Thursday night on Big Brother 22, we watched as Keesha Smith was evicted from the Big Brother house. Shortly after that, we watched as Memphis won this week’s HOH. The live feeds picked up at 6:14 PM BBT and I have all the details of what happened when they did! Keep reading my Big Brother Spoilers for all the details.

When the Live Feeds turned back on, the HGs are all excited because they got an alcohol delivery. They all decide to toast to surviving week 1 of Big Brother 22.

Franzel is in the upstairs loft playing with one of the puzzles by herself when Christmas joins her. Franzel is upset because she thinks that Memphis is going to target Ian. She tells Christmas that Ian has to stay this week because she can get him to vote with them. She thinks that Memphis should go for the “tail of the snake” A.K.A NicA. During this conversation, Franzel also complains about how Janelle is making the game personal. Franzel also notes that Janelle is going to target Christmas because she is a strong player.

Christmas and Kaysar talk a little later about who they could work with inside the house. Kaysar tells Christmas that he likes her and thinks that they would work well together. He also tells her that Janelle likes Christmas a lot (which is the opposite of what Franzel told her just an hour prior).

Kevin asks Ian if he is anxious about Memphis winning HOH and Ian tells him he is always anxious, but Memphis winning is definitely a wild card for him. Ian asks Kevin what he thinks Keesha meant by “I wish most of you well” on her way out the door and he tells Ian that Keesha told him she said it to stir up the house because they are all being boring.

Kevin asks NicA and Ian if they are going to play in this week’s Safety Suite and neither of them is sure because of Memphis being a wild card.

Bay and Cody talked a little and Cody asked her how she is feeling about Memphis as HOH. She tells Cody that she thinks he is good with him. Cody tells her that the only name Memphis has mentioned so far is Ian. Bay thinks that Ian is a good choice and Cody notes that he likes Ian, but Ian has already won this game once.

Janelle tells NicA that she thinks she is good with Memphis being HOH because she was close with Keesha. Janelle mentions that anyone who crossed Keesha could be in trouble this week. NicA asks Janelle who she is after and she tells her that she has no reason to say, but if she won power she would get with NicA and talk about it with her.

Cody warns Franzel that Memphis is targeting Ian. She tells him that she knows and it sucks because she feels like he could be a number for them. She also mentions that whoever wins the Safety Suite could save Janelle this week too. Cody tells her that if that’s the case, whoever it is will be sitting next to her on the block if he wins HOH next week.

Franzel mentions wanting David on the block next to Ian as a pawn, but Cody doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Meanwhile, Enzo and Dani are talking about possible noms and they wonder if Memphis might try to BD Ian.

After Memphis gets his HOH room, he talks to Christmas, Dani, and Franzel. He tells them that he wants two of their alliance members to play in the Safety Suite to try and throw off suspicions. Cody joins the conversation and he mentions David and NicA for noms, but Memphis mentions Ian’s name. Memphis also mentions that he is more worried about Day and Bay than he is with Janelle and Kaysar.

Franzel tells Ian that she is worried NicA is getting close to Janelle, but Ian doesn’t think that at all. Franzel tells him that no one has mentioned Ian’s name yet (which is a lie), but she will let him know if she hears it. After this conversation, Ian goes up to the HOH to talk to Memphis. Memphis tells him he is good and when NicA joins the conversation, he tells them both that everyone should play in the Safety Suite because he doesn’t know who his noms are going to be yet.

Christmas mentioned to Janelle in the kitchen that she thinks she is going to play in the Safety Suite. She also tells Janelle that David has already decided he isn’t going to play.

Janelle then talks to Kaysar about everything that she has heard. She tells him that she walked in on another meeting between Cody, Tyler, Dani, and Franzel. She tells him that Dani is playing both sides of the house and she isn’t sure if she can work with her.

Before bed, NicA asked Janelle and Kaysar for a F3. She also mentions bringing in David to work with them, but Janelle is worried that David is working with Cody and the others. When NicA mentions Kevin, Kaysar says that he likes Kevin, but feels like he is a loose cannon. Janelle and Kaysar mention wanting to work with Bay and Day.

Janelle is frustrated because she thinks that they might have had the numbers before and NicA pushes for Kevin again. Janelle talks about how she wants Franzel out, but NicA says that she has to play nice for now, Kaysar agrees.

So it looks like Ian might be Memphis’ target this week, but who will be put up next to him? Will he try to put Day or Bay up on the block and if Ian should come down put the other in his place? It’s all going to weigh heavily on who wins the Safety Suite competition coming up a little later today. Be on the lookout for those spoilers and the nomination spoiler throughout the day!

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