Expect the unexpected is what Julie always tells us on Big Brother 22 and just when we thought the target was locked, someone throws a wrench in the plan. Read on to get the details of what happened inside the Big Brother house with our Big Brother spoilers. Find out which HG decided they wanted to give up their spot in the game so that this week’s noms could stay.

Let’s start with the first conversations of the day and then we will get into the juicy details of what happened last night on the Big Brother live feeds.

Day and Dani had a conversation where Day told her that she was going to lay off the campaigning other than talking to David. Dani tells Day that she has to stop telling everyone that she doesn’t think there is a Battle Back. Dani says that she has been telling Enzo and Cody that they need to evict Bay because she can beat Janelle in a Battle Back. Dani and Day agree that when the DE comes around they have to target Tyler.

Kevin told Bay that she should go to Christmas and offer her weeks of safety if she uses the POV and targets someone else. Christmas does talk to Christmas and she asks her what she can do to stay this week. Christmas tells her that she doesn’t know what the house is planning. Christmas asks Bay how she can compete with Day when it comes to working together. She says that Bay and Day are clearly close. After Bay leaves the HOH, Christmas talks to the camera about how frustrating this whole thing is and how she wishes she could have worked with Bay.

Bay went to talk to Enzo and Enzo tells her that he has already told Day that his connection with Bay is stronger. Bay mentions wanting to talk to Tyler about his vote, but she doesn’t want to cause a bigger rift by talking to him too soon after the big blow up. Bay and Enzo agree that it’s crazy to keep letting Nicole and Ian skate through this game as former winners.

Bay tells Day that in a conversation with Dani, Dani mentioned that Day might not have all the votes that she thinks she does. They wonder if Ian would help convince Christmas to target Tyler because they know that if Tyler is on the block, the house will take advantage and send him home.

Okay, here is where things get stirred up. Tyler goes to Bay and Day and he tells them he wants to talk about what’s been going on in his head and then he starts crying. He tells them that he has been struggling in this game and thinks that he was trying to self sabotage his game. He tells them that he wants to win, but he wants to do it the right way and then when they were put up, it got really hard for him. He tells Day that when he saw her lose the POV, he felt guilty because he saw how bad Day wanted to be there and he doesn’t want to be there that bad. He tells them that he is going to go to Christmas and ask her to use the POV on one of them so that he can go home because he owes them that and thinks they can do better than he can. He then spills that he was telling the truth about Dani, but apologizes to them for all the lies that he has told and if he has ruined their game in any way. He knows that Bay, Day, and David are there for a greater reason and he wants to see that play out.

Bay tells him that if he does that, she wants Day to come down and for him to be sitting next to Bay on eviction night. Bay tells them that Bay deserves to be there more than anyone and that’s what she feels is fair. She feels guilty for dragging Day into the run around with Tyler and their game paranoia. Tyler tells them that he doesn’t want to be here anymore and Day tells him that it breaks her heart because she knows that Tyler isn’t a quitter. He tells them that he is going to fix their game as much as he can while he’s still in the house. This conversation goes on for over an hour and a half.

Ian and Christmas chatted in the midst of the Tyler/Bay/Day conversation and Ian mentions how he noticed that there was a really long pause after the Nomination Ceremony which leads him to believe that one of the powers allows for noms to be changed. This right here is the reason Ian is just a huge threat in this game! He notices things like this.

Tyler went to talk to Christmas and he tells her that he needs to talk to her and come clean about some things. He tells her that he feels like he’s the reason Bay and Day are on the block and then the feeds cut from the HOH room. They don’t go back at all and the only information we have about this conversation comes from side conversations throughout the rest of the night.

Dani starts freaking out after Tyler had been in the HOH for almost an hour. Dani goes upstairs and Christmas tells her to let them finish so she leaves the room. Dani is worried that Tyler wants Christmas to put him on the block. Nicole tells her not to worry about that because there is no way that Christmas would flip on them like that. About 45 minutes later, Nicole heads up there and comes right back downstairs. She tells Dani that they are still talking and Dani is now worried that Tyler is setting Dani up.

Tyler leaves the HOH room and about 15 minutes later, Christmas talks to Day in the Storage Room. She tells Day that she has no idea what’s going on, but she doesn’t want to discuss it until after the POV Ceremony.

After that, Dani, Nicole, Day, and Christmas all go up to the HOH room. Christmas tells them that she wants Day to stay, but isn’t going to talk about anything else until after the POV Ceremony. She adds that they need to stick together like the men have been doing since day 1. Day leaves the room and Christmas tells them that she wants all of them to move forward, but Day doesn’t go any further than they do (meaning they will cut her later).

Christmas and Day later talk about Tyler going up and Day says that she thinks that they can get the votes to send him home as he wants. Meanwhile, Dani is telling Cody that Tyler was talking to Christmas for a really long time tonight and she is worried about what they have planned.

Bay and Day talk about how some of the HGs still want Bay out, but Day says they can worry about that later. They expect that Christmas will use the POV and put Tyler up.

Day talks to Kevin a little later and warns him that the POV could be used this week. She adds that Nicole might support getting Tyler out because Cody is closer to him than he is to her. Kevin is surprised by all of this.

Right before bed, Ian tells Cody about the long pauses and how he suspects that is a time period to allow for powers to be used. He adds that he thinks that the powers last for 3-4 weeks.

So an interesting turn of events as it appears that Tyler has asked to be renom’d and go home over Bay or Day this week. The only problem with that plan is will they get the votes needed to save Bay over Tyler? We will have to wait and see. Stay tuned for my POV Ceremony spoilers coming up later today with confirmation of who the final noms are for week 5 of Big Brother!

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