It was an interesting day on the Big Brother live feeds on Tuesday with the nominees campaigning to their fellow HGs. One of the Big Brother 22 HGs proved they know absolutely nothing about this game or how it is played. Get all your Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds right here!

I don’t think the word interesting really begins to describe some of the conversations that happened inside the Big Brother 22 house on Tuesday and it just got more bizarre as the day went on.

The first conversation that happened inside the house was between Memphis and Tyler. Memphis was touching base with Tyler and told Tyler that Kaysar told him that he wasn’t campaigning to stay this week. Tyler tells Memphis that it doesn’t matter if he campaigns or not, they have the votes to keep him this week over Janelle. Memphis tells Tyler that he thinks their six are loyal and want the same thing, but how everyone gets there is going to be completely different. They talk about possibly having to throw an HOH at one of their alliance members that seem to be riding the waves.

Nicole goes to talk to Kaysar and Kaysar tells her that he wants to stay this week, but he isn’t going to go crazy over campaigning. Nicole tells him “not a shocker, but you have my vote!” Kaysar pretends to be surprised by this and they laugh about it as Nicole leaves the room.

Nicole then goes to talk to Christmas and tells her that she was glad that Kaysar told her that he at least wanted to stay this week. They were both worried that Kaysar had mentally checked out of the game because he kept telling people he wasn’t going to campaign this week. They talk a bit about the votes and Christmas tells Nicole that Kevin has already told Janelle that she has his vote. Nicole was confused by this because she didn’t realize that Kevin even liked Janelle after what happened with NicA. Christmas tells Nicole that Bay and Day haven’t tried to push Janelle on her yet, but Christmas mentions that Bay has been beating around the bush trying to get Christmas to bring up the idea.

Dani and David talked and Dani tells him that he needs to start talking game with people in the house because not talking game puts a target on your back. She says “if you aren’t talking game with people, they are talking game about you.” He asks if that’s why he was targeted last week and she tells him that she isn’t sure. She asked him what he would do if he won HOH. He tells her that IF he won HOH he would go after the three people that tried to target him (Memphis, Janelle, Kaysar). She asks him if he plans to try and win HOH, but he doesn’t seem to want to. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be HOH and then end up a target.

Janelle touches base with Day and Kevin and tells them that she has to work on Dani, Cody, and David today. After she leaves the room, Day tells Kevin and Bay that Janelle’s targets are the opposite of theirs. Day mentions knowing for sure that Janelle would go after Nicole if she stayed. Talks turn to how David lied to Kevin one night over something stupid. Kevin tells them that he saw David come out of the HOH late one night and when he asked David what he was up to, David told him that he was just hanging out because no one else was up. Day tells him that’s probably because David doesn’t trust him and that tells her three things, that yes it was sketchy, it proves that David doesn’t trust him, and Kevin is the only one that can do something about it.

This is where the bizarre conversations started! David and Janelle were in the HN room and Janelle was campaigning. Janelle tells him that she wants to repair their relationship, but says that she knows he is upset with her for wanting NicA to stay last week. He tells her that he isn’t mad about that, he is mad about the rumor of her trying to flip the vote (wait…what?). Janelle says that NicA was going to go no matter what, there was no way they would have gotten the votes for her to stay, but she was close to NicA.

Janelle offers David three weeks of safety and her word that if he was on the block and she played in POV and won, she would use it to take him down. He tells her that he hears her and it’s something to consider. He tells her that he is close friends with NicA and trusts what NicA said about her experiences in the house (regarding not being able to trust Janelle). David tells Janelle that he doesn’t trust her. The level of arrogance from him in this conversation was astounding. They circled around this conversation quite a bit and it got more and more painful to listen to.

After she was done talking to David, Janelle heads back down to Day and Kevin and tells them that David hates her and there is no way she is getting his vote. She tells them all about her conversation with him and how she told him that her, Bay, and Day were all friends in the house and she could see them all working together and how he told her that no one wants to be associated with her.

Bay and Day touch base in the HN room and they agree that if Kaysar stays, he won’t come after them, but they worry that he might come after someone they are working with. Meanwhile, Janelle is campaigning to Cody downstairs and telling him how she thinks her staying would be good for his game because people are going to continue to come after her and she has no intention of going after him. Cody tells her that he hasn’t made a decision yet on who he’s voting for, but he has no issues with her staying this week. She adds that if she did get a power next week that she would tell him what it was and he tells her that everything she is saying is worth thinking about for sure. Janelle asks Cody if he would be able to talk to Enzo about his vote, like put in a good word for her if she needs it. He tells her that if Enzo comes to him, he will tell Enzo what he thinks.

