It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and things got pretty intense as this week’s nominees continued to plead their cases. Find out what happened inside the house and where the votes might land tonight right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. If you have missed any of the action inside the house, check out our Big Brother spoilers for details!

There was a lot of talking inside the Big Brother house yesterday so I’m going to try and summarize all of it the best I can. Here we go!

The first conversation that we listened in on was between Enzo and Dani. Dani asked Enzo if Cody told him about the plan to throw the Safety Suite comp to Cody if Janelle should win this week’s HOH. Enzo told her no so Dani explained that Janelle is gunning for Cody this week if she wins so they need to make sure he is safe.

Franzel joins in this conversation and Dani tells her that she heard Janelle and Kaysar are trying to split the house. She adds that Janelle told NicA that they are the misfits in the house and America loves misfits. Dani tells Franzel that they should pitch Ian an alliance to make him feel like he is a part of something, but nothing too big because he doesn’t like large alliances. Dani thinks it should be Dani, Franzel, Ian, and maybe one or two people. She said they can let Ian pick.

Franzel asks if NicA is still leaving this week because she doesn’t want any additional competition in the upcoming Safety Suite. Dani says that she is pretty sure that’s still the plan and then talks turn to David and who he would target. They think he would target a combination of Memphis, Janelle, and Kaysar.

Bay and Christmas compared notes on everything NicA told them in their campaign and talk about how Nicole yelled at Janelle the night before. Christmas tells Bay that NicA is frustrated because she felt like she was safe and was told by Janelle not to compete in the Safety Suite and to save it because she was safe this week and now she’s sitting on the block and in danger of going home. Talk turns to how there might be an all guys alliance with about half of the guys in the house and that after this week that will be two girls out of the house which isn’t looking good for their numbers if this all guys alliance exists.

NicA talked to Kevin about how embarrassing it is for her to have trusted Janelle and Kaysar just for them to hang her out to dry. She adds that it’s also embarrassing that she has been talking about her F3 in her DRs but one of the F3 isn’t going to vote to keep her because she’s up against David (Day).

Dani walks into the room and asks NicA what happened the night before with Janelle. NicA tells her that she just got frustrated because no one wants to keep her this week because of Janelle and Kaysar. NicA asks her what she can do for Dani to vote for her and Dani tells her that she is in a tough spot. Janelle has been dragging her name through the house so she just doesn’t know. Dani tells her that Janelle is her target if she stays and Dani says “I know.” NicA says, “so you’re not going to vote for me because I’m associated with her? It’s a catch-22. I literally can’t win. I’m stuck. I’m out of moves.”

NicA is frustrated and goes to talk to Christmas and Bay. She tells them that she isn’t sure if fighting anymore is going to help. She asks them if today is even worth it? They both agree that there is still time and that she should still fight.

Meanwhile, Kevin is talking to Day about the F3 they have with NicA and if there is anything that NicA could do to earn her vote. Day tells him that she is stuck between her morals and her game. She doesn’t want to vote David out this early but he does nothing for her game. She is also worried that NicA could stay and then screw her.

Throughout her chats and throughout the chats inside the house, the general consensus is that everyone is worried that if NicA stays, she will run back to Janelle and Kaysar. She has told everyone several times that she is targeting them, not planning to work with them.

The feeds went down for about an hour for the HGs to practice tonight’s HOH. After they came back, things seemed to have started shifting in the house.

Tyler pulls David aside and swears him to secrecy. Tyler tells David that Day is trying to flip the house. He tells David that if he says anything and it gets back to either Dani or Day, he will, without a doubt go home. Tyler tells him that he is working on it. David tells him that if he goes this week because of Day, it is what it is, but he doesn’t believe that she is.

Enzo tells NicA that he has no problem voting for her and she mentions that she is going to try and get a couple more people on board. That way he isn’t going out on a limb by himself.

