It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother house and it was a Prize and Punishment comp that took the house by storm. Get the details on all the Power of Veto spoilers from inside the Big Brother house and who got what prizes and punishments from the comp right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The HGs were woken up early again for POV day with a 7:15 AM wakeup call. There were some small talk before the POV Players pick inclusing Dani and Nicole talking about how big of a piece of crap Tyler is for talking about BDing Dani. Nicole obviously agreed with her and Dani says that she will pretend that everything is fine.

Players were picked and when the feeds came back up we found out that Dani, Nicole, and Ian were joining Christmas, Bay, and Day for this week’s competition.

After the player draw, Dani told Day that Nicole is playing to win it so that she can save Day as long as Christmas is okay with it.

Christmas then tells Day that she really hopes that either Day or Bay wins the POV because she wants them to give her the opportunity to put someone more deserving on the block.

There was a lot of down time waiting for the comp. Once the feeds came back from the comp, we saw Day crying in the HOH room with a giant $5000 necklace on. She is crying because she lost the POV and tells herself to snap out of it because there are tons of people who really need $5000 and she’s over here crying about it.

Christmas, Nicole, and Dani are talking in the lounge about the comp and how they didn’t have a clear plan going into it. We find out that Christmas won the POV Comp through this conversation.

Day goes to Christmas and asks her if she would consider BD’ing someone, but Christmas says that’s not her style. Day tells here that they can make a powerhouse alliance with them two, Dani, and Nicole.

After this, Day goes to talk to Bay about how Christmas struggled with putting them up and as of now she doesn’t think that Christmas plans to use the POV, but they should start working on her now. She thinks that they can possibly talk her into it.

Day started working on Memphis for his support just in case Bay and Day stay on the block this week. Memphis tells her that he is playing solo in the game (yea, okay….)

Day spoke to Enzo and told him that she would be a strong ally for him and that he would be her right-hand man. We all know how Enzo feels about Day trying to blow up his game though, so I don’t see that working out. Plus he had told Christmas that he would vote out Day over Bay, but he will do what the HOH asks.

Christmas talked to Cody about the POV and how it would have been easier if one of the noms won the POV. Cody points out that this week won’t come to a tie so it won’t come down to her to make a decision. They both think that Kevin has the third power.

Day tells Bay that they don’t know if Christmas has a power or not so they shouldn’t campaign that they can flush out a power by BDing someone else.

Memphis, Cody, and Nicole are talking about Bay and Day. Memphis thinks that they are equal competitors. Nicole mentions that Day has never won a comp in three seasons while Bay did really well on The Challenge. Cody points out that Day did really well there too.

Tyler went to Christmas and told her that he expects whoever stays this week is probably going to pair up with Kevin. He thinks that the house is on board with voting out Bay this week. Christmas also warned Tyler that Bay was claiming that Tyler was the source saying that said Christmas was targeting Bay. Tyler denies this. Christmas tells Tyler that she is pretending to be thinking about who she wants gone but she has already decided that she wants Bay gone.

Bay and Day talked about how Tyler seems to be running the house and they don’t understand how everyone is falling for this since he played like this last time.

Dani, Cody, and a few others think that Enzo might have the third power and tried all day yesterday to get him to admit to it. He swears he doesn’t have one.

Cody talked about a plan to BD Ian by putting up two noms that are likely to win POV and then putting him in their place. Tyler tells Cody that he is convinced that Dani is going to try and BD him, but Cody promises him that isn’t happening.

Nicole received her punishment yesterday. She is a huge walking advertisement for a cereal called Sloppies. She instantly regrets taking the POV from Day and giving her the $5000 (Christmas then took it from her).

Bay received her punishment at 9:35 PM BBT. She had to ride a tricycle around a small track in the backyard 500 times. The pedal kept falling off the tricycle so she had to keep stopping to fix it. Bay finished her punishment around 1 AM BBT.

Before heading to bed, David and Kevin talked a little game. David told Kevin that Enzo won’t commit to anything and says that because of this, he thinks that Enzo is on the other side of the house (ding, ding, ding, tell him what he’s won!). Kevin thinks that Enzo was behind the noms this week.

So as of now, it isn’t looking good for Bayleigh, however, there is still a lot of time before this week’s POV Ceremony. There is still an unknown third power in the game that might also keep them safe come eviction night. We will have to wait and see what happens!

Join me tonight as we watch the HGs compete in the BB Basement and we will learn what the third power is and who has it.

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