Power of Veto day brought some paranoia to the Big Brother 22 house as the HGs wondered what would happen if one of the noms won the POV. If you missed out on which Big Brother All-Stars HGs were picked to play in the Veto or who won the POV, you can get that information with our Big Brother spoilers or you can continue to read our live feeds recap!

One conversation from first thing in the morning that was worth noting was between Dani and Nicole. Dani is upset because Kaysar asked Enzo if Dani threw him under the bus and mentions that she thought there was more trust there (ummm, you did throw him under the bus…you all did!). She adds that it doesn’t matter anyway because he’s going home this week. Nicole turns the conversation to her frustration with Cody and how he doesn’t let her talk and all he does is talk about the other HGs and doesn’t let her say anything.

The feeds returned from the POV Player draw and we find out that Tyler, David, and Bayleigh were picked to play alongside Enzo, Kaysar, and Kevin. Kevin actually chose David to play with HGs choice.

Enzo talks to Tyler about being frustrated with Day because she keeps pushing the David situation. He tells Tyler that no matter how hard she pushes, he isn’t getting rid of a rookie during his HOH. Enzo hopes that Day gets BD’d sooner rather than later and he thinks that Christmas might be the one to do it. Tyler tells Enzo that he wants Dani gone and Enzo agrees that she is the source of a lot of problems inside the house and she needs to go. Enzo toys with the idea of BD’ing Dani because she can’t be trusted and talks about all of them. When Cody joins the conversation, Enzo wonders to them how upset Nicole would be if Enzo BD’d Ian.

Kaysar told Bay that he didn’t come back to be picked off and that he is going to campaign hard and try and fight to stay. He talks about the big alliance controlling everything and that David knew he was safe week one because someone in that alliance assured him that he was safe. He tells Bay that if she wins the POV, she should be worried about them retaliating because if they do, she was never good with them in the first place and it will show their true colors.

Bay then goes to Day and tells her how she doesn’t like being pressured into things and that’s what she feels Kaysar is doing. Bay found out that Enzo was thinking about BD’ing Ian and Day confirms that seems to be the plan if one of the noms comes down. Day tells Bay that she is annoyed that Kevin picked David to play in the POV knowing that David tried to sink her game. Day says that she hopes that Kaysar wins POV so that she can tell Enzo to nominate David and tell him if he doesn’t, that will prove that there is an all-guys alliance (now who’s trying to sink your game??).

Day goes to Kevin and asks him why he picked David. Kevin tells her that he had to pick someone who could outperform Kaysar in case Kevin couldn’t win it himself. He says that Day made him nervous when she said that he had to win POV and make himself safe.

Memphis and Christmas talked about how Memphis wants Kaysar gone even if he is up against David. Christmas is worried that David would put her and Memphis on the block together while Memphis is worried that Kaysar will put Cody and Tyler up together (I want to say so much here, but I won’t).

Kaysar then talks to Memphis and asks him if he would be willing to do something to help change the way the game is going? He says that he feels like fans of the show are home screaming at their televisions “f***ing do something!” (oh, we are!)

Bay and David both agreed that neither of them is using the POV if they win it. Bay then goes back to Day and tells her that David might not be as far off their game goals as they think.

Nicole spent a lot of time worrying and complaining about Janelle. She talks about how she never should have invited her to her wedding, how she wonders which GBM they played for her (she re-recorded her GBM), she later complained about how Bay is walking around wearing Janelle’s clothing (Janelle left her a jacket and a hoodie as a friend) and she worried that Bay might have the same goal Janelle had, to get Nicole evicted. Christmas tells Nicole that she hopes she wins the next HOH so she can put her mark on the season by putting Bay and Day up together. Nicole says she wants Bay out next because she is still attached to Janelle (really???).

The feeds go down for POV and when they come back up we see Kevin carrying the medallion around. This is where the fun begins!

Cody tells Dani that he is expecting Enzo to renom David, but Dani thinks that it will be Ian. They both agree that it doesn’t matter because Kaysar is gone this week.

Ian asks Dani what she thinks is going to happen now and she tells him she doesn’t know. Ian notes that if he is put up as a renom, that would be a risky move.

Nicole tells Dani again that Bay is too comfortable in the game and needs to go and adds that she doesn’t like that Bay told Christmas that she feels safe. Nicole tells Dani that she would put Kevin and David up together and then BD Bay if she won HOH and Dani tells her this is a good plan.

Enzo talks to Cody, Bay, Day, and Tyler and he tells them that he thinks that whoever goes up against Kaysar will be safe this week. He says that he had back up plans for if Kaysar won the POV, but he won’t be doing any of those.

Kaysar asks Ian for his vote, but Ian wouldn’t commit to it.

Later, Nicole talks to Cody about their plans if they should win HOH. They both agree they are putting David and Kevin up with a BD option. Nicole tells him that Dani warned her that Bay said she would nominate her (N) and Memphis if she won but Cody tells her that’s BS. He tells her that she has to stop believing everything Dani says to her.

Cody, Enzo, and Nicole talk about how they control the votes so whatever Enzo wants to happen this week will happen. Nicole tells Enzo that she would be okay with Enzo using Ian as a pawn, but Enzo says he doesn’t want to do that. Nicole complains to Enzo that Bay said she felt comfortable this week and she doesn’t like that. Enzo asks her not to repeat that (she already has to numerous people).

Nicole, Cody, Tyler, and Dani talk about how if Ian goes up, Memphis might try and flip the votes. Meanwhile, Enzo and Kevin are promising not to nominate each other in the future. Enzo had already promised that this was a one-time thing because Kevin owed him one after Enzo voted to keep Kevin week one.

Back up in the HOH room, everyone is still talking about the plans this week and they all agree that they can’t throw a hinky vote this week because it could potentially mess things up.

Bay mentions to Enzo that if he wanted to put a big target up, they could always take Kaysar out next week. Later, Enzo tells Day that he likes Kaysar, but it’s time for him to go.

Enzo tells Cody and Dani that Christmas offered to go up as a pawn and they think that’s a good idea because no one is going to want to see a fourth woman get evicted (expect Dani and Nicole have been talking about evicted a fourth and then a fifth one!) and Kaysar will definitely go home.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A safe move. There was a little hope that there might be some action in the house, but as of right now it looks like Enzo plans to stay safe. Although, there is still a lot of time between now and Monday’s POV Ceremony. We will see what happens.

Make sure you come back tonight for my live recap of tonight’s episode of Big Brother where we will see the rest of the HOH competition play out and we will watch as Enzo nominates Kevin and Kaysar for eviction.

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