NicA talks to Day and Day tells her that her biggest fear is that this (J, K, & NA) is like a toxic relationship and she’s going to run back to them if she stays. NicA tells her that’s not going to happen. Day asks NicA who she has for sure with votes and she tells her Janelle and Kaysar unless she flips out on them and adds that Bay, Christmas, and Enzo are all on the fence. She says that they all want her here but they don’t want to be on the wrong side of the vote.

Bay fills Cody and Dani in about the terrible game moves that David has made this week. Telling Janelle that if he stays, he will go after Memphis and that Janelle is guilty by association, but he will give Janelle a one week pass. Cody can’t believe that he said that after he told David not to mention things like that and adds that he doesn’t really care which of them goes home this week.

There is another small blow-up between Janelle and NicA. NicA tells Janelle that she wonders who Memphis would keep in case of a tie and Janelle tells her that he would keep NicA. Janelle mentions that she is afraid to talk too much to Memphis and NicA tells her that’s a lie because she spent 2 hours up there the other night and shared a bottle of wine with him. Janelle tells her that she was trying to get her off the block and NicA says “clearly not hard enough.” Janelle tells her that she can’t make someone do something and NicA tells her “well, you guys aren’t on the block!” and storms out of the room.

She goes out to the kitchen and says “she better not follow me” goes into the bathroom where Christmas then tries to push a House Meeting where NicA can sever the ties she has with Janelle and Kaysar. NicA is worried about doing that though because she will lose their votes and doesn’t know if she will gain any.

NicA talks to Cody and tells him that if she stays that Janelle and Kaysar are her targets and everyone else is safe. Cody then goes to talk to Enzo and Enzo tells him that keeping NicA is good for them because she isn’t gunning for them.

NicA pitched to Franzel again, more of the same conversations about who she would target and that Franzel is nervous about her going back to Janelle.

David and Bay talk about how he could appeal to Kaysar and David thinks he has to work Kaysar’s emotions.

Dani, Franzel and Christmas don’t think that NicA targeting J&K is a good enough reason to flip the votes but wonder if David would actually target them plus Memphis if he stays as he said.

NicA talks to Janelle again and tells her that she feels like she was set up by J&K. Janelle can’t believe what she heard and NicA says that after she was nominated it seemed like they didn’t care. Janelle tells her that they have been trying nonstop to try and keep her.

Kaysar talks to NicA and tells her that they have been trying to save her all week and feel terrible that they couldn’t help her. NicA tells him that she has been trashing them to the house all week and if she leaves and sees that they really have been helping her, she’s going to feel terrible. He tells her not to worry, he just wishes there was a way for her to stay and work with them (J&K).

Janelle talked to Day a little more to try and convince her to vote out David. Day wonders if Memphis will actually evict David if it’s a tie. Janelle says he will and tells her to go ask him. After that, Janelle talks to Ian about saving NicA and pinning his vote on someone else. He doesn’t know who he would pin it on and adds that it sucks that NicA and David both had terrible experiences last year and now they are on the block together.

Late last night, NicA pulls Janelle, Kaysar, Kevin, Bay, Day, and Christmas all into the lounge in hopes to solidify at least six votes. Janelle warns the group that Dani, Enzo, Cody, and Franzel are all friends outside the house. She says then you add on Tyler, then Ian who is close to Franzel. If they all keep David, he is going to work with them.

After Janelle and Kaysar leave the lounge, NicA continues to talk to them. Bay tells her that she isn’t going to promise her vote yet and she needs to sleep on it. While they are talking Dani walks by and listens in and reports back to her alliance that NicA thinks she has the six votes.

Bay then leaves the lounge and tells Christmas about how frustrated she is. She then goes in and tells Dani, Enzo, Cody, and Tyler that NicA isn’t getting her vote.

Bay, Day and Christmas all expressed that they are too worried about keeping NicA because of her association with Janelle. NicA knows she doesn’t have the votes, but Janelle and Kaysar are still convinced that they can get them together and Memphis will break the tie. Janelle even tells NicA that she will get her and Memphis in a room and have him confirm that.

There is still a lot of time before tonight’s eviction, we will see what happens. Keep an eye out for my eviction poll and eviction prediction coming up later today!

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