It started off as a slow and quiet Sunday in the Big Brother 22 house with a late wakeup call to the HGs. A wall yeller revealed something to a lot of the HGs who were hanging out in the backyard, but will that sway anyone in the house? Get all your Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds right here!

The HGs didn’t get their wakeup call until almost noon yesterday and it was a pretty slow afternoon with conversations. One worth noting was between Christmas and Ian where Christmas tells Ian that she offered herself to Enzo as a pawn to ensure that Kaysar goes this week. So much for them being BB Besties, huh? Ian tells her that he would be worried about doing that, but Christmas assures him that he would be safe if he was put up next to Kaysar. The whole house wants him gone. Ian tells her that the last time he was told he was a pawn, he almost missed out on $500k. He adds that luckily he won the POV. Christmas is still confident that Kaysar would remain the top target and that she would be safe.

Enzo tells Cody that he is thinking about taking Christmas up on her offer to go up as a pawn. Cody tells him that he got lucky with that because she volunteered. Talks turn to trying to get Kevin to work with them because Enzo feels like Kevin would be loyal and he is looking for people to work with. Cody mentions that Bay and Day think that there might be a better option right now than Kaysar. Enzo says he isn’t messing around and he is pushing for Kaysar to go this week. Enzo thinks that they can pull Bay and Day in closer if Kaysar was gone. Enzo is worried that Dani might try and flip the vote, but Cody doesn’t think that she would do that.

Here are some quick chats that happened right after this:

  • Kevin told Ian that he had his vote if he ends up the renom.
  • Nicole tells Ian that she thinks David will be the renom.
  • Christmas tells Tyler that Dani and Nicole told her they would throw the HOH to her. Tyler warns her not to trust them and they just want her to do their dirty work for them.
  • Christmas tells Enzo again that she would be his pawn.

Then things got interesting! While Christmas, Memphis, Kaysar, Cody, Ian, and Tyler were all outside in the backyard someone from outside the wall yells “Nicole and Cody are playing everyone” as clear as day (6:35 PM BBT).

Feeds cut for almost four hours after that and when they returned we get a conversation between Christmas and Day about Nicole. Day tells Christmas that she is friendly with her, Nicole talked bad about Day during their season. Nicole has apologized for it since. They agree that neither thought that Cody and Nicole were that close. Day tells Christmas that she doesn’t want to see Kaysar go this week and neither do Bay or Kevin. Christmas tells her it’s going to come down to who is next to him. Day tells her that they can’t keep playing this game scared of the house and Christmas tells her to go talk to Enzo. Day tells Christmas that if they keep Kaysar, that’s another big target in front of them.

Cody and Dani were having a conversation at the same time in a different room and they are talking about how Day is the glue that is holding a lot of small groups together. Dani tells him that she is more worried about Bay’s impact on the game. Cody talks about how he is confident with Memphis and Christmas but would like to work with Bay and Day too. He knows that they don’t trust him though.

Ian and Kaysar talk about the renom possibilities and they agree that the only one Kaysar might have a chance against is David.

Kaysar goes to talk to Enzo again and he tells Enzo that he has no one to work with inside the house and would with Enzo if given the chance to stay. Kaysar tells Enzo that Cody and Tyler want him gone, but he has the power as HOH with his renom. Enzo tells Kaysar that the house wants him gone. Enzo and Kaysar talk about the preseason alliances. Kaysar says that Cody, Tyler, Nicole, and Dani are all a group and that Ian and Enzo were additions so that they had the numbers each week. Kaysar pleads to Enzo again to put David up because if it’s anyone else, he’s gone.

Christmas comes to talk to Enzo a short time after that and warns Enzo that he might get a pitch from Day to group up with Day, Christmas, Memphis, Bay, David, Kevin, and Kaysar. Christmas tells Enzo that she doesn’t care what he decides and adds that she is worried about Dani, Nicole, Cody, and Ian. Enzo mentions that after today everyone is noticing that.

Enzo meets with Bay and Day and tells them about Kaysar’s claim that Dani, Tyler, Cody, and Nicole are running the house. Bay tells him that she thinks Dani is up to something and she and Cody are closer than they make it seem. Enzo tells them that he thinks that Dani is running everything, but that he really likes her. Bay tells him that starting next week, they won’t need all the extra votes and will just be able to pick them all off one by one. Bay says that they can take out one of their numbers, but Enzo says that it’s too soon and too crazy. Bay and Day disagree and think that now is a perfect time. Day points out that their Slick Six alliance can’t work if that group of four has six of their own.

Bay points out to Enzo that Dani offered Janelle and Kaysar an alliance with her, Tyler, and Nicole. Nicole has Ian and Cody is most likely in that group too. Enzo doesn’t think that Cody would play that way and thinks he is just being social with everyone. Tyler briefly joins the group and tells them that he wants Kaysar gone because he will target Tyler and Cody. Day says that the likelihood of him winning anything is slim, but Tyler doesn’t understand why they should chance it if they can get him out now.

Enzo tells them that Christmas offered to go up as a pawn and that’s what he’s doing. He says that targeting Dani is serious and they can’t tell anyone about that conversation. Enzo mentions that if it’s a DE, they can get her out next. He worries that Dani is sprinkling all her ideas around the house and they are all concerned with Nicole being in the palm of her hand. During this conversation, Day also points out that Ian has his things spread out across the house so that he always has an excuse to be in a room.

At the end of the night, Enzo and Tyler talk about the seeds that Dani is planting about Bay and Day being too comfortable. They are both onto her games. They talk about getting Kaysar out this week and then go for Dani next week, but Enzo is worried that it might get out to her and she might come after them first. Tyler mentions that he is worried that Bay might flip to Dani’s side, but Enzo is sure that Bay would work with them to get Dani out. Enzo talks about how Dani came to tell them something and then Christmas came right up and told him the same thing. Which means that Dani is planting the same seeds with Enzo and Christmas. Enzo says to Tyler that they can’t trust her and that this is too much.

So, we had a wall yeller, Enzo clearly knows that Dani is a huge target, but refuses to take a shot at her. Christmas is likely going up as a renom this week against Kaysar. I just don’t understand how these HGs are All-Stars and playing scared. I will keep you all posted on what happens at the POV Ceremony, but right now it looks like Christmas and Kaysar will be final noms.

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