Last night we all watched as Kaysar was evicted from the Big Brother 22 house. Then we watched Christmas as she went on to win the Week 5 Head of Household competition on Big Brother. Now it’s time to find out what happened inside the Big Brother All-Stars house after the show ended and the Big Brother live feeds came back on! Get all your Big Brother spoilers right here.

The first conversation we caught wind of when the feeds came back up was between Bay and Day who said that Ian apparently went back to Nicole and aplogized for spreading rumors to Kaysar. Bay mentions that Dani was sitting there staring at her and Bay apologized to her for whatever she did that offended her. She adds that she then got up, went to the bathroom, punched the wall, and then cried.

Christmas and Tyler had a long conversation in the downstairs lounge about what Christmas should do this week. She asks Tyler for his input and he asks her if they really want to go after people who aren’t targeting them? Christmas says that the obvious plan is to put Day and Bay up and Tyler asks if that’s what the house is leaning towards? She says that she hasn’t really talked to anyone about it yet and adds that if she goes with that plan, Bay should go first.

Christmas asks him how bizarre it would be to put Bay or Day on the block with Dani as a pawn and Tyler tells her that putting Dani on the block with one of them could backfire and bring them closer. Tyler tells Christmas that she is going to have to pick a side and go after either Bay and Day or Dani, but Tyler thinks that they should keep people in the game who are going to target each other.

Tyler tells Christmas that the house sees Bay and Day as a pair, Nicole and Cody as a pair, and Kevin and David are wildcards. He adds that Enzo and Memphis are wildcards too, but they have them in their pocket. Tyler tells Christmas that her best bet is probably Bay and Day, but to be prepared for the wrath of Bayleigh. He suggests that she nominate them, go to her room and lock the door.

Kevin and Enzo talked about wanting Dani out and they wonder if they can make that happen this week.

Nicole cried at one point because she said that she tried to talk to Bay but all Bay did was repeat that multiple people told her that Nicole was coming after her and Day. Nicole tells Dani that Ian had been spreading the lie because Kaysar told him that it was true and he believed him.

Bay and Day are explaining to Kevin why they are huge targets now and Kevin doesn’t seem to understand. They explained how Ian was getting information from them and then bringing it to the other side of the house.

Enzo tells Bay that he doesn’t want to work with Dani anymore and he wants her out. He says that he is trying to find a way to make that happen.

Day and Nicole are talking in the HN room and Day mentions that she kept getting picked by people on the other side and mentioned how her and Bay were picked together. Nicole says she doesn’t know because people that she thought were working together were picking each other. Day also points out Nicole rushed up to celebrate with Christmas and Nicole says that she would have done that for Day too. Day said it wasn’t a “yay Christmas won” celebration is felt like more of a “oh thank God Da’Vonne didn’t win.” Nicole denied it to Day, but later told Dani that she had to lie to Day about this.

Nicole tells Christmas that Bay and Day found out that Dani and Nicole were trying to get Ian to target them. During her conversation with Day, Day asked her about this and Nicole plays it off like Ian had gotten false information from Kaysar. Christmas mentions how happy she is that she was able to win this HOH on her own (oh Christmas…you didn’t even answer the questions given to you the others answered wrong…)

Before bed, Enzo has a chance to talk to Christmas about Bay and Day and they agree that neither of them add anything to their games. Talks turn to Dani, but Christmas isn’t worried about Dani.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good week for Bay or Day unless one of them or one of their few allies in the house win a power that could change that. We will definitely have noms at some point today and there is a new twist being introduced this week, we just don’t know when. As soon as I have more information about that, I will let you all know.

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