Things have really started to wind down inside the Big Brother 22 house. There was a little campaigning from one of the nominees as they prepared for Monday’s POV Ceremony, but other than that there was a lot of downtime throughout the day. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother All-Stars house right here with my live feeds recap for Sunday.

The HGs were left snoozing until almost noon yesterday with an 11:40 AM BBT wake-up call. As soon as they got up, they found out that the backyard was open for them.

Christmas mentions to Cody that she really hopes that she is part of his Final 3 plans and Cody tells her that he is still weighing the options and thinking everything through.

Cody and Nicole talked about the POV Competition a little bit and Nicole mentioned that she knew all the answers, but Cody was just faster than she was. He says that he knew all but one of the answers. Talks turned to Dani and how her HOH ruined her game because of all the people she had to nominate. It showed her hand and showed who she was working with. Nicole asks Cody why he didn’t tell her about the Slick Six and he tells her that it didn’t last long and the only reason Dani told her about it was so that she would trust her over Cody.

Enzo and Christmas talk about him nominating her. He tells her that he didn’t have any other choice because Cody is an ally to him like Memphis was to her. Christmas says that she is just upset that Enzo didn’t tell her that and give her some kind of warning that she was going up. Christmas tells Enzo that she tried to talk to Cody about voting out Nicole over her. Enzo tells her that Cody has probably already made up his mind and could just be stringing Christmas along. Enzo talks about how he is worried he is going to come in third place again.

The HGs spent a lot of time in the backyard, relaxing, and then the feeds went down for over five hours. Shortly after they came back up, Christmas and Enzo talked about the luxury comp and whether the jury members will know who picked who in it. Christmas has been worried about Memphis being mad at her for not picking him. Meanwhile, Enzo is worrying about Cody and Nicole taking each other over him to F2.

Today is the Power of Veto Ceremony where the POV won’t be used and Nicole and Christmas will remain on the block. Christmas will be evicted on Thursday. I put a poll in yesterday’s live feeds recap and as of right now, Cody is leading the way with 74% of the votes. If you didn’t vote in yesterday’s poll, here it is again!

Make sure you come back later for POV Ceremony results and then tonight we have an all-new episode of Big Brother beginning at 8/7c!

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