Kaysar talks to Christmas and tells her that the people he is closest to in the house (other than Janelle) are Christmas, Bay, and Day and that’s it. Christmas asks about Dani and he tells her that Dani is playing both sides of the house right now, but her allegiances are with Cody, Tyler, Enzo, and Nicole F. Christmas asks if Dani was the one that mentioned Christmas’ name or if it was Janelle. He tells her that it was Dani and how Enzo using his plus one on Christmas was to make it look like that group wasn’t coming after Christmas. Played it off like it was a big mental game. Christmas asks Kaysar if he would go after a big target if he won HOH and he tells her that if this was last week, he would have. However, he thinks that he needs to dial it back and let things calm down.

Cody goes up to the HN room to tell Bay and Day about his conversations with Janelle and Kaysar. He tells them that it seems like Janelle is playing the victim and that her being a target is everyone else’s fault. Day mentions that it seems like Kaysar has mentally checked out and that she had to approach him in order for him to talk to her. Cody makes a comment about how Nicole and Ian need to be split up and Bay asks what about keeping Janelle so that they can do that? He says that he thinks that Kaysar would go after her too as a way to honor his friend.

Kaysar and David talked and it was just as crazy as his conversation with Janelle. Kaysar wonders how he is supposed to build relationships with people in the house if he never has any idea what’s going on. David tells him that his need for information puts him in a vulnerable place, which isn’t good. Kaysar tells him that he has zero information about anything and David tells him that he wants so much, but has yet to prove himself trustworthy. David tells Kaysar that he has his vote because he thinks that it will be Kaysar that stays this week. He asks Kaysar if he would come after him if he stays and Kaysar tells him no. David then asks who he would target and Kaysar won’t tell him.

Dani and Memphis talk about Day possibly trying to flip the vote, but Memphis isn’t worried because they have the votes to keep Kaysar. Later, Memphis tells Christmas that he told Janelle that she had his vote which is obviously a lie and he doesn’t care because he is never going to talk to her again after this season anyway.

Ian and Kevin talked and agreed that they are both voting to evict Janelle (Kevin told Janelle that she has his vote). Nicole talks to Ian after and she tells him that day is trying to flip the votes so to make sure that Kevin doesn’t flip she hinted to Kevin that he would be Janelle’s target if she stayed. Ian mentions to Nicole that no one in the house is going to benefit from Janelle leaving except for them. They talk about putting Kaysar up next week next to a pawn and if Kaysar should win POV, they can BD Bayleigh. Nicole says that if they get Bayleigh out, then Ian and Nicole are the only duo left in the game (they aren’t).

Janelle talks to Enzo and tells him that she isn’t going after the big targets, she is going after little minions that keep dragging her name. After Dani tells Cody and Enzo that Bay is getting stuck on this all guys alliance thing, but they can’t send a fourth girl home next week.

Dani and Nicole talked and Nicole tells her the plan that her and Ian came up with about BD Bay if Kaysar wins POV. Dani says that she would rather see Day go, but Nicole doesn’t like that idea.

Tyler and Christmas talked about Dani and how she is playing the best game right now. Christmas tells Tyler that Bay and Day have to go on the block together, but Tyler says they need to get Kaysar out first. Christmas doesn’t understand why Kaysar has to go next if the only person he has in the house is Janelle and she’s going. Tyler tells her that the consensus in the house is that anyone who doesn’t put Kaysar up will be next to go. Christmas doesn’t agree with that.

Day and Bay talk with David and they ask him what was said in his talk with Janelle. He tells them how Janelle told him that Day was the one trying to flip the votes on him last week and that he heard that from Cody and Tyler too. David tells them everything that he has learned from the guy’s alliance and how Day and Bay are potential targets. Day is crying. She tells him that she literally threw her game away trying to protect him last week. Bay and Day are realizing that they can’t trust Tyler and Day wants to confront him about this, but Bay tells her that will out David’s position.

Tyler asks David later about what he has been telling Day and David admits to telling her everything. David tells Tyler that he was blaming everything on Kaysar though.

Janelle talks to Tyler and Tyler tells her that there is a good chance she is going this week. Meanwhile, Day is talking with Kevin about what she learned from David. She wants to have Tyler clarify everything, but Kevin says that will expose David, Day doesn’t seem to care.

Before bed, Tyler camtalks about David and how he has no idea how David made it back on for an All-Star season when he clearly has no idea how this game works. Tyler says that David has ruined the Slick Six alliance now and that he has to take Day out before she can go after him.

I don’t even know what to say about yesterday’s feeds other than I’m surprised the house didn’t meltdown. David has singlehandedly destroyed some games in the last 24 hours. We will see how this plays out!

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