is no new episode tonight because Sunday’s episode has moved to Monday.

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