The Power of Veto Ceremony happened inside the Big Brother 22 house on Monday and the nominees were locked in. One of the nominees has made it known they are not going to campaign very hard while the other is working to get the votes needed to stay. Get all the Big Brother Spoilers right here with our Big Brother Live Feeds recap!

The first conversation worth noting is between Kaysar and Memphis before all the other HGs work up Monday morning. Kaysar asks Memphis if he gets the sense that no one is talking to them and Memphis tells him that he doesn’t understand why Kaysar always thinks something is going on. Memphis told Kaysar that for the first few weeks this game is more of a free-for-all and people in alliances aren’t loyal. Kaysar reminds him that we are going into Week 4, but Memphis still thinks that the majority of alliances don’t start until later in the game.

Kaysar then has a conversation with David in the SR. Kaysar tells David that he doesn’t plan to campaign this week and that if he does stay he is going to be alone in the house. Kaysar asks David if the people that he’s working with would be willing to also work with Kaysar and David tells him he doesn’t know. Kaysar tells him that he is trying to figure out who he can work with and trust next week, but David tells him that he is gaming too hard and that makes people not want to work with him.

The rest of the HGs get their wakeup call and the first real conversation we get is between Christmas and Bayleigh. Bay tells Christmas that she is okay with Janelle leaving this week, but it’s the third woman out the door in three weeks. Later they talk about Dani and they wonder if Dani and Janelle are close, but Bay tells Christmas that the trust in their relationship is rocky. However, she mentions that there is definitely more between Dani and Janelle than there is between Janelle and Nicole. Christmas wonders if Dani is someone they can pull in and Bay asks her if she would work with Dani after what happened with Dani talking about Christmas. Christmas says she wonders if that was actually Janelle.

Kevin and Dani talk about what their plans are after Kaysar and Janelle are gone and who they can use for a pawn next week with Kaysar on the block. Talks shift slightly to what the HOH comp could be this week and Kevin wonders if it’s an endurance comp. He mentions the possibility of Kaysar winning and Dani laughed like there was no way Kaysar would win an endurance comp.

POV Ceremony happens and Cody doesn’t use it so the noms are locked in as Kaysar and Janelle for week 3.

Christmas and Kevin chat about how Kaysar feels defeated and seems like he is giving up. Christmas mentions that Janelle is just too good of a player to keep in the house. Nicole joins the conversation and they talk more about how Kaysar doesn’t care what happens. Christmas mentions how much it annoys her when people assume they are safe and don’t campaign. Nicole mentions how Janelle tried to ruin her game before the season even started by spreading rumors about her crying her way onto the show.

Christmas later tells Nicole that if Kaysar is up against Bay or Day, she would almost rather vote out one of the girls. Nicole says that she feels the same and realizes that sounds crazy. Nicole says that she doesn’t want Bay to win HOH because she doesn’t know what she would do. Christmas says she thinks that Bay would target some of the guys.

Janelle talks to Dani about which way she is leaning and Dani tells her that the house is leaning towards getting rid of Janelle. Janelle mentions that if she stays this week, she will be by herself and easily scooped up for whatever alliance wants her. Janelle also touched on how keeping Janelle in the house would be more beneficial to Dani’s game and Dani agreed. They count the votes and Dani and is having a hard time coming up with six people who will vote for her. Dani doesn’t promise her a vote but says that if she gets five, she will consider being her sixth.

Janelle talks to Kaysar and tells him that she thinks that Nicole A trashing them really screwed up their game (I just want to note that they were on everyone’s radar week 1, but NicA didn’t help). Janelle tells Kaysar that if she stays, she would put Kevin and Nicole up with Kevin as her target. However, after thinking about it, they think Nicole would go over Kevin.

Cody and Dani talk about who the next three to go should be. They mention Kaysar, Day, and then Kevin. Cody is worried about Day getting in Christmas’ ear about the all guys alliance and the other alliance rumors she is spreading. They then wonder when the best time to cut Tyler will be because beating him in the end is going to be tough. Dani tells Nicole that they are going to have to get Ian out but Nicole says they don’t need to worry about him now because he has their backs.

Nicole tells Cody that Bay wants Christmas to put Cody on the block and Cody mentions that Bay and Day wanted to work with him. He tells her that they don’t trust him and think he’s in this big all guys alliance. He says that if he won HOH, he would put both of them up.

Janelle campaigns to David and tells him that she will be loyal to him if she stays and they work together. David tells her that he has no historical references to know if that’s true or not because he hasn’t watched any of the past seasons of BB. He also tells her that he knows she has been spreading lies and rumors but can’t give her any examples of what they are.

Janelle goes back to Kaysar and tells him that NicA made it impossible for her to campaign this week because everyone hates her. Janelle thinks that NicA is crazy, but Kaysar says that he doesn’t, he says she just had a breakdown. Janelle says that she ruined their game and Kaysar comments that she set it on fire and then walked out the door. Kaysar tells Janelle that NicA just handles things differently than they do and he’s sure that Kevin got in her head (he did).

Bay went to Tyler and made a F2 with him. She tells him that she has her #1 girl, but needs a #1 guy in the house and she wanted him to be it. He tells her “let’s do it!” Did we expect him to say no? He never says no…

Bay tells David that she needs to win HOH because she doesn’t want to see another girl walk out of the house.

Janelle makes her pitch to Christmas and tells her that she will be a free agent if she stays. She adds that she doesn’t think that fans want to see a third girl walk out the door.

Day and Bay talk about David and how he has to go, but they agree that getting rid of NicA last week over him was a good idea. Bay tells Day that she isn’t going to stick her neck out for Janelle if the votes aren’t there. Day then tells Janelle that she is willing to vote to keep her because she doesn’t want to see another girl leave. Janelle tells her that she thinks she has Bay and Memphis’ votes this week.

A little later, Kevin tells Janelle that she will get his vote this week.

Dani and Nicole talked about the plan to evict Janelle this week and then they think that Bay and Day should go next.

Janelle isn’t giving up, that’s for sure. I wonder if Kaysar’s refusal to campaign will hurt him this week with Christmas who hates when people assume they are safe. We shall see what happens over the next couple of days!

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