There was a lot of planning and plotting for this week’s upcoming POV Ceremony on Big Brother 22 with the Committee worried that this week’s POV Winner might use it. Get all your Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s Big Brother Live Feeds right here!

Ok, let’s get right to it! The first chat worth mentioning was between Kevin and Memphis and Memphis tells Kevin that there isn’t a big alliance in the house so he will have to work on individual votes. Yes, he is really still denying that there is a big alliance in week 6 of Big Brother. He also talked about David overplaying his denial about his power. He says that he thinks David playing up the fact that he has convinced everyone it was someone else that used it in his DRs.

Nicole camtalked for a bit about how frustrating it is that no one wants to play the game and how she can’t trust Tyler like she thought she could. Nicole talked to David too and tells him that she thinks it’s going to end up being a tiebreaker this week. Keep in mind, they are trying to convince Kevin that Tyler is being voted out so that Day doesn’t use the POV on Kevin.

Nicole asks Dani what Cody’s thoughts are about if Day uses the POV. Dani tells her that if Day uses it on Kevin, Cody wants her to put Ian up so they can vote Ian out. Nicole tells Dani that she really doesn’t want to vote Ian out, but also doesn’t want it to come down to a tie for Dani to break. Dani tells her that her primary goal right now is to get Day not to use the POV and then her secondary goal is to convince everyone that Tyler has to go if the noms stay the same.

David warns Day that he thinks all the promises to keep Kevin are a distraction. He thinks that they will vote Kevin out if he is on the block on Thursday. Day tells David that she trusts Kevin and really doesn’t want him to leave this week. David tells her that even Ian told him that she would create a lot of enemies if she used it this week. Day says she doesn’t care. Day says she isn’t going to tell David what her plan is so he isn’t mixed up in it. She says she wants there to be an impact.

Dani tells Enzo that she doesn’t care if Tyler or Kevin go this week, she just doesn’t want the POV used. Enzo tells her that he could tell Day that he will vote out Tyler if the noms stay the same.

Dani tells Nicole that Kevin told her he wasn’t sure if Day was going to use the POV or not. She thinks that’s good because now she won’t have to put up a renom.

Memphis tells Cody that he doesn’t care if Dani wants them to vote out Tyler, he isn’t doing it. Cody, Memphis, and Enzo are worried about who Dani would put up as a renom. They want Ian up, but Memphis doesn’t think that Dani is going to put him up. They are all worried about losing one of their numbers this week.

Memphis later talked to Christmas about Dani’s behavior when they were all talking the night before. They both think that something felt off about her.

Day talked to Kevin about renom options and Kevin tells her that he thinks Christmas would go up.

Memphis, Nicole, Christmas, and Dani all talked about how they think they are effectively convincing Kevin that Tyler is going to be voted out (they aren’t). Dani is still worried that Day is going to use the POV, but Memphis doesn’t think she is going to.

At about 6:30 PM BBT yesterday evening, the HGs were all outside and BB called for lockdown and for all of the HGs to go into the house. The feeds cut right after. They did not return until almost eight hours later at 2:15 AM BBT.

Day and Dani are talking about whether or not Day should use the POV. Dani tells her she isn’t going to tell her what she should do. Day tells her that there are only three people in the house that she trusts (Dani, Nicole, and Kevin) and she doesn’t want to risk losing one of them. Day asks Dani what she would tell her if she was watching at home. Dani then tells Day not to use it because Kevin hasn’t been beneficial to her game and he is just going to end up on the block again.

Dani then talked to Cody privately. She tells him she thinks she might be playing this too hard with Day about not using the POV. She wonders if she should just let her use it, put Ian up, and then vote him out. She says that if Nicole votes to keep Ian then she is done with her. Dani goes to wake up Christmas, Memphis, and Nicole so they can all talk.

The group talked about halting the POV, having the noms leave the room, and then having the rest of the house raise their hands to show Day they are all going to vote Tyler out. Then if Day uses it, they will put Ian up and make him feel as comfortable as possible. Make him think he is safe. Memphis wonders if it’s worth all the effort because it’s just going to upset Day when she realizes they all lied to her. He also tells them that whatever they decide, they can’t tell David because he will go back and tell Day.

After the meeting, Nicole tells Cody that she doesn’t like this plan at all. Dani isn’t targeting someone that Nicole would target and expects her to vote out her closest friend in the house. Cody tells Nicole that she would still have Dani and Cody and adds that Ian isn’t her strongest ally anyway. Nicole thinks that this whole plan is just going to make things worse in the house. Dani comes into the room and says she just got out of the DR and they don’t know if the noms are going to be allowed to leave the POV Ceremony once they start. She said they will let her know what the decision-makers say.

Before heading to bed, Nicole tells Christmas that she is worried about being asked to vote out Ian. She says no one else has been asked or expected to vote out there closest friends in the house except for her.

So it sounds like today’s POV Ceremony could be an interesting one. Here’s to hoping Day uses the POV and causes a stir, but regardless of what happens at the POV Ceremony, it doesn’t look like Dani is going to get her way with Tyler being voted out. We will see what happens and I’ll have spoilers for you a little later!

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