The POV Ceremony happened in the Big Brother house on Monday and things didn’t go as planned. This led to things escalating really quickly after last night’s Labor Day celebration. Get all the details of what happened inside the Big Brother house on the live feeds right here with my Big Brother spoilers!

Okay, so let’s start from the beginning of the day and work our way to the drama! So the day started off with the plan being that Christmas would take Day off the block, replace her with Tyler so that Tyler can be sent home like he wanted to be. However, Bay had a bad feeling from the start because Christmas kept mentioning the rules of the game and one of them is that you can’t voluntarily go on the block to be voted out. You made the commitment to be there, they want you to stay.

Bay pulled Tyler aside and tells him that she has this feeling that Christmas isn’t going to use the POV and is going to keep Bay and Day on the block together. She gives him permission to vote her out on Thursday if that’s the case. She tells him that Day deserves to be there more and at this point, it seems that Bay would rather go home before jury.

Day asked Christmas what she was thinking and Christmas tells her that she would like to work on their relationship going forward and that she, Dani, and Nicole definitely want to work with her. Day asks her directly if she plans to use the POV, but Christmas tells her she can’t tell her that because of the guidelines. However, Christmas seemed to still be on board with the plan to put Tyler up.

Moments before the feeds went down for the POV Ceremony, Christmas and Tyler talked. However, we didn’t see any of this chat because the feeds cut away. Meanwhile, Bay is telling Day her suspicions about Christmas maybe not using the POV. When we finally did get a look at the inside of the HOH room, it seemed that Christmas had talked Tyler into staying in the game. The feeds went down for a few minutes and when they came back up, Bay and Day look really upset about something and Bay mentions to Day that in a previous conversation with Christmas, she told Bay that if Bay went home this week she would make it her mission to get Tyler out herself.

Feeds went down for the POV Ceremony and when they came back up, Bayleigh is crying in the nomination chair and Day is still sitting in the one next to her. Day is telling her over and over that it’s okay, but Bay is clearly feeling guilty for dragging Day into this whole thing. In Bay’s Veto speech, she called out Christmas because Christmas keeps using her conversation about Day being her untouchable against her. Bay said something along the line of “how about you tell everyone who your untouchable is?”

Day goes to talk to Christmas and asks her what happened because Day doesn’t think she has the votes to stay over Bay and now she might go home. Christmas tells her that she doesn’t believe that’s true and thinks that Bay will definitely be voted out. However, she couldn’t put Tyler up because that isn’t her battle to be fought, it’s Bay’s. Day is confused by this because Tyler wanted to go home, this wasn’t a backdoor plan because he wronged Bay, he asked to be nominated.

Anyone who asks Bay who Christmas’s untouchable, she is telling. She says that Christmas told her Ian was her untouchable, but she is making sure to tell people that she doesn’t believe it, she thinks it’s a distraction. Bay also warned Ian about Christmas spreading this information because it’s going to put a target on him.

Day tells Kevin that Tyler doesn’t look like the guy who wanted to go home and then lost the opportunity to and he certainly doesn’t look like he feels bad for giving them hope.

David asks Enzo who he wants to stay this week. Enzo says that he loves Bay but he thinks that the house wants her out. David tells him that he thinks they can flip it, but Enzo doesn’t think they have the numbers. Enzo tells him that they need five votes and they are only two. David tells him that if Tyler wants to fix things with Bay then he has to keep her. Enzo doesn’t know if that angle will work, but he’s down to try.

Dani and Kevin talk and Dani mentions how close Day and Bay are and says they are clearly a duo. Kevin tells her that there are clearly duos so calling out Bay and Day for this is just suspicious.

The feeds go down for just over two hours for the HGs Labor Day picnic. When the feeds come back, all the HGs are eating inside at the table except for Bay who is sitting outside eating alone. Day comes out and joins her and they make small talk about the game. Bay says that Swaggy was the downfall of her game in BB20 and Day is her downfall this season and starts to cry. Bay tells Day that she was recruited from Instagram for her season and Day is a super fan, she deserves to be there more.

David joins them and talks turn to how Bay and Swaggy have been tortured by Tyler and Angela’s fans for two years now. She talks about how they were supposed to go to Fiji for Love Island, but Tyler and Angela said they wouldn’t go if Bay and Swaggy were there.

There was some campaigning, but most of it was just repeated game talk. They dwelled on the fact that Tyler didn’t seem to feel bad and they talked about the votes with the other HGs. Nothing crazy…Until about 10:05 PM BBT on cams three and four.

So it started with a conversation with Day and Christmas in the bathroom while Bay was in the DR. Day tells Christmas that she just doesn’t understand why she didn’t do it if that’s what Tyler wanted and Christmas tells her that it isn’t her cross to bear. Day tells her how Bay thought Christmas had their back and then ended up nominating the two of them. She tells her that Bay shared personal game information with Christmas and she used it against her. Christmas starts getting loud and tells Day that there is no such thing as personal game information. It’s either personal or it’s game. Day tells her that’s not true and gets loud with her.

Bay comes out of the DR and walks into the bathroom and hears them yelling at each other. Day gets up walks away. Christmas starts to get a little with Bay and stops. Christmas keeps getting loud with Bay and keeps cutting Bay off while she is trying to talk. Bay tells her that Christmas doesn’t get to play the victim in this and Christmas walks away.

Bay starts to get a little loud and walks after her to finish her sentence and Christmas turns around and gets in Bay’s face and starts putting her fingers in her face. Bay asks her several times to please stop because if she came at Christmas like that, she would be a monster. Then Christmas starts clapping at her and Bay again asks her to stop because she is trying to be calm about the situation and Christmas keeps clapping louder.

When Bay and Day go outside to diffuse the situation, Christmas tells Kevin and Dani that she doesn’t appreciate Bay trying to make her look like a bully when all she did was take out a duo in this game. Day and Bay are outside venting while Tyler, Enzo, and Cody are playing pool. Tyler tells them both that they did the right thing by talking away. When they go back inside, Christmas is sitting there and Day tells her not to say anything to her and Christmas says “here we go!” Day tells her to shut up and Bay tells Christmas not to add fuel to the fire.

There were some side conversations after that where Christmas told HGs that Bay and Day were bullies. Cody and Dani agreed that Christmas instigated this situation especially when she got in Bay’s face. Kevin tells Bay and Day that he is proud of the way they handled the situation with Christmas and the girls agree it could have been so much worse. Enzo says he hopes that Day wins the next HOH so that Christmas has to give her the key.

Bay thinks that Tyler went to Christmas and told her that he was alone in the game and she pulled him in and talked him into staying. David joins the conversation with Bay and Day and then Enzo joined. Enzo said that things are getting crazy and the wheels are about to fall off. Bay and Day explain to him how Tyler asked to be put up so he can go home.

Things definitely got heating inside the Big Brother house with Christmas starting a heated exchange with Bay and Day. Most of the HGs aren’t blind to the fact that Christmas instigated it which probably won’t go over well with them in the weeks to come. I’ll keep you posted!

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