It was a slow day in the Big Brother 22 house and with a wall yeller shutting down the feeds for several hours, we missed out on some potential game chat. However, you can read on to get all the details of what was talked about right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap! Miss any of the action inside the house? Make sure you check out all the Big Brother Spoilers to get all caught up.

We started out the day with Christmas camtalking about how she likes Nicole and trusts her, but she doesn’t complete trust her. She