It was an uneventful day in the Big Brother 22 house. Usually, on Monday’s, the Big Brother All-Stars have their POV Ceremony, but with us being down to the Final 4, this week’s POV will be done live before the vote on Thursday. Keep reading our live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday!

This first conversation that is worth noting is one between Nicole and Christmas about the POV competition. Nicole says that she knew more answers than Cody and could have easily won that if it wasn’t for the hamster wheel. Christmas mentions that no matter which one of them stays, they are going to have to win their way to the Final 2. She says that Cody will definitely win the endurance competition, but there is no way that Enzo wins against either of them in a mental comp. When Christmas heads inside, Nicole mentions that Christmas has no idea that Cody and Nicole are each other’s F2s.

Christmas and Cody have a conversation about how after the finale, the Jurors are going to want clarification about things that happened in the game. Cody says that he isn’t going to want to talk about any of that stuff after the game is over. Not right away at least. Christmas talks about how she is going to be friends with everyone from this season, but she is closer to the F6 HGs.

Nicole tells Cody about how Christmas was talking about how Memphis would fight for her in the jury house, but that Dani would against her. Cody wonders when Christmas is going to admit to everything that went on with her and Tyler, but Nicole doesn’t think she will (I’m not 100% sure what they are referring to). Cody wonders if Christmas and Tyler weren’t as close as Dani made it seem.

There were a lot of conversations and comparing notes about conversations and events that happened throughout the season. One of those events was the drama between Nicole and Bayleigh during week 3 where Nicole was teasing Day about a possible showmance with David and Bayleigh got mad because things like that put a target on your back in the game. She tells everyone the details of the conversations that happened and how Bayleigh made the “couple guys and couple tries” comment because of the joking between her and Day. Nicole says that Day didn’t mind Nicole teasing her and would feed into it, but Bay wasn’t happy at all about it.

Enzo tells Cody about a conversation he had with Christmas the other day about how she was disappointed that Enzo put her up without warning her first and let her believe that she was safe. I just want to point out that whenever Christmas was HOH, she wouldn’t tell her noms ahead of time because it’s against the rules of Big Brother, but she expects everyone to warn her ahead of time.

There was a lot of lounging and relaxing and even some napping throughout the day. Enzo decided that he was going to work out and talks to Cody about Nicole. He mentions that Nicole and Christmas are scheming and Nicole is working on getting Christmas’ jury vote. Enzo says that Nicole knows that Cody will win round 1 of the Final HOH, but thinks that she is going to beat Enzo in round 2. Cody tells him that he has to start thinking about what R2 could be and start preparing for it.

Cody then cam talks and he is worrying that Enzo or Nicole will cut him at F2 after he did all this work to get himself in a position where he didn’t have to win the final HOH. He thinks that Nicole has the potential to be sneaking, but doesn’t think that Enzo would cut him and take her to F2. He hopes that Enzo can beat Nicole in R2 because that way he knows he will be in F2 either way. He thinks that Nicole has downplayed her end-game play from the season she won. Cody also talks about how he had alliances with 10 people in the house and they never blew up in his face (he noted four final twos, two final fours, and two final threes).

There was a lot of hanging out while the HGs had dinner and relaxed. They hung out in the HOH room for a while and after Christmas and Nicole left to get ready for bed, Cody and Enzo talked some more. They talked about how has a better chance at winning comps against them, Nicole or Christmas? Cody thinks that Christmas’ talks about her being a comp beast aren’t really matching up with how she has been playing in this game. He calls it an elevated sense of her abilities.

Enzo talks to him about how if it was him in Cody’s position, he would have to vote out Nicole just because they don’t have as good of a relationship in the house. He says that if he wins the final HOH, he would cut Nicole because she has received so much help from them and that’s how she got this far. Cody helps Enzo study the events and dates from the season.

The POV Ceremony didn’t happen on Monday because there is only one voter on Thursday night. The POV Ceremony will happen and then Cody will choose who he is evicting all in one shot. Enzo really doesn’t want Nicole in F3, but Cody knows that she will take him to F2 if she stays and wins. I don’t see Cody budging from this, but that doesn’t mean that Enzo isn’t going to try.

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