Due to a potential wall-yeller roaming the grounds near the Big Brother 22 house, the feeds went down yesterday evening and didn’t come back up until all the HGs were sleeping. However, I have all the details of what the Big Brother All-Stars talked about prior to the outage below! Keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here.

We started the day with Memphis and Christmas talking in the backyard prior to the wakeup call. They talked about what could happen next week and Memphis mentions that the only person he would worry about winning HOH is Bayleigh because he doesn’t know what she would do. Memphis also talked about how Dani, Tyler, Cody, and Nicole are getting too comfortable with each other and that it’s going to set off red flags if they don’t stop hanging out together so much (too late). Memphis also mentions how it would only take back to back wins by Bay and Day to turn the house upside down and Christmas adds could be three in a row if David won too.

The HGs get their wakeup call and they all slowly start getting out of bed. Kevin mentions that they should have a house meeting to discuss a cleaning schedule. He mentions this after telling David that he is supposed to be taking cleaning breaks (David is one of the few HGs that keep up with cleaning).

Christmas tells Kevin that she is planning to campaign because she hates when people assume they are safe while sitting on the block. She tells him that she is going to keep it clean and not attack Kaysar personally.

Bay and Ian had a conversation much like the one Ian and Kevin had the night before. Bay tells Ian that she likes to watch the other HGs and see where they move to and who they are talking to and Ian says he does the same. He tells her that he thinks that they are on the same page with a lot of what’s going on and feels like they should talk more. Bay agrees.

Christmas campaigned to David and tells him that she feels like Enzo picked her because that would solidify Kaysar going home. Christmas also tells him that a lot of people were telling Enzo to put David up, but because of Enzo’s relationship with David, he didn’t. Christmas tells David that if she were to win HOH, David wouldn’t go up and adds that getting rid of David does nothing for her game.

Ian asks Kevin if he could make sure that he isn’t in the nomination set if Bay or Day should win HOH and Kevin says he can do that. Kevin asks if Ian could do the same for him with Nicole. He agrees. Ian tells Kevin that he thinks it might be a good idea for them to distance themselves a bit because they have been talking a lot lately. Kevin gets up to get coffee and sit somewhere else.

There is a pretty in-depth conversation between Cody and Ian where Cody asks Ian who he thinks his biggest threats in the house are. Ian tells him that he thinks that it’s Bay and Day and Cody asks if Ian would take a shot at them if he won HOH. Ian says that he would absolutely do that. Ian asks Cody if it’s a knockout HOH if he could help him win. Cody tells him if it comes down to Cody and Ian, he will throw it to him. Cody asks Ian how his relationship with David is and he tells him it’s pretty good. Cody tells Ian that David messed things up between him and Day and tells Ian part of the story.

Ian tells Cody that he got really unlucky with the bullhorn and Cody tells him that it is what it is and says the most frustrating part is now Cody is linked to Nicole by everyone in the house. Ian tells him that he understands that because he was linked to her as soon as he walked into the house and she was the only other winner. They both agreed that if Josh and Kaycee were there, Ian would be in a much better position.

There was another conversation between Bay and Kaysar that I want to talk about too. Bay went to Kaysar to ask him if he would blow up Dani’s game on his way out the door? He tells her that he was planning to blow up everyone’s game on his way out (meaning Dani, Tyler, Nicole, and Cody) but doesn’t know if that’s necessarily going to help Bay’s game. Bay tells him that it can’t hurt her game and it might rattle enough of the HGs to make them a little less comfortable. Kaysar tells her that he will think about it.

Cody and Nicole were sitting on opposite sides of the couch outside and talking subtly to each other. Cody tells her that they are screwed and she asks if he thinks they can recover (from the bullhorn). He tells her that he hopes so and tells her that he is going to start telling people he is targeting her. She says okay. He then jokingly tells her that he is going to put her on the block and she gets a little nervous. He tells her that he won’t do that, that’s taking it too far.

Bay overheard a conversation between Kevin, Dani, and Tyler. The only one who knew that Bay was in earshot was Tyler. Dani was laying on her stomach sunbathing and Kevin had a towel over his face doing the same. Dani asked Tyler about the altercation between him and Bay in their season. He tells her that he was super rude to her and refused to talk to her after BDing her. Dani says so you basically did nothing wrong? He says “no, I was really rude and mean to her.” Dani says something like “but it was game, not personal right?” and then added that he “basically did nothing wrong and now they are all screwed.”

