We have officially kicked off Week 12 of Big Brother All-Stars! Last night was Eviction Night in the Big Brother 22 house and after we said goodbye to another houseguest, the remaining Final 3 went on to play in the first round of the final Head of Household competition. If you missed the results of that competition, make sure you catch up with our Big Brother spoilers, or simply read on for the details!

Last night we watched as Christmas was evicted from the Big Brother house, revealing to us the Final 3 of Big Brother All-Stars. After the show went off the air, Cody, Nicole, and Enzo went on to play in Round 1 of the Final HOH. This competition was not shown on the feeds, however, when feeds returned at 10:35 PM BBT, we got some clues as to who won.

Cody and Enzo are in the kitchen complaining about how hard the competition was and right off the bat, Enzo doesn’t sound like he had a chance. The way the competition was explained, it sounded like it was the comp where the HGs are hanging from ropes, with discs underneath them. As they are spinning, they are also being smacked by something, in this case, it sounds like it was a moon. Enzo mentions that he got motion sick from the comp as soon as he started spinning.

After Nicole got out of the shower and walked into the back key room, Cody got into the shower and Enzo camtalked a little. He said, “this is my fate, this is my destiny, now I have to beat Cody.” A few minutes later, Nicole came out to the kitchen and celebrated quietly while she was alone.

Cody talked with Nicole a little later about the comp and said that he kept hitting the moon, but it didn’t seem like she hit it once. He also mentioned that he thought he was going to be able to stay up there all night, but he admitted that he struggled to stay up there for as long as he did. Earlier him and Enzo mentioned that the comp lasted about 30-35 minutes.

Enzo is really frustrated with his performance in the comp and spent a lot of time beating himself up for it. Cody tried to encourage him the best he could. He had mentioned earlier that he cried in the DR and he was most upset about that because he doesn’t like to show weakness.

Cody and Enzo talk about when Round 2 could be. Enzo says he thinks it will be Sunday, Cody says Saturday. The last two years it’s been on a Sunday. Later, Enzo talked about how he was out of the comp within the first 15 minutes or so and adds that he wonders how he will be embarrassed in Round 2.

So with Nicole winning R1, Cody and Enzo will go on to play in R2 sometime this weekend. I’m guessing Sunday based on the last couple of years. Unless Enzo wins R2 and then beats Nicole in R3, there is a good chance that Enzo will not make it to F2. I’ll have spoilers for you when that happens!

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