It was a slow start to the day on this Eviction Eve with the Big Brother 22 HGs pretty slow to rise. There was some campaigning, but one of this week’s nominees has come to terms with the fact that she is leaving Thursday night. Get all the details of what the Big Brother All-Stars talked about right here with our Big Brother spoilers.

The first conversation worth mentioning was between Christmas and Cody. Cody had gone into the love room to practice his speech for tonight when Christmas came in to talk to him. She tells him that if Nicole goes to F3 for the second time, it’s going to be a pretty significant thing with the jurors (didn’t she make it to F3 in her season too?). She adds that she doesn’t think Nicole is going to have people voting against her because they don’t want to see her win again as people have said. Cody says that as a season of all returnees, no one should be voting based on previous seasons. They should only be voting based on the gameplay of this season.

Christmas tells him that Kevin said he would vote for her if she made it to F2, Day and Dani were close with Nicole and would probably vote for her too. Christmas also says that Ian will see what Nicole did (voting him out) as a game move and wouldn’t hold that against her now that he has had time to get over it. We got stars for a bit and when the feeds came back Cody tells Christmas that he doesn’t think there is anything else she can say or do to help him make this decision. He says that he just has to weigh out the options and make the decision that’s best for him and his game.

After Christmas left the room, Cody camtalks about how Christmas’ play to keep telling people that they won’t win against the other person is clearly not working. He says it’s so transparent and that he can’t believe she doesn’t see that. Cody leaves the room and joins Nicole in the bathroom to tell her about the conversation he just had with Christmas in the love room.

A little later, after the HGs spent some time hanging out and relaxing, Christmas camtalks about how she knows that there is probably a lot going on that she isn’t aware of. She says that at this point she just wants to decompress and focus on healing after the season. She talks about how when you leave the house, it’s like you were asleep for three months and all your friends and family rush to update you on everything that’s been going on. She also asks the feeders to show a little kindness to the HGs after they leave the house because everyone is always so quick to attack them on social media.

Enzo and Christmas talk later on and Christmas tells him that she thinks that Cody taking Nicole to F2 would decrease his chances of winning. Christmas mentions that they both had the same mentor and how Cody and Nicole both talked about talking to Derrick on the phone every day before the season. Christmas says that she knows Cody is going to cut her, but it’s definitely a bad idea. Christmas mentions how she would love for Cody to just be honest about his pre-game alliance with Nicole during his speech instead of giving him a bunch of fake excuses.

Enzo, Cody, and Nicole all chatted for a bit about the season and such. When everyone headed downstairs for bed, Enzo camtalks about how he has no enemies in the Jury house and how he thinks he can win against Nicole or Cody in F2.

Christmas camtalks some more before bed about how she suspects she will be going this week and that she can’t believe she sacrificed her game over one vote that went wrong. She thinks that she is getting targeted for being a better player than Nicole and also believes that she saved them by winning the HOH comp against Day.

Stay tuned for my eviction vote and prediction coming up later on. I will have my live recap and spoilers for Round 1 of the Final HOH coming up tonight!

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