We are down to the Final Four in the Big Brother 22 house and after Thursday night’s Head of Household competition, we know one of our Final Three HGs. A new HOH in power, means a new plan for week 11 of Big Brother All-Stars, but is it the plan we expect? Keep reading to get all the Big Brother Spoilers from Thursday night’s live feeds!

The feeds came back from the live show at about 9:20 PM BBT and when they came back we saw Christmas in her bed and Enzo in his with the HOH key around his neck. With this HOH win, that makes Enzo the first HG guaranteed a spot in the F3 on Big Brother All-Stars.

Enzo spent a lot of time studying the photos in the photo room and a little bit of camtalking. He mentioned how this week is going to be hard because Cody wants Christmas out, but he wants Christmas in. He mentions that it’s all going to come down to the Power of Veto this week, but it seems like he is hoping that Christmas wins it.

Prior to the feeds coming back, Christmas had already been trying to talk to Enzo about his nominees. Enzo was complaining to Nicole about it saying that he just won and just wants to relax. Says he doesn’t know what he’s doing yet.

After this brief conversation, there was a chat between Nicole and Cody. She says that she is so annoyed that Enzo won HOH and that she is going crazy. She says that she is annoyed about him winning because Christmas thinks that she is close enough to him that she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Cody tells Nicole that Christmas isn’t close to anyone and that Enzo has no power once the nominees are named. Cody says that he threw the competition to Enzo and is annoyed by the way Enzo is acting about.

Nicole mentions to Cody that she is annoyed because Enzo was visibly trying not to make Christmas mad during the HOH comp. She says that he kept making moves against Cody in the comp and that showed Enzo’s true colors. She doesn’t trust him. Nicole mentions that because of the way that Enzo played this comp, she would take Christmas to F2 over him. She mentions that she watched Enzo take a spot away from Cody during the comp. Cody talks about how if Christmas wins the POV, he is toast this week. Nicole says that she isn’t winning POV.

Nicole thinks that Enzo wants Christmas in F3 because she will take him to F2. Cody says that Christmas isn’t making it to F3, he won’t allow that to happen. Cody tells Nicole that he already told Enzo that if he (C) wins POV, there isn’t a chance that Christmas makes it to F3. Nicole wonders if Enzo will even nominate Christmas and adds that if he doesn’t, there is definitely something going on.

After Enzo gets his HOH room, he tells Cody that Nicole is in a great spot right now and he thinks they should get rid of her this week. Cody tells him that he doesn’t agree with that and that he doesn’t want to cut Nicole this week. Enzo tells Cody that he is going to keep him off the block this week because he wants to be sitting in F2 with Cody. He says it will be the two Jersey boys who never saw the block.

So it looks like the noms will be Nicole and Christmas this week and if Christmas wins the POV, Cody will likely be evicted on Thursday. If Nicole or Cody wins POV, Christmas will be evicted and if Enzo wins POV, Cody will likely be the sole vote and Christmas will also go. Enzo has told us that he wants Christmas to be in F3 and wants Nicole to go, however, there isn’t a scenario where that plays out.

Stay tuned for nomination confirmation coming up later on and then tomorrow I will have POV spoilers for you throughout the day. In the meantime, who are you hoping wins this week’s POV?

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