It was Sunday in the Big Brother 22 house and there was more of the same conversations going on inside the house. The efforts to try and get Memphis to target certain HG continued but did anyone get anywhere with it? You’ll have to get your Big Brother spoilers below with our Big Brother live feeds recap to find out!

After a really late Power of Veto competition Saturday night, the HGs were allowed to sleep until a little after 11 AM BBT yesterday. Once the HGs got their wakeup call, the conversations started!

The first one was between David and Memphis in the HOH room. Memphis tells him that he keeps hearing plans of BD’ing other HGs but he doesn’t want to do that in Week 2 of the game.

Janelle and Kaysar talk about Franzel and Dani, this seems to be Janelle’s favorite conversation topic lately. She doesn’t understand how no one sees how close Dani and Franzel are because of how close of friends they are outside of the house. Talks turn to how they have to save NicA this week because while they like David’s personality, he is also a better competitor therefore they need him out.

David tells Bay and Day that he doesn’t think that the noms will be changing this week. Day says that it wouldn’t make sense for Memphis to change up his own noms. Day asks Bay if they should change alliances. Bay likes the idea of them plus, Kaysar, Janelle, Christmas, and Memphis, but Bay isn’t sure that Memphis will join because he’s claiming he isn’t going to join an alliance in the first weeks of the game (he’s already in one…). They both agree that they are a little suspicious with Dani.

Enzo, Cody, Day, Tyler, Dani, Bay, and David are all working together and Enzo thinks they should call themselves the Sneaky 7.

Memphis and Cody talk about Janelle and Kaysar. Memphis thinks they should be okay with those two as long as they keep communication open. Cody says he would consider BD’ing Kaysar, but Memphis tells him that he has a good rapport with them and they should be okay.

Janelle and NicA talk about the votes and Janelle tells her that Kaysar is trying to collect votes for NicA to stay. Janelle explains to NicA that she can’t push Memphis to use the POV because he could end up putting her on the block instead.

Franzel is worried that she might be BD’d this week and asks Day if she were to be put on the block if she would have Day’s vote. Day tells her yes. Day asks Franzel if it’s true that she is working with Cody and Dani and Franzel says no. Day says that if it’s true, she wants in.

Day asks why Janelle is out to get Franzel out and Franzel tells her that she thinks it’s because of Rachel Rielly not liking her and tells Day that Janelle and Rachel started this rumor that Franzel cried to production to be put on BB22. Talks turn to how if the noms stay the same, they both want David to stay.

NicA tells Kevin that she hopes she stays because if she wins HOH she’s putting up Janelle and Kaysar (even though they are the only ones trying to save her). Kevin tells NicA that Janelle clearly offered NicA up as a sacrifice this week (not true).

I just want to add that together, both Kevin and NicA have a terrible read on everyone in the house. NicA being on the block and paranoid isn’t helping that. Later NicA tells David that she is going to call out Kaysar and Janelle if she is the one who is leaving on Thursday.

Janelle and Kaysar talk about the votes and Janelle tells Kaysar that she really wishes they could get Memphis to BD Kevin.

Janelle talked to Ian and Ian is telling her that he is noticing all the pairs in the house but wonders if there is anything bigger. Janelle tells him about the alliance of six and tells him to pay attention and keep an open mind when NicA and David’s deliver their pitches this week. She also tells him that the big group is considering keeping David in the house.

David talked to Day and tells her that he talked to NicA and warned her that he had enough votes to stay so she wasn’t blindsided on Thursday.

Dani, Cody, Franzel, and Christmas all met last night and talked about the happenings of the house. Cody mentions that he doesn’t’ think noms will change this week and Franzel says she is sick of all the lying. Dani thinks that Janelle is trying to keep NicA this week because she hasn’t seen Janelle talk to David at all.

Day talks to Kaysar about David and how she can’t vote him out. She tells Kaysar that she believes that David is only working with her and Bay. Kaysar warns Day that Cody has David too. Kaysar asks Day not to say anything to Dani about their conversation.

So it looks like if noms stay the same, David will have the votes to stay this week, but that’s not going to stop Kaysar and Janelle from trying to save NicA. Today is the POV Ceremony and I’m not expecting anything to change, but I will have spoilers for you later on to confirm!

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