The houseguests spent a lot of time talking about Big Brother All-Stars as a whole. There was some worrying about how the jurors see them and their moves during Big Brother 22 also. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s Big Brother live feeds right here and make sure you vote for your favorite HG right here!

It was a late start for the Big Brother HGs yesterday after getting their wake-up call at 10:45 AM BBT, the HGs didn’t actually start getting up until after 1:30 PM BBT. When everyone was up, they all talked about the season and Nicole mentions how Memphis lied to a lot of people throughout the season. Cody adds that Memphis was arrogant to think that his Wise Guy alliances would have worked out. Cody mentions that everyone in the house, minus David, knew what they had to do inside the game. Cody adds that there were some people that did too much and mentions Dani by name.

Talks turn to Nicole A and why she felt betrayed by Janelle. Nicole thinks that if NicA blew up Janelle’s game right then and there, she might have been able to get the votes to stay. Cody tells them how he told Janelle that NicA was dragging her after she left. Enzo noted that even if NicA played in that Safety Suite, she wouldn’t have been able to beat Christmas in that comp.

Nicole spent some time rehearsing her F2 speech and talks about how her “weak” gameplay and persona were all an act. Nicole talks about how she surrounded herself by strong people, but she doesn’t feel like she hid behind Cody. She also worried that she might not be able to beat someone like Cody who has so many comp wins. She talked about how she threw the comps at the beginning of the season and said that she had to distance herself from Cody after the wall-yeller situation.

There was a lot of downtime throughout the evening with the HGs playing chess and preparing dinner. Nicole goes to the DR at one point and Enzo took this as an opportunity to chat with Cody. He tells Cody that he wanted to punch Hayden in the face after he cut him in F3. He reminded Cody that they have had a F2 since Day 1 and that Cody promised to take him no matter what. Enzo says that the only reason he kept Nicole during the Triple Eviction was that he knew that Cody and Nicole were close and adds that they would have been in trouble if David stayed. Enzo worries that his only big move this season was getting Kaysar out.

After Nicole gets out of the DR, Enzo gets called in and Nicole asks Cody if he is taking her to F2. He jokes that maybe he should cut her but then tells her that he is going to take her. Nicole mentions to him that Enzo keeps talking about his kids and how this money would help them, but she says that she plans to take Cody with her if she wins. She then tells Cody that he should throw R3 to her because she is going to take him anyway. Nicole camtalked later that she really isn’t going to cut Cody and adds that she isn’t trying to find reasons to cut him. She also talked about how she doesn’t think she has Ian’s vote.

Before bed, Enzo camtalked about how he is so close to $500k, but knows that neither of them is going to take him to F2. He suspects that Cody will win R3 and take Nicole and he thinks that if it’s the two of them, Nicole will win. He says that he has accepted that he will get third place again.

We have a couple of more days until this season’s finale which airs on Wednesday. Tonight on Big Brother 22 we will watch as the F3 compete in Round 1 of the Final HOH. Make sure you join me right here on BBB for my live recap.

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