Saturday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother house and the players were picked pretty early leaving the HGs anxious to play. Unfortunately, the competition didn’t kick off until after midnight in the house. You can get all the details of what happened on the Big Brother live feeds before and after the Power of Veto happened right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The first conversation worth noting is between Dani and Memphis. Dani is trying to talk Memphis isn’t BD’ing Janelle this week. This idea was shot down about as fast as it came out of her mouth. He doesn’t think that BD’ing Janelle this week is good for his game.

Dani goes to talk to Christmas about how she tried to talk to Memphis about the possibility of targeting Janelle, but he didn’t seem worried about her. Dani is frustrated because Memphis is talking about keeping his alliance safe, but isn’t making any moves to make that happen.

Memphis tells NicA that this week’s vote is going to be a house decision. When she tries to offer herself up as an ally, he brushes it off and repeats that this week will be up to the house.

Dani continues to be frustrated over Memphis not listening to his alliance. Cody tells her that if Memphis doesn’t do what the alliance wants him to do this week then he is going against the alliance.

Ian got his punishment costume Saturday. It is BB All-Star Wars. He has to act out scenes from a play in various costumes laid out for him in the storage room.

NicA started to spiral a little on the live feeds on Saturday. She is starting to think that everything Janelle is telling her about trying to change the target to someone else is a lie. She thinks that Janelle is telling Memphis that NicA should be the target because everyone in the house likes her. (Janelle is actually trying to get Memphis to BD Franzel)

Janelle and Kaysar talk and wonder if they can get Memphis to take some sort of action this week. Janelle is worried about NicA and really hopes that she wins the POV and forces Memphis to do something. Janelle doesn’t understand why Memphis would put his own alliance members on the block. Janelle says that Memphis screwed up this week by being too aggressive. She also mentions that she would have been able to work with Dani before, but now Dani is too close to Franzel.

Janelle and Kaysar go up to the HOH to talk to Memphis and tell him their worries about next week if he doesn’t make a move this week. They warn Memphis that they don’t have the votes to keep NicA this week. He doesn’t seem to care and declares that if he wins the POV he will be keeping his noms the same. He tells them that he will not be BD’ing anyone in week 2.

Janelle says that they need to bring Day and Bay in as alliance members. Janelle is really frustrated that one of her allies is on the block and it’s messing with their vote numbers.

Memphis tells Cody that Janelle and Kaysar are all over him. Cody tells Memphis that they are trying to pin Cody with Tyler, Enzo, and Franzel.

Ian admitted to Dani that he and Franzel are really good friends outside the house.

NicA tells Tyler that she doesn’t trust Janelle anymore. NicA also tells Tyler that she heard there might be a BD plan in the works.

Tyler warns Day that NicA thinks there might be a BD in the plans for this week. He tells her that he will fight to win the POV to keep noms the same so that they can keep Day safe. Day tells Bay what Tyler just told her and tells her that she thinks that they can bring Tyler into their alliance. Day then asks Dani if she thinks that Janelle can swing the votes to evict Franzel this week, but Dani doesn’t think so because Janelle doesn’t have some of the votes she thinks she does, like Bay.

Prior to the POV, Tyler tells Bay to keep working with Janelle and trying to get information out of her. Bay tells him about the BD plan to get Franzel out. Tyler says he isn’t throwing any comps.

Feeds cut for the POV and when they come back, we see that Memphis won the POV. David is upset about this and wonders if there is a BD plan in place.

Dani warns Franzel and Enzo that Janelle doesn’t like any of them and she is currently upstairs with Memphis. Franzel is now rallying against Janelle. She is upset because she thought that she and Janelle were friends. Franzel wants NicA gone this week because she is with Janelle.

With Memphis winning the POV, our hopes for a BD could be out of the question, but that’s not going to stop Cody or Janelle from pushing the idea on Memphis over the next couple of days. It could be interesting and if Janelle isn’t careful, she might find herself at the wrong end of this plan.

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