It was a busy day in the Big Brother 22 house as one of the nominees worked to flip the vote in their favor. Talks of a house meeting took place, but will it actually happen? We will have to wait and see what happens today. In the meantime, keep reading out Big Brother live feeds recap for all your Big Brother spoilers!

The first conversation in the house happened between Memphis, Kaysar, and Janelle in the backyard. Memphis asks them who they feel directly threatened by and Kaysar tells him that Cody is coming after them. Memphis tells Kaysar that is absolutely not true and starts rattling off others that are higher on Cody’s priority list.

Dani and Bay talked about how bad they need to win HOH this week. They are glad that three of their alliance members have Safety Suite passes for the final week of the twist. They are hopeful that someone other than Memphis will win it and wonder who he would save if he did. They both wonder if it might be Janelle.

Christmas and NicA have a chat on the hammock. Christmas asks her how she is feeling and she tells her that she isn’t trying to get her hopes up too high, but she isn’t going to give up either. NicA asks her if Janelle has been going around campaigning for her and Christmas confirms that she is.

NicA tells her that she is confused about why Janelle and Kaysar would tell her that there is a BD plan when there wasn’t. NicA tells Christmas that she is tempted to call a House Meeting so that she can explain what Janelle and Kaysar did to her with all the lies.

Christmas tells her that Memphis still has his Safety Suite and is a hell of a competitor. She feels that if NicA won HOH next week and Memphis won Safety Suite and saved one of them, she would have to find a pawn that is also potentially disposable. They run through all the scenarios. Christmas tells her that NicA has to have some conversations (campaign wise).

Tyler and David had a conversation about how NicA is going around telling everyone that she was thrown to the wolves by Janelle and Kaysar. He thinks that if NicA stayed, she would end up aligning with them and this is just an act.

Janelle and NicA talked later on about David’s pitch to her (targeting Memphis and how Janelle is guilty by association) and NicA tells her that she has to tell Memphis this. She says that if the vote comes down to 6-6 and it’s up to Memphis to break the tie, that could be what makes him choose NicA over David.

Kevin tells NicA that he doesn’t understand why Day wouldn’t vote for NicA when the three of them have a F3. NicA uses that in her conversation with Day. NicA reminds her that they have a F3 and tells her that’s why she is coming to her with her thoughts.

She starts off by telling Day about Janelle telling her about how Janelle, Kaysar, Bay, Day, and Christmas all agreed to work together and vote to keep NicA. Day tells her that there was no agreement, but that the conversation was had. She tells NicA that Christmas is going to vote with the majority and that she isn’t locked.

NicA tells Day that if she doesn’t have the votes by Wednesday night she is going to blow it all up (the Janelle and Kaysar thing). Day tells her that there are two ways that could end: she could flip the house or they will still vote her out and Janelle will become the next target. Day reminds her of the possibility of a Battle Back and if Janelle goes out after NicA, she could end up competing against her to come back into the house.

Day adds that right now Janelle and Kaysar are votes for NicA to stay, keeping David doesn’t help Day’s game (she doesn’t tell her that she has her vote though). While this conversation is happening, Bay is telling Christmas that there is no way they (J&K) have the votes to keep NicA.

Kaysar joins the conversation with NicA and Day and they talk about people that NicA has to talk to and Day mentions Ian. Kaysar tells NicA that Ian is upset right now with Franzel because he found out that Franzel was part of a large alliance in the house. He adds that Ian doesn’t like it when large alliances form and pick off everyone else. It makes him feel like he’s on the outside.

NicA then moves on to talk to Ian and Franzel together. She tells them both that Janelle thinks it’s hilarious that Kaysar came up with this idea to try and hurt Ian and Franzel’s relationship in the game. She tells them both that if she stays, she is going after Kaysar and Janelle because she sick of them lying to her. Franzel asks her how many votes she has and she tells her she isn’t sure because Janelle keeps telling her that she has some votes locked and then she finds out she doesn’t.

Ian tells Cody and Dani about his conversation with Kaysar. He tells them how Kaysar was trying to work with him and asked Ian what he was thinking. Ian told them he said he was thinking that Janelle and Kaysar better perform on Thursday. They all laugh.

Tyler tells Christmas that NicA is saying all this about Janelle and Kaysar because it’s her only play. Christmas says that while that could be true, she suggests that he at least hear her (NicA) out. Christmas then talks to Franzel and wonders if they can talk NicA into not using her Safety Suite if they keep her in the house this week.

There was more talk about a potential Battle Back. Dani tells Ian about what Janelle said about how the first few voted out aren’t going home until 9/21. She said that if that’s a lie, isn’t that against the rules? Ian said that would be a lie about production. Dani adds that if it’s the truth, they have a bigger issue.

NicA tells Cody that Janelle and Kaysar didn’t seem to care about her when she was nominated until they realized that they could use her to divide the house. Later, Cody and Memphis talk about the vote and how they really hope that the vote doesn’t split. They just want everyone to vote NicA out.

NicA had a conversation with Tyler last night and unlike everyone else who was trying to deter her from doing a house meeting, Tyler tells her that he thinks she should call them out sooner rather than later.

Kevin tells NicA that a House Meeting on a Tuesday night might not be the best plan. Those things need to happen last minute so people don’t have a chance to change their minds back.

Janelle talks to Bay about keeping NicA again and tells her that if they keep her she will be another person playing in the HOH for them. Bay wonders if NicA would fight for them too and Janelle tells her she would. Janelle wonders why Franzel isn’t a bigger target because she is in all the alliances and Bay tells her that no one is going to put her up. Janelle tells her that she would.

David and Kaysar talk and David gets a little annoyed when Kaysar tells David that he would love to work with him, but David is working with Cody and Tyler who want Kaysar out. After their talk, David talks to Day and she mentions that she is worried about an all guys alliance because this week will be two women in a row to go. David confirms that there is an all-guys alliance.

Day then goes to update Bay on her conversation with David. She worries to Bay that David might be getting too cocky. She tells her that she isn’t sure that keeping David is what’s best for their game. Day adds that it could help their relationships with both sides of the house to keep NicA. Bay says she needs to sleep on it.

Kaysar and Janelle talk about how annoyed they are with Memphis for not warning them about his noms this week because now they are getting blamed. They also mention that they are annoyed that NicA is mad at them when they are the only ones trying to save her.

Kaysar is taking another shot at Ian and tells him that he is worried that if the game keeps going this way it will be the cool kids in the end and all the outsiders will be picked off. Kaysar tells Ian that if he votes to keep NicA, he will never tell anyone that he was the flip vote. Ian tells him that he needs to do some more evaluating before he decides. He also adds that Franzel will never work with Janelle and Kaysar tells him that they can work that out later.

Late last night before bed, Day and Kevin had a chat. Day worried to Kevin that keeping David could be bad for her game and Kevin agreed. Day told Kevin about how David told NicA that Day was voting for him to stay and she thinks Bay will flip her vote against David if she found that out. Day also puts a bug in Kevin’s ear about the all guys alliance by telling him she doesn’t understand why Memphis wouldn’t be a target for the guys unless they’re working together.

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