It was Power of Veto day inside the Big Brother house and the HGs all knew that this week the POV was the most important comp of the week. The winner of this comp was guaranteed a spot in the F3 on Big Brother All-Stars and will choose which of this week’s final noms will be joining them. Get all the Big Brother spoilers about what happened throughout the day on Saturday right here with our Big Brother Live Feeds recap!

Prior to the POV Comp, there really weren’t many conversations going on. Enzo did talk to Cody briefly about the scenarios that can play out with this week’s POV. Cody says that if Nicole or Christmas wins the POV this week, he is screwed. He strongly believes that they will choose each other over anyone else in the house. Enzo suggests that they get rid of Nicole this week again.

The feeds cut for the POV, when they returned we had Nicole in the lounge camtalking about how she knew the answers to the questions, but couldn’t keep it together.

Cody does say that he is evicting Christmas this week and that no one should waste their time trying to convince him to do otherwise. Nicole says that she thinks Christmas already knows she is going to be evicted. Cody then paces the photo room and camtalks a bit. He shouts out Derrick, Kaycee (because he is saying “let’s go”) and shouts out his girlfriend and tells her he can’t wait to see her. He says that he is walking out on finale night. Says that it was a risky move to throw the HOH to Enzo, but big risks, big rewards. He also adds that he knows that both of them (Christmas and Nicole) will cut him in F3.

Enzo tells Cody that he isn’t taking Nicole to F2 and he thinks he knows that Cody isn’t going to take her either (implying that they could just cut her this week). After Enzo camtalks about how it’s great that Cody won the POV and he wonders if Nicole would take him to F2.

The HGs spent a lot of time playing backgammon and just hanging out. The feeds were also in and out so there wasn’t much going on. Nicole did ask Cody what he wants her to say in her POV speech, but he tells her that he doesn’t care what she says.

There is no doubt that Christmas is going to try and sway the vote, but it’s not going to matter. Cody has already made up his mind that Christmas will be evicted on Thursday night and we will see Enzo, Cody, and Nicole in the F3. Out of those three, who do you think deserves the win this season? Let me know in the poll below:

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