Saturday is Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house and a ton of spoilers throughout the day. If you missed any of the action inside the Big Brother house, you can get all the information with our Big Brother Spoilers. Keep reading to get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother All-Stars house on Saturday!

There was an early morning POV Player draw and when the feeds came back we found out that Tyler, Janelle, and Kaysar would be joined by Memphis, Bayleigh, and Cody in this week’s Power of Veto competition.

After the players were picked, Dani talked to Cody about her worries that Memphis might throw the comp. After her talk with Cody, Dani pulls Bay aside and warns her that Nicole is really upset about Bay’s comment about the few tries and few guys it took for Nicole to win this game. Bay basically tells Dani that Nicole has to come to her then because she’s heard it from other people that Nicole is upset, but not from Nicole herself. Bay tells her that she didn’t mean anything buy it, they were all just joking with each other. Dani tells her that Nicole gets a lot of heat about it on social media though so this is something that triggers Nicole.

Janelle and Kaysar talk about how Kevin talks to Day too much. Neither of them like his style of gameplay and imply that he’s being shady. They talk about whoever staying out of the two of them needing to play solo next week. Janelle says that if one of them wins the POV she is expecting Kevin to be the renom this week. Kaysar thinks that he is the target this week, but Janelle disagrees with him. She knows that she is the target because if the next twist is some kind of America’s vote, the house knows she will get a power. Janelle and Kaysar talk about Bay and Day working closely together but not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things.

Feeds go down for the POV and when they come back we find out that Cody won the POV for week 3.

Nicole mentions being worried to Dani and Christmas about Janelle spreading lies about her to ruin her game. During this conversation, Memphis comes in and says that Janelle has to go this week (I’m pretty sure his alliance tried to tell him that last week)…

Enzo and Bay talk about how keeping Janelle this week is better for their game because she’s a bigger target and everyone will go after her instead of them. He also mentions that they can use her to go after Nicole later too. Enzo tells Bay that he picked Christmas as his plus one in hopes that she would work with them going forward.

Yesterday, Christmas got her punishment for being Enzo’s plus one. She has to take care of an All-Star baby which is a stuffed star. She has to feed it, change its diaper, play with it, talk to it, sing to it, etc when prompted by production.

Enzo, Cody, and Tyler talk about the women in the house and they all wonder when they are going to start freaking out that they are all being evicted. Enzo tells them that they need to start pinning the girls against each other. They all agree that Dani is a strong player but agree that she is laying low in the comps and working on her social game. They also agree that Ian can’t get too far in the game either.

Here are some quick convos from inside the house:

  • Christmas talks about how she wants Janelle to go this week because she is really negative.
  • Bay tells Janelle that she would put Nicole and Ian on the block together if she won HOH.
  • Janelle tells Kaysar that she hopes Nicole goes on the block with Enzo and Cody is used as a renom to make sure Nicole goes.
  • Nicole continued to complain to everyone about Bay’s comment except for Bay.
  • Kevin tells Day that he feels like Kaysar is always talking down to him.
  • Day tells Kevin she thinks they could BD a bigger target and thinks Memphis could be that, but Kevin says that’s a dangerous topic of discussion.
  • Ian tells Dani that he was told that her, Cody, Tyler, and Nicole were all working together but he doesn’t think it’s true.

There was a little discussion about keeping Janelle this week over Kaysar, but I’m guessing that Dani and Nicole will continue to push for Janelle to go. Enzo and Bay are on the same page about Janelle being better for their game though, so this could turn into a push for her to stay. If Enzo can convince Tyler of this over the next few days, we could see a change in the waves.

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