It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house, but first, the HGs got to partake in a luxury comp where one HG and one Jury Member each one $10,000! Find out which Big Brother All-Star and which jury member won and find out which two HGs were put on the block right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The first conversation worth talking about was between Enzo and Christmas more than two hours after the HGs were given their wake-up call. He tells Christmas that Nicole is in such a great spot in this house and she didn’t do anything all season to make any of the jury members mad. He tells her that he thinks Nicole scares him more than Cody does in the end. He tells Christmas that if one of them wins this week’s POV, they need to really talk about what to do and who to take to F3 with them. Christmas tells Enzo that she thinks that Cody should go up on the block to rattle him a bit. She says that Cody doesn’t play well under pressure and he hasn’t been put on the block yet. Enzo nods and agrees and says that she is making great points, but doesn’t tell her that he is one of his noms (because she is). She was talking to Enzo this whole time like Cody and Nicole were going on the block and she was safe.

Feeds cut for about two and a half hours and when they come back up, Enzo and Nicole were wearing their BB Comics costumes and Christmas just changed out of hers. The HGs are talking about how they had to pick a BB Comic for one of the Jury Members and then there was some kind of comp and whoever won it won the $10k and the jury member whose comic they picked also won (Maybe? It was all kind of confusing). We found out that Nicole won for the HGs and Memphis won for the Jury Members.

Christmas is in the love lounge and she is crying. She talks about how she didn’t go with her gut and pick Memphis and how she feels like she betrayed her friend. She is happy that he won the $10k, but hopes that he doesn’t think anything about her not picking him. As we know, Memphis isn’t going to think twice about this, but Christmas is really upset about it. Nicole comes in at one point to try and console her and Christmas tells her that she really misses her friend (Memphis). Nicole tells her that a good cry always helps and that she will leave her to it and promises not to tell the guys. She leaves the room and within 30 seconds, she tells both Cody and Enzo that Christmas is crying because she misses Memphis.

Enzo says that he thinks the noms are going to be later than normal because they are still doing DRs for the luxury comp. Nicole says they are going to be anti-climatic and Enzo adds that someone is probably going to cry.

The HGs spent a lot of time cleaning the kitchen, cooking, and hanging out before the feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony. When the feeds came back up from the noms, we find out that Enzo nominated Christmas and Nicole as planned. Enzo is talking to Moolan (the blow-up cow) in the HOH room. He tells her that he expects that he and Christmas will have it out sometime soon.

Cody wonders to Nicole if Christmas felt blindsided at the Nomination Ceremony. He says it seems like she was and adds that it was almost like Enzo told her he would warn her and then didn’t. Nicole mentions that Christmas won’t talk to anyone.

Enzo tells Cody that he told Christmas that he couldn’t put Cody on the block because it would be stupid for him to anger the best competition in the house right before the POV. Cody says that he is going to make sure he is ready for the POV so he can win it.

Nicole tells Cody that she doesn’t think she has ever seen Christmas that mad before.

Christmas spent a lot of time isolating herself and crying. Cody tells Enzo that he doesn’t understand why Christmas is so upset because the POV matters more than the nominations at this point. Enzo made a comment about how it seemed like Christmas stared into his soul when he nominated her and says that he will talk to Christmas soon and apologize to her.

The rest of the night was super quiet with the HGs mostly studying the memory wall and their days and events in preparation for this week’s POV. The POV will happen at some point on Saturday so be on the lookout for Big Brother spoilers later on!

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