It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house, but first, the last remaining HGs with VIP passes had to compete in the final Safety Suite competition. Find out which Big Brother All-Stars HGs are safe from eviction this week and which were put on the block below. Make sure you come back throughout the day to get all your Big Brother spoilers as the HGs compete in this week’s POV!

We started the day with a lot of general chit chat while the HGs waited for the Safety Suite to happen. Kevin did a lot of camtalking first thing in the morning about who he thinks he can align with and who he wants to try to pull together to work with. Christmas was on that list, but so was Janelle and Kaysar and we know that’s a group that isn’t going to work.

Day talked to Dani about the Safety Suite and if Dani wins. Day says that she has never had a punishment in the Big Brother house so she would like to be picked as a plus one if Dani should win.

Enzo talks to Memphis and tells him that he is trying to figure out who he would pick as his plus one if he should win the Safety Suite. Memphis tells Enzo that he is feeling pretty safe with Tyler so he should pick a random girl in the house so that the rumors of an all-guys alliance don’t seem true. Tyler told him the same thing right before this conversation happened.

Kaysar talks to Tyler before the Safety Suite comp and tells him that he isn’t there to barter or beg, but he knows that his name has been thrown around as a nom option. Tyler tells him that the entire house has been putting his name out there and that Tyler is upset because he heard that Kaysar was going around telling people that Tyler was in a ton of alliances when he was trying to lay low to start the season (yea…okay…). Kaysar tells Tyler that if there is ever an opportunity for them to work together, he would really like that.

Feeds went down for the Safety Suite comp and when they came back up we found out that Enzo won and picked Christmas as his plus one. Shortly after the feeds returned, Enzo talked to Tyler in the HOH room about how Day was acting right before. To them, she was acting super paranoid asking everyone to use their plus one on her. They are wondering what she is so worried about when she is part of their alliance.

David and Tyler talked about the noms and Tyler tells David that Janelle has asked not to be backdoored this week and just wants a chance to play in the POV. Tyler tells David that he is going to give her that chance.

The feeds were down for 2 hours for the nomination ceremony which is odd, they are usually only down for about an hour. We have no idea why it was extended. Janelle and Kaysar were nominated as planned.

Day tells Tyler that she knows everyone wants Janelle gone, but she is known for winning POV comps. She wonders what his plan is if she should win the POV, who would Tyler renom? He tells her that he would have to talk to everyone to try and figure that out. Tyler tells Day that if Janelle stays and next week’s power is something that America votes on, chances are, she will get it.

Kaysar and Day talk about week 1 and how Kaysar knew that he and Janelle were Cody’s targets. He explains that Cody told everyone something different than he told Janelle and him. Day tells him that she thinks that people wanted to work with them until they played in the Safety Suite. Day gives Janelle a bit of a pep talk after she talked to Kaysar. Day tells her that there is a Veto to win! Janelle says that it doesn’t matter because they have the votes to get her out next week anyway.

Dani and Nicole talked about when they should start turning on their alliance. They agree that they can’t beat Tyler, Christmas, or Enzo in the end of season comps. Dani says that there are some people who are going to have to go before others.

Cody talked to Enzo about how he thinks that David is flirting with Day. Talks turn to how Janelle is going to go on a rampage if she stays this week. Enzo suggests that they keep Janelle this week to go after Nicole for them.

Janelle is working on Bay and tells her that if she stays she’s going after Nicole. She adds that she is a bigger target though and Bay tells her that she is more fun to be around than Kaysar though. Janelle points out that if she goes this week she will be the third woman in a row to go. Meanwhile, Nicole is crying because of a comment that Bay made about how it took Nicole “a few times and a few boys to win Big Brother.”

Day was teased about being in a showmance with David and she tells them to stop it, she doesn’t need that kind of distraction in the game.

Bay tells Tyler that she didn’t mean to hurt Nicole’s feelings. Tyler tells her that Nicole gets teased a lot about her past gameplay (showmancing to the end).

Day and Kevin had a long talk about relationships they have to strengthen in the house. Kevin mentions that Christmas is working with the other side of the house, but Day doesn’t think so. After thinking about it for a bit, she thinks that might actually be the case. They wrap up their convo and head to bed.

Things are looking pretty grim for Jaysar, but there is still a Veto to play and a chance for one of them to come off the block. Stay tuned for those spoilers throughout the day!

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