Day tells Bay that Dani is just trying to get her to explode, but no one in that house deserves to see that. Bay tells her that what annoyed her the most was that Kevin was sitting there egging her on. She talks about how Kevin is so disrespectful sometimes. Always trying to get her to talk about the guys from her past and what kind of people were into her on the feeds. She adds that every time they talk about Swaggy Kevin says something like “do you think he’s watching me now?” and hits on him through the cams. Day wonders if that’s just his weird way of getting her to talk to him and Bay says it doesn’t matter, it’s disrespectful.

Bay tells Enzo this story and Bay wonders why Dani keeps bringing up the altercation. Enzo tells her that Dani is just trying to find cracks and wedge things in them. She then tells Enzo about how Kevin went to her earlier in the day and tells her that she owes him one for vouching for her with Tyler. She says that she doesn’t own him a damn thing.

Nicole gets all worked up over the wall-yeller and Day assures her that she hasn’t heard Nicole’s name come up since that happened. Nicole says that she just feels defeated and says that she was already being forced not to play because of the whole Janelle talking crap about her thing (I’m not sure what one has to do with the other either).

Dani tells Nicole that Cody made a nasty comment to her and asks what his problem is. Dani tells her that she told Enzo and Cody that she talked to Tyler and squashed any issues and Cody said “I didn’t tell you to talk to Tyler.” She tells Nicole that she told Cody that she doesn’t take orders from him and not to talk to her like that again. Nicole and Dani blame Bay for Cody and Enzo acting that way.

From here Dani goes to talk to Bay. She tells Bay that she feels like she hasn’t seen her in days and Bay says that’s because she probably hasn’t. Dani asks her what is wrong and Bay tells her that she just isn’t good with staying in constant communication with people. Dani asks Bay if she still wants Memphis out next week and Bay tells her that she thinks that people are starting to drift from that idea because he isn’t a threat right now (he hurt his back really bad a few days ago). Bay tells Dani that everyone is acting like this next HOH is important because Kaysar and Janelle will be gone and there will be new targets. Dani tells her that as long as their alliance is truly together, they have nothing to worry about.

Dani goes to Cody and tells him that she is worried that Bay and Day might out their alliance to whoever wins HOH. Dani tells him that they all have to be on the same page so they can deny it if that should happen. Cody tells Dani that Tyler is making him nervous and isn’t sure that Tyler will cover it up with them. Dani tells Cody that Nicole said she heard that Bay has information for Christmas if she should win HOH. She adds that Nicole thinks that Bay is going to throw Dani and Cody under the bus to her. She also tells him how Bay just told her that Memphis was no longer a threat.

Cody tells Dani that Tyler is upset because he didn’t know that Nicole knew about Slick Six and Dani says she takes responsibility for that. Cody tells her that he is done with that alliance and will put Bay and Day up together if he wins HOH. Dani says that the house will go crazy if that happens and Cody says it will make for good TV and he will just hide.

Nicole told Ian that Day said she wouldn’t put them up together because of her history with Nicole. She says that Bay would do it thought and Ian tells her that of the two of them, he would go over her.

Ian tells Kaysar that he isn’t ready to see Kaysar go this week and says that he will probably be next. Kaysar says he knows that he is going, but hasn’t given up. He is still going to try and get the votes to stay. Kaysar tells Ian that someone has to take a shot at Cody and Tyler, but everyone seems scared to do it. Ian tells him that Dani is in the best position in the game right now. Kaysar wonders if Nicole and Cody have a F2, but Ian says he isn’t sure about that.

Ian tells Kaysar that he is pretty sure that he has everything figured out but can’t tell him more until Thursday. Kaysar asks if any of the information can help him stay this week and Ian says no, not against Christmas. Ian decides to tell him everything he knows about the inner workings of the Core Four. Kaysar tells Ian that he, Bay, and Day can’t go after each other, they need to work together.

The feeds cut to stars after Kaysar and Ian hugged and Ian sat down and started to cry after Kaysar left the room. While people are starting to put things together, it’s too late to try and save Kaysar. Especially with him sitting next to Christmas, there just aren’t enough people who will vote against her.

Stay tuned for my live recap of tonight’s POV episode of Big Brother 22!

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