It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and there was a lot of campaigning from both nominees and a lot of talk about one HGs terrible gameplay. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of Wednesday’s Big Brother live feeds and find out where everyone is leaning with tonight’s vote!

Yesterday’s feeds started with a conversation between Christmas and David in the Storage Room. Christmas tells him that she is all for Kaysar staying, but asked him what he thought of Janelle. He tells her that they both have put his name out there and she tells him that he has to pick the lesser of two evils. He tells her that he thinks he is voting out Janelle this week.

There was then a chat between Cody, Enzo, and Bay about the possibility of keeping Janelle in the house. Cody tells them that he doesn’t trust saying anything to her. Bay tells him that they don’t have to tell her anything then. Bay reminds them that Janelle doesn’t plan to target them. Cody tells Bay that Janelle won’t tell him who she is targeting and Bay tells him that’s because Janelle is worried he is working with her target. She does tell them that Nicole would be Janelle’s target and Cody plays it off like he isn’t working with her.

Day went to talk to Tyler about David and Tyler was able to squirm out of that predicament pretty well. He tells Day that what he actually told David was that he heard from Kaysar that he had Day’s vote last week and that David should just go double-check with Day to make sure things were still good. She tells him that makes sense because Kaysar has been saying a lot of things like that.

Day then goes to Cody and Cody tells her that David came to him yesterday if the plan was still to vote out Janelle and he confirmed it was. He adds that David said something about there being a lot of things going on in the house and that Day was nervous about there being an all guys alliance inside the house.

Janelle whispers something in Bay’s ear yesterday while they were talking with Kaysar (I couldn’t hear what she was saying). Right after she tells Kaysar and Bay that if she leaves this week, one of them has to win HOH and send Franzel out the door so she can whoop her in a Battle Back.

Nicole and Dani are talking about pity votes and how they think they are acceptable if you are truly close to that person. Dani talks about throwing a hinky vote to blame on someone else but Nicole tells her she better not. She says that if the vote is close and the hinky vote keeps her in the house, she is going to be pissed. Dani tells her that she doesn’t think it’s going to be close at all.

Janelle comes in and campaigns to Dani, again. Janelle asks her what she is thinking and she asks Janelle who she has votes from. Janelle tells her Bay, Day, Kevin, and Memphis (Dani knows that Memphis lied to Janelle). She adds that a lot of people told her that if it looked like the majority wanted her to stay, they would vote for her. Dani says that she would need at least 2 more votes, but Janelle says that she is trying to get seven locked in, just to be safe. Dani tells her that if she can get 6 votes, she will be her 7th, but she doesn’t want to be the deciding vote. Janelle tells Dani and they have known each other for 13 years and Dani’s vote would mean the most to her.

Cody and Tyler talk about the David drama and the only thing new that came out of that was if Cody wins HOH, David is going to be on his radar. I’m going to skip over a lot of the David drama just because it’s repetitive. All you really need to know is that Tyler, Cody, Bay, and Day are all mad at him because he leaked information to both duos about the other duo. As much as I would love to believe that this was some masterplan to pin everyone against each other, I think he just really has no idea what he’s doing.

Dani asks Kaysar what his plan for next week is and he tells her that he is going to be alone and just needs to make friends. Meanwhile, Janelle is talking to Tyler and tells him that Dani told her she would vote to keep her if she knew that’s what the house’s decision was.

Dani talks to Tyler and tells Tyler that Day is 100% trying to flip the vote to keep Janelle this week. Dani says that she just doesn’t know what to say to Janelle because she genuinely feels bad. Tyler tells her that he does too and says that she deserves to stay this week. He adds that her leaving isn’t good for his game either. Talks turn to if David or Day should go first and Dani tells him that she thinks Day is more dangerous. Dani tells Tyler that Nicole wants Bay out and adds that Nicole thinks Kaysar is going to come after her for Janelle.

Cody told Kevin that he would rather see Janelle stay this week (I’m not sure how much he actually meant it though).

Nicole tells Christmas that if she won HOH, she would BD Bayleigh. Nicole tells Christmas that they have to make sure that the alliance doesn’t find out that they don’t want Kaysar out next.

Dani and Christmas talked a little later and they agree that Kaysar isn’t on their priority list next week because he isn’t a threat without Janelle.

Enzo and Cody had a long talk in the HN room last night about Dani and how she can’t be trusted. They agree that she has to go within the next few weeks and that she has to be BD. Enzo tells Cody that he is his only allegiance in the house and that he is using everyone else. Cody says that he is going to try and win HOH and put Kaysar and David up and if Kaysar wins POV, just sent David home.

Cody tells Enzo that Nicole won’t vote out Day because Day voted for her to win BB18. They talk about how stupid it is that they are getting rid of Janelle this week because she will go after the girls in their alliance so they don’t have to. Cody tells him that’s true, but Nicole wants Janelle out so bad that he just doesn’t want to deal with her if Janelle stays.

Tyler tells Cody and Memphis that the way Janelle is pushing to stay has him rethinking things but then snaps out of it and says that’s why she has to go.

Dani asks Cody if they should throw two hinky votes for Janelle and pin them on Bay and Day and Cody tells her that it probably won’t work anyway. He tells her that he will think about it though.

Cody tells Janelle that he isn’t opposed to her staying and that he would really like to work with her. He just can’t be the deciding vote and she asks him to talk to Enzo then because he told Janelle he wanted her to stay as well. Shortly after this talk, he tells Kaysar the same thing.

Janelle pulls Enzo aside and tells him what Cody just told her and he tells her that he would love for her to stay, but he isn’t promising her his vote. She tells him that if him and Cody vote together she will have enough to stay with Bay, Day, Kevin, and Memphis (again, that’s not happening).

Later on, Enzo tells Cody that if they flip the vote, their alliance is done. Cody says that he isn’t sure that Janelle trusts him enough for him to want her to stay.

There were a lot of talks about the possibility of flipping the vote, but I’m not sure that it will actually happen. We will have to wait and see if Enzo and Cody decide to keep her and then Dani throws a hinky vote, it could happen. Stay tuned for all my eviction day posts coming up later today!

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