We have officially kicked off week 10 of Big Brother All-Stars with a new HOH in power. With there only being five HGs left inside the Big Brother 22 house, this week’s targets shouldn’t surprise anyone. Make sure you are all caught up on our Big Brother spoilers and then read ahead to find out what the HOH’s plan is moving forward.

It was a super slow night on the Big Brother live feeds but, we did find out that Christmas and Memphis almost won the HOH last night, but lost one of the balls in their basket and had to start all over. That paved the way for Nicole to go slow and steady and win the comp.

Enzo and Cody talked about the POV a bit last night and Enzo says that he knows Christmas and Memphis are going to pitch to him to use it, but he isn’t going to.

Christmas told Memphis that she was so close to winning if it wasn’t or that last ball that fell out of the basket and her having to start over, she would have had it. Her and Memphis tried to figure out whether Nicole or Enzo is closer to Nicole.

Nicole tells Cody that Memphis was really close to winning the comp and that caused Christmas to rush and drop a ball. Cody tells Nicole that he has her covered next week. Nicole mentions that she thinks production is trying to avoid comps from the seasons they were on before. However, Thursday night’s comp was from BB16.

Enzo joined the conversation and the topic changed to how Cody almost put Nicole on the block when he won his first HOH because she nominated his brother in her last season. Enzo pointed out that Nicole has teamed up with a Calafiore in every season she’s been on.

We are for sure going to see Memphis and Christmas on the block this week and Nicole is going to want Christmas out because she feels betrayed by her. However, with Cody and Enzo being the ones to vote, as long as the noms stay the same, we could actually see Memphis walk out the doors this week. Stay tuned for Nomination Ceremony confirmation coming up later on!

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