We are down to the Final 4 on Big Brother All-Stars and you know what that means? A lot of downtime and not a lot of game talk at this stage in the game. The POV winner has made up their mind on who they are voting out, but that didn’t stop this week’s noms on Big Brother 22 from making their arguments. Enzo has his target but has come to terms with the fact that it might not happen. Get all the Big Brother Spoilers from Tuesday’s live feeds right here.

We started the day with Nicole trying to prank one of her fellow HGs with plastic wrap on the toilet seat. Unfortunately for her, Christmas saw it before using the bathroom. Nicole and Christmas then spent some time coming up with other pranks to pull on the guys. They dumped chocolate protein shake in the toilet and put it on the seat, they put salt in Cody’s water bottle, and they hard-boiled the eggs in the fridge so that when Cody and Enzo went to make eggs, they wouldn’t be able to. It was amusing while it lasted.

After the guys caught on to all the pranks, the HGs sat down and talked about all the events of the season. They did this on and off for hours.

Nicole talked to Cody about why he should keep her. She tells him that she will take him to F2 if he keeps her, but he jokingly calls her out on not looking at him when she says it. He also jokes that he believed Christmas more when she told him the same thing. She tells him how annoyed she is that Christmas seems to think she is staying this week. She wonders if Enzo told her he would push for her to stay.

Meanwhile, Christmas is upstairs talking to Enzo about what she should say to Cody. Enzo tells her that chances are it won’t help, but she should try to make it seem like she wouldn’t take Enzo to F2 if she stays. He tells her to throw him under the bus if she has to. He also tells her that she should try to convince Cody that there is no way Nicole will take him to F2 after he got Nicole out during their season. While they are talking, they see Nicole coming up the stairs to the HOH room and Christmas pretends to be looking through Enzo’s pictures. When she leaves, Enzo says that now Nicole is going to go down to tell Cody that they are talking.

After Christmas leaves the room, Enzo camtalks about how Nicole hasn’t done enough in this game to win and the only reason she is in F4 is because they carried her there. He wonders if he has done enough Jury Management to win against Cody or if he should take Nicole to F2 and cut Cody.

Nicole was experiencing some chest pains later in the evening. Christmas wondered if she was having a panic attack, but Nicole says that she’s had those before and this isn’t the same. She went to the DR and had it checked by a medic and when she came back she told everyone it was a pulled muscle.

Christmas pulls Cody aside to talk to him and tells him that she was shocked she was nominated this week because Enzo told her she wasn’t going up. She tells Cody that if he keeps her and brings her to F3, she will take him to F2 and tells him that it would be a guaranteed win for him. Cody tells her that he respects that she is doing everything she can to stay and that she gave him a lot to think about.

Big Brother gave the HGs some beer and they all head up to the HOH to drink them and play games. They are taking turns playing each other in chess and backgammon. They sat around and talked for the rest of the night.

Tonight we will watch the POV competition play out, but we won’t see the POV Ceremony until tomorrow night’s episode. It will be done live right before the vote where Cody will be the only one voting. Cody has been sticking to his plan to keep Nicole and I’m not expecting any surprises during tomorrow night’s eviction. The HGs will then kick-off the final HOH with Round 1 being played tomorrow night.

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