Now that the POV has been played in the Big Brother house, the nominees this week have been working on trying to get the POV winner to BD one of the other people left inside the house. However, the HOH doesn’t seem to be swaying this week because their target is already on the block. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the house on Sunday right here!

The HGs got a late wakeup call at 10:45 AM BBT and the game talk didn’t start right away. Memphis goes to talk to Nicole around 1:10 PM BBT and she told Memphis that she didn’t have a target this week. Memphis warns Nicole that this is the time she should really start thinking about who to bring to F2 because in past seasons people have brought the wrong person to F2 and lost. After he leaves the room, Nicole camtalks about how she feels like a jerk for lying to him, but she knows that if he won HOH, she would be his target.

A little later, Memphis asks about the POV and Cody confirmed that Nicole isn’t going to use it.

Nicole tells Enzo that she has noticed that Christmas and Memphis have been fighting a lot throughout the day. She also mentioned that she thinks that Christmas is mad at her for not sharing the wine with her and giving it to the guys.

Enzo and Cody talk about who would be easier to beat in the end. Enzo says that he can’t decide and thinks that Memphis hasn’t been playing very well lately.

Memphis tells Enzo that he doesn’t want Nicole to use the POV, they have the votes to get rid of Christmas anyways. Memphis tells Enzo that he thinks that Cody was really nervous about being BD’d this week and adds that Christmas is going to be really upset when Nicole doesn’t use the POV this week.

Cody and Enzo talk again about the vote and agree that Memphis needs to go because he is too sneaky to keep around. They also worried that Nicole will feel like she is on the outs with their alliance if Christmas goes instead. Cody mentions that Nicole needs to calm down about her BB Comics win. He mentions that it was her third time playing that comp, of course, she won again.

The feeds were down for four hours last night and when they came back the HGs were talking about how stuffed they were. It sounds like they got a big F5 meal from BB. Christmas warns Nicole that they have to get Cody out soon or else Christmas and Nicole won’t make it to F2 together. Nicole mentions that this week it’s better for her game to get rid of Memphis since he nominated her.

Nicole tells Enzo and Cody that she would rather lose to one of them than take Christmas to F2.

Throughout the night, Christmas and Memphis kept trying to convince Nicole to BD Cody this week. Memphis tells Nicole that he will keep her safe if he wins HOH or POV next week. He also tells her that he has no other deals with anyone in the house and tells her that he would take her to F2 over Christmas.

Nicole tells Enzo that they are trying really hard to get her to BD Cody this week, but she feels like getting rid of Memphis is a bigger move than getting rid of Cody. She also tells him that she lied to Memphis about her POV plans because she is trying to hide her relationship with Cody and Enzo.

Today is the POV Ceremony and then we have the HOH and nomination episode airing tonight. Make sure you come back for confirmation of how the POV Ceremony goes, but as of now it doesn’t seem like Nicole is going to be BDing anyone.

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