It was a slow day in the Big Brother 22 house and the HGs spent some time planning for the weeks to come. One Big Brother HG got some bad news from home about a loved one and the HGs came together to support them. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

We started the day off with the HGs slowly getting out of bed. The first conversation worth mentioning was between David and Christmas. David asks Christmas what led her to put Bay and Day up and Christmas gave him a look like “how dare you question me.” He reworded it and explained that he only meant that because they seemed to have been blindsided by the whole thing.

Christmas makes it known that Bay and Day never confirmed with her at any point that they wanted to work with her. She mentioned that the only thing that was confirmed was that Bay and Day were a duo. She tells him that they turned this from a game move to something personal and that she heard someone make a comment that she didn’t appreciate, but she wouldn’t reveal what that comment was.

There was a lot of talk about the fight and the HGs were trying to make sense of some of the information flying around the house after it. One of those things that didn’t seem to make sense to the HGs was that it’s being said Ian is Christmas’ untouchable in the house. Nobody thinks that this is true and there was even a conversation between Christmas and Ian where she tells him that she never said that. (Christmas never actually said that Ian was her untouchable, it was implied and Bay ran with it).

Bay did some “campaigning” if that’s what you want to call it. She told Memphis that if she stays this week she is willing to climb uphill to get back into this game. However, she says that if she is evicted this week, she can go back to her life of luxury and be perfectly fine too. She says that the hardest part of this is she feels like she dragged Day into this unintentionally and her game could be over on Thursday just as easily.

Nicole and Bay put together this special Sloppies segment and Production okayed it. They broke the HGs into two teams, each team had to put together a slogan for Sloppies. Whichever team came up with the better slogan would get an advantage in this relay race that was set up in the house. The winners of that relay race would then get an alcohol delivery sometime this week. In the end, the winning team consisted of Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Cody, and Christmas.

Day and Bay talk about the upcoming HOH and Day thinks that it’s going to be endurance. She suspects it might be a wall comp and Bay tells her she can do that. All she has to do is meditate and she will be fine. They have obviously come to terms with the fact that Bay is going to be voted out. Day thinks that David has a power because he is acting weird and slightly more cocky than normal.

Enzo and Christmas talk about next week. Enzo wonders if Day will go after Tyler for Bay and Christmas says that she thinks Day would target Christmas and Tyler if she won HOH. Enzo asks Christmas who she wants him to vote out this week and she tells him Bay because she is an emotional player. She adds that Day is too, but she can’t win anything.

Dani and Nicole have a chat about Tyler and everything that has happened because of him. Dani says that he has until Thursday to patch things up and if he doesn’t, she is going after him. She says that she would have to BD him, but doesn’t know who she would put up as a pawn. Nicole and Dani then wonder how Cody will feel about evicting Tyler. Dani says that she will just have to remind him that if he doesn’t get Tyler out, he will lose this game to him later.

Dani tells Nicole that she feels weird around Christmas now. She says that she doesn’t want to associate herself with her in this house. They wonder if Cody and Enzo have a F2 because the don’t seem like they would ever target each other. They wonder if what Tyler did was genuine, but Nicole thinks that it was all strategy.

Christmas joins the conversation and she says that she thinks her situation with Bay and Day is being pushed into something that it isn’t. She starts talking about some sort of accusation but the feeds cut. Dani asks Christmas is Tyler really asked to go home and she tells her that they talked about it, but she told him that she wasn’t going to put him up and disrespect the game like that. Christmas says she knows when Bay gets out of the house she is going to drag her name through the mud. Nicole asks Christmas if she would be willing to mend things with Day for the game. She says she will think about it.

Cody and Enzo talk and Cody says that he wants David or Kevin gone because he feels like the girls won’t freak out as much about the numbers (gender-wise). Cody then tells Dani that he would put David and Kevin up, but he wants Kevin out more.

After this conversation, Cody got called to the DR. He was in there for some time and when he came out, he was visibly upset. He went into the bathroom and started to cry. Tyler noticed him upset and asked him what was wrong. Cody revealed that he was just told that his grandfather had passed away. Cody says he doesn’t want a big deal made out of it, he just needs some time.

Tyler tells the rest of the house about Cody’s grandfather and they all go to comfort him. He thanks everyone for their support and tells them he just needs some time to process. After leaving the bathroom, Dani and Tyler wrote a message of support on the table with Froot Loops. It says “Pop Pop” and there is a heart around it.

After this, there were some general chats in the house. David got a little emotional too because it was his mom’s birthday.

Throughout the day there was a lot of questioning when it came to Tyler’s motives and why he did what he did. Whether he really wanted to leave the game or if it was a game move. Christmas spent a lot of time trying to justify her actions with the Day and Bay situation. We could expect more of the same until Thursday night’s eviction.

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