It was a busy and exciting day in the Big Brother 22 house with the new HOH holding their one on ones, the Nomination Ceremony and then a BB Basement power was played! Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s Big Brother live feeds right here and then tell me what you think of the move that was made in the comments below or on social media!

So the first thing worth noting is a conversation between Nicole and Dani where they talk about being worried about something being aired on the show. They mentioned Nicole going to the DR, Dani, Memphis, and Ian also needing to talk to the DR. Memphis comes in and says something to Nicole about sleeping better with her in another room and when he leaves, Nicole says something about not even wanting to be around him. It sounded like they all got a stern talking to about making fun of Ian because even a little later, Memphis mentioned being cripple and Christmas scolded him about using that word.

Talks turn to how Dani feels terrible for having to nominate Kevin after telling him that she wasn’t going to. Nicole tells her that she just has to let him know that there is a bigger plan. Dani says that she is worried about executing the bigger plan because of powers and because she doesn’t want to upset Memphis and Christmas. They agree that if Dani laid it out to Memphis, he would be rational about it, but Christmas is going to be upset about Dani going against the alliance.

Dani tells Nicole about a conversation that Tyler had with her where he told her that if Dani nominated or BD’d him, he would understand. She told Nicole that Tyler said he would deserve it after everything he did to ruin her game. Dani tells Nicole that she needs pawns to execute anything this week and she doesn’t think that Christmas is going to offer herself up so David and Kevin are her only options.

Ok, now lets get to Dani’s one on ones for the day. I’m going to do this a little differently and I’m going to list the HGs name and then what they talked about.

  • Memphis – Dani tells Memphis all about how Tyler tried to barter with Day and Bay and offered to go home for them to stay in the house together. She tells him how Tyler sunk her game going around telling everyone that she was running the house. She also told him about the conversation Tyler had with Dani about understanding if she nominated or BD’d him. She adds that if he is playing that card then it means he still thinks there is tension between them and she isn’t okay with that. Memphis is not happy about all this Tyler stuff and seems to be onboard with Dani’s possible plan to BD him, but tells her to keep that information from Christmas for the time being.
  • Kevin – Kevin tells Dani that he is never going to come after her because she is one of the few people in the house that treat him as an equal in this game. He tells her that he will support her in any decision she makes this week and tells her all she has to do is tell her how he can help. Dani mentions that she is going to need a pawn to pull off this plan she has, but she can’t tell him the plan because if it gets out and a power is played it will blow up in all their faces. Kevin is offering David up as a pawn because he is the newbie in the house trying to prove himself. Kevin tells Dani that he heard Julie say something about “ler” and a F2 and a Power (they were talking in code so that production didn’t yell at them). They suspect that Tyler has a F2 with someone who has a power (ding ding ding!).
  • David – He tells Dani that he is disappointed in his performance at the HOH comp, mentions how he couldn’t even beat broken Memphis. They agree that all the powers in the house are scary and Dani tells him that she isn’t sure what she is going to do yet. That was it, no game talk, no nothing.
  • Cody – Dani tells him about how Kevin heard Tyler’s name before the F2 and power was mentioned during the live show (apparently it was something everyone heard). Cody is upset because Kevin doesn’t play based on what is going on in the house, he has been focusing on all the outside interferences (wall yeller, banner plane, now Julie). They wonder if the F2 is with Christmas because she was so “I’m not going after Tyler” during her HOH. Cody asked how the rest of her conversation with Kevin went and she tells Cody that she doesn’t think he understood that she needed two pawns because he kept offering up David. Dani gets called to the DR.

There were some conversations while Dani was in the DR. David and Kevin (who is crying in the lounge) are talking about how stressful this game is now that there aren’t any identifiable targets. Ian joins the conversation and talks turn to what these three powers could be. The specuation on the powers was definitely a big topic of conversation with everyone.

