It is finale week inside the Big Brother 22 house and the HGs don’t really have much left to do but sit and wait for Round 3 of the Finale HOH to happen Wednesday night. One of the remaining Big Brother All-Stars has been vocally practicing their speech and we got to listen to some of it Monday on the Big Brother live feeds. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s feeds right here!

The lights were turned on inside the Big Brother house at 10:15 AM BBT on Monday, but the first HG didn’t get out of bed until just after 12. Cody spent some time cleaning, cooking, eating, and playing backgammon by himself until Nicole woke up just before 2.

After Nicole showered and got ready for a long day of lounging and napping, she and Cody talked about their mutual love for playing basketball. Talks turn to the other HGs that they spent time with throughout the season and how many times they have played the game. Nicole was boasting about how she has spent the most time in the house and noted that this was her third season and she’s not expecting to be back in the house. Cody mentioned that Janelle played four times while Nicole, Dani, Kaysar, and Da’Vonne all played three.

Nicole then goes into the love room and starts going over her F2 speech. She talked about how she felt it was important to mention that she has spent more time in the house than any other HG in history. She also talked about how Cody has been playing a really great game, but she won’t talk badly about it in her speech. She says that she has to work on making a case for herself and her gameplay.

Enzo finally emerged from his bed sometime after 5 PM BBT and a couple of hours later he and Cody started playing chess. The HGs each got a beer from BB and sat around playing cards and chatting. They were told by Big Brother yesterday that their families would not be at the finale this year due to Covid.

Not much else happened in the house as the season starts winding down. Tomorrow is finale night and not much else is going to happen from now until then. Cody and Nicole are seemingly taking each other to F2, so Enzo will take third place again unless Nicole or Cody starts to get paranoid about whether or not they can beat the other, which I personally don’t see happening. No matter how much Cody talks about how his loyalty to Derrick screwed him before, he doesn’t seem to think that his loyalty to Nicole will do the same.

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