It was a lazy Sunday for the Big Brother 22 HGs as they enjoyed the backyard and talked game in small groups. We got to hear some campaigning throughout the day and there has been a lot of talk about who the main target this week should be. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day with a late wakeup call for the HGs at 10:15 AM BBT. The HGs got up and went outside to enjoy the backyard.

The first bit of game talk we got to listen in on, that is worth mentioning, was between Christmas and Tyler. Tyler is worried that Day might be trying to flip the vote to save Janelle over Kaysar. Tyler is also worried that if Day should win HOH next week that he would be her target. Christmas tells Tyler that Kevin doesn’t want to work with Kaysar and that he might vote to keep Janelle this week.

Janelle and Kaysar talked about their campaigns and they promise each other to focus on why they should be kept in the house rather than bashing the other. Kaysar doesn’t really want to campaign this week, but Janelle insisted that he campaign. They both agree that Bay needs to distance herself from them so that no one targets her.

Christmas and Nicole talked about how they can’t let the vote flip this week and adds that between her, Christmas, Dani, Cody, Enzo, and Ian, they have enough votes to get her out. Christmas tells Nicole that Tyler is worried about Ian, but Nicole says she is sure that Ian will vote with them. Nicole mentions to Christmas that Bay has been acting differently since the comment she made to Nicole the other night, says she is all over the place.

Enzo talks about how he thinks Day is still upset with him about picking Christmas over her for his plus one. They also talked about Tyler’s suspicions that Memphis might be working with Janelle and Kaysar.

Kaysar talked to Cody and told him that if Kaysar should stay, he would be alone in the house and he hopes that they can start their friendship over if he is the one to stay.

Dani tells Janelle that she thought they were going to work together in this game. She adds that if they worked together that Dani wouldn’t have turned on her. Janelle tells Dani that she never said anything bad about Dani to anyone. She added that she didn’t mean to push her away, she was just trying to distance herself from her.

Dani tells Cody that Kevin has been running information back to her from Day and she found out that she is being grouped with the all-guys alliance. They talk about how Day has to go sooner rather than later, within the next week or two. Dani asked Cody if Janelle has asked him to use the POV and he tells her that she hasn’t because she knows that there’s no point.

Day tells Bay that she is starting to believe Janelle about the four-person alliance (Nicole, Ian, Dani, and Cody), and Bay tells her that she has been thinking that too. Bay tells her that they caught them all talking too. Day tells her that she has been noticing that Ian is watching her and being sent into random rooms of the house to snoop. They also talk about how Nicole is being prioritized over them in the Slick Six when she isn’t even in the alliance. That’s because she is in a different alliance with most of the Slick Six members. Day worries that if Kaysar’s spirit is broken that keeping him won’t be beneficial.

Bay talks to David after this. He mentions that it’s getting harder to compete with all the pre-season relationships. They go through all the people in the house and try to figure out if there is anyone in the house outside of their group (Bay, Day, David, and Kevin) that they feel comfortable with next week. David mentions Ian, but she tells him that Ian might put her or Kevin up. David asks if Kaysar is better for them to keep, but Bay is working on getting him to see Janelle as the better option.

Feeds were down for almost two hours for a yeller situation. After the feeds came back up, Janelle checks in with Bay. Janelle says that she needs to reconnect with Dani to get her vote and she needs Cody and Enzo’s too. Bay asks what she can do to help and she tells her to just keep working on David’s vote. Janelle says that the yeller said something about her but we didn’t get details as to what was said.

Kaysar talks to Tyler a bit and Tyler tells him that he should be safe this week.

Tyler, Enzo, Cody, and Dani met up and they talked about how if Kaysar doesn’t go next week, David can be the next one to go. They talk about how they can use Kevin as a pawn. Dani tells them that Janelle said she wouldn’t target any of them if she stayed, but she knows that’s a lie. Some of the people in the group are worried about Day but Dani doesn’t think that Day would target any of them. Tyler disagrees, he thinks she is coming after him. Dani tells Tyler that they have to watch out for Christmas.

It looks like there is going to be a push for Janelle to stay by Day and Bay over the next couple of days. I don’t know that they will be able to get the Enzo and Cody’s votes without the rest of their alliance finding out. Enzo is a wildcard, as we saw last week, but I don’t think that Cody is going to go against the rest of them. We will see what happens!

Stay tuned for POV Ceremony spoilers coming up later today!

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