When Dani got out of the DR, the one on ones resumed:

  • Day – Day tells Dani that she is going to support her in anyway she needs her to this week. Dani tells her that she is going to need it because she has a big plan in mind, she is afraid of the powers. Dani mentions that she talked to Kevin because realistically, he is going to probably be one of her pawns. Day says “oooh, that’s why he is downstairs crying” which makes Dani feel terrible. Dani asks Day if she puts him up, can Day help her reel him in. She says she will. Day asks her who she plans to put up against Kevin and she tells her David. They talk about how They hope Tyler doesn’t get picked for the POV, but agree that if that happens David will just be the one that goes.
  • Nicole – Dani asks Nicole if David and Kevin are on the block on Thursday if she will vote David out and Nicole tells her she will vote out whoever she needs her to. Dani tells Nicole that Memphis is furious with Tyler after everything that happened last week. Dani also tells her that Kevin heard Tyler’s name during the live show.
  • Tyler – Tyler tells Dani that if she doesn’t put him up, he would owe her big. She makes a verbal agreement not to go after Tyler until F6 and he adds that he won’t go after her until F4. Tyler asks if Kevin and David are her plan and she tells him that she thinks that it’s her best option. Tyler wonders what will happen if David wins the POV and Dani tells him she doesn’t even know.
  • Christmas – Christmas asks her how she is feeling and she tells her terrible. Christmas mentions how at least her move was to protect their alliance. They both agree that they can’t go after Day this week. Christmas mentions how her and Memphis talked about the POV and how important it is to win it and control the situation. Christmas tells her that whatever she is planning with, she’s good with, unless it includes cannibalizing their own.
  • Ian – Ian asks Dani if she knows what she’s going to do and she tells him that she is wavering and really worried about the powers. She mentioned how David hasn’t talked any game with her all season and that makes her nervous because she doesn’t know where he is at.

That was it for the one on ones, now for the rest of the day! Christmas and Memphis had a talk about how dangerous Ian is in this game. They both agree that Nicole and Ian being former winners is reason enough to put them up and get them out. Christmas mentions that she made it a point to tell Dani that sticking with the alliance is the best move for all of them and Memphis tells her that Dani seemed very onboard with sticking with it until F6.

Nothing big happened after that until the Nomination Ceremony where Dani nominated David and Kevin as planned. Dani told Kevin not to worry this week and that she will be his campagin manager this week. Kevin tells her not to feel bad about putting him up and she tells him that she does care about him and doesn’t want to see him leave.

Dani tells Cody about how Tyler offered her a deal where he wouldn’t come after her until F4 but she can come after him sooner and she got suspicious. She said when it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

Day tells Kevin that she does believe he is just a pawn because Dani was crying about having to put him up.

Cody and Enzo talk about how the noms have to stay the same or Dani will BD Tyler and that’s not good for them.

Dani smooths things over with David and tells him that her nominating him was nothing personal and that no matter how much they have talked in the game, it was never about game.

Enzo tells Cody that he is annoyed that Ian and Nicole are still there because they are former winners. He also tells Cody that he believes that Christmas is a bigger threat than Memphis and they should go after her before him.

Feeds cut for about 20 minutes and when they come back up, we find that David used his power and took himself off the block and Dani renominated Tyler. Dani swore to Tyler that she doesn’t want him to go and tells him to go win the Veto. She tells him that she didn’t know what else to do. Tyler says that if he wins the POV, she will have to nominate someone else and she says she will talk to Enzo about being a pawn against Kevin.

Tyler asks Dani if she wins POV if she will use it on him and she says if he wants to her, but then she will have to nominate someone else. Tyler mentions how he was put on the block this same week in his season because of a power like this and then went on to win the POV.

David spent a lot of time trying to convince all the other HGs that someone must have used the power on him. Memphis isn’t buying it though and says that this is something he should be bragging about, he won something!

Dani tells Memphis that if Tyler wins POV, she is going to try and get Christmas to offer herself as a pawn. If Kevin wins, she will put Day up and tell her she is just a pawn.

Cody tells Enzo later in the evening that if he gets picked to play Veto that he is going to play hard and then not use it. He tells Enzo that he is going to tell Tyler that he just has to trust him. Enzo adds and if he goes home “sorry, something went wrong.”

Nicole tells Cody that she was warned about laughing at Ian’s rocking by the DR. Cody tells her that he wasn’t and she adds that she is worried there might be a segment on it.

Kevin talks to Dani about David claiming someone else saved him and Dani says she doesn’t believe that. Kevin wonders if someone knew that Tyler would be the renom and made that move. Dani says there is no way anyone would have known that.

Cody tells Tyler that he isn’t worried about Tyler being on the block, if anything it helps hide their alliance a little more.

The rest of the side conversations are more of the same. Today is POV Comp day! I will have spoilers throughout the day, who do you hope to see win the POV?

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