After we said goodbye to Bayleigh on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 22, we watched as another HG went on to win the HOH. With a new HOH comes a new set of targets and I have all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds right here!

After the feeds came back up from the Big Brother live show, we watched as the HOH played out. You can get all the updates right here!

After the HOH, Day told David that she didn’t feel safe, but she doesn’t feel like she is in danger either. David tells her that he hopes that he is put up so that he can at least compete in the POV rather than being BD’d. Day asks him if he wants her to talk to Dani for him, but he tells her no. I want to point out that David wants to be put up at the noms ceremony so that he can use his power.

Enzo and Cody talk about Day’s poor performance during the HOH comp. They say it wasn’t even five minutes before she fell and Enzo comments that he would self evict.

Dani called Cody out for a conversation he had with Tyler in the bathroom. She asks him what they talked about and Cody denied the conversation happening at all. He tells her that he has no idea what she’s talking about. She then asks him how he is doing, he really wanted to with his HOH for his grandfather. He said that he was really upset, but felt bad for not being happy for Dani. She tells him he has a right to be upset and not to worry about it.

Day told Kevin that before Dani went into the DR after the comp, Dani told her she had nothing to worry about this week. Kevin wonders if he is in trouble, but Day says she thinks it will be David and Tyler.

Enzo talked to Tyler about wanting Day on the block for only lasting a few minutes on the wall. Tyler tells him that he is worried he could be BD’d this week.

Nicole asks Dani who she plans to put up and Dani tells her David and Kevin to start (David has a power). Dani says she feels bad for telling Kevin he is safe while planning to nominate him.

Dani asks Day what she would do for noms and Day says she would put Christmas and Tyler up and tell Christmas she is a pawn. Dani agrees that Tyler can’t be trusted. Dani says that if she is going to take a swing at Tyler, she can’t miss. Dani tells Day that Ian isn’t a threat to her and she likes Kevin. She also tells Day to play along with Christmas. Dani wonders if she should talk to Cody about Tyler and ask him if he wants a repeat of his experience with Derrick.

Dani does have a conversation with Cody last night and tells him that she thinks that this week will be a DE. She doesn’t want to use her power at the end of this week because she feels like the next HOH is going to be Q&A and she is terrible at those. They talk about Ian and Dani says she thinks that he threw the comp and has ruined Nicole’s game.

Before heading to bed, Dani tells Cody that she saw Tyler whisper something in Cody’s ear before the HOH. He tells her that didn’t happen and she’s lying. She is insisting it happened and that she saw it.

So based on conversations it looks like Kevin and David will be her nominees, problem is, David has a power and Dani is going to have to come up with a backup plan on the spot. This is not going to go well, I can feel it. Stay tuned for Nomination Ceremony spoilers coming up later today!

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