It was Eviction Eve inside the Big Brother 22 house and the day started off pretty slow, but we had some talks about the vote later in the evening. Who do the Big Brother All-Stars plan to evict Thursday night? Has the plan changed? Find out here with our Big Brother spoilers from Wednesday’s live feeds!

We started the day off with a 10:20 AM BBT wake-up call to the HGs and the house was pretty slow to rise and not very talkative. We saw as Memphis went into the key room and told Christmas that he had something to say and the feeds cut before we could hear what it was. When the feeds came back up, we hear Christmas camtalking about all her accomplishments and how she thinks that she and Memphis have to have a conversation about each other’s game so they can counter the arguments from other jury members.

Nicole and Cody chat while playing backgammon in the HOH room and she asks him if they plan to blindside Memphis. Cody says that he doesn’t really know. Nicole asks him if he has talked to Christmas yet. He tells her he hasn’t and doesn’t even know what to say to her because whatever he says is going to sound like BS thanks to Enzo telling her she was safe with Cody this week.

Christmas and Memphis talked a lot about how the jury members might see some of them if they were sitting in a F2 situation at the end. Memphis mentions that he thinks Nicole has a shot at winning only because this is a season of All-Stars. If this was a season of newbies and she was the only one to return, she wouldn’t have a chance. Christmas also argues that Nicole had the Committee protecting her and Christmas and Memphis were winning comps to keep her protected.

Talks turn to Enzo and how he was a floater all season but won comps and he has a great relationship with everyone inside the house and in the jury. Memphis adds that Enzo also hasn’t seen the block this season because no one saw him as a target. Christmas says that just because he has great relationships with people doesn’t mean that he was the better player. They also briefly talked about how Cody has been playing a really good game. He’s been winning comps and everyone in the jury house loves him. When Memphis leaves the room, Christmas talks about how that chat helped her iron things out and that she is even seeing Cody as less of a threat now.

Cody tells Enzo that he thinks it’s funny that Christmas thinks she has a shot to win if she is sitting next to Nicole in F2. Cody says that just tells him that Memphis has been drilling it into her head, but Cody feels like Nicole would take all the votes sitting next to Christmas. Enzo wonders what their F5 would look like if Enzo voted Nicole out instead of David. Cody says that it would probably be them, David, Tyler, and Memphis in F5.

Memphis asks Christmas if there is anything she wants him to tell the Jury about her gameplay to try and make them understand why she made the moves she made. He tells her that it might be good for him to have some of that information about her to pass on.

Enzo tells Nicole that he feels bad that Memphis thinks he is staying this week and tells her that he wants to tell Memphis that he is going 10 minutes before the eviction. Nicole tells him that she is okay with that. Nicole tells Enzo that Christmas still hasn’t talked to Cody and Enzo says that he told her to talk to Cody because otherwise, she would look too comfortable. Enzo and Nicole both agree that they don’t care which one of them goes now.

Enzo tells Cody that he doesn’t think he told Christmas that she was safe with Cody, but Cody is pretty sure that he did because Christmas still hasn’t come to him. Enzo tells Cody that he really wants to get rid of Christmas this week but Cody and Nicole want to get rid of Memphis. Cody says he will vote out Memphis, but they have to talk to Nicole first. Enzo tells Cody that Christmas said her slate with Nicole is clean which means they could end up teaming up next week, but Cody believes that Nicole would go after Christmas next week if she stays.

Enzo tells Cody that he really thinks that Nicole would take Christmas to F2 over Cody. Enzo also tells him that if Memphis stays this week, he would be safer than if Christmas stays. He says that he knows that Cody doesn’t believe that, but he really thinks that Memphis would cut Nicole over either of them, but Christmas wouldn’t.

Cody and Enzo agree that they both want Christmas out more, but Memphis going is a better game move. Enzo says that both of them staying is bad for them, so why not get rid of Christmas first?

Nicole comes into the HOH room and Enzo tells her that they are splitting the vote and making Nicole break the tie. Cody says it would make better TV if Nicole cuts Christmas live. She asks them if they want Christmas to go this week? Cody tells Nicole that he thinks that maybe Christmas needs to go. Enzo adds that she has almost won more recent comps than Memphis has. Cody then tells Nicole that he was just testing her and he still wants Memphis gone.

Talks turn to Cody and Nicole wanting to blindside Memphis tomorrow, but Enzo says that Memphis is going to be mad at every one if they do that. Nicole tells them that it would be more fun to blindside Christmas. Cody tells her then they will do that instead and she tells them that they better not. Cody asks her if they blindside Nicole and vote out Christmas instead, would she cut one of them at F4? She says she would, but they are all joking and laughing about it.

Cody tells Nicole that if Christmas doesn’t talk to him at all, they vote her out. Nicole says that’s too risky, but Cody and Enzo don’t like the fact that Christmas hasn’t bothered to talk to Cody at all. Christmas comes into the HOH room and the conversation changes.

After, Cody tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to worry about Enzo flipping the vote and that he just likes to talk it out more than most people. He adds that with Enzo not winning any comps lately, he is just worried that keeping Christmas isn’t good for him.

Regardless of Enzo pushing to keep Memphis over Christmas, I don’t think there will be any change in how the vote goes tonight. However, Cody does seem to be pretty concerned about Christmas not coming to talk to him about the vote. We will have to wait and see, but be on the lookout for my Eviction Poll and Prediction coming up later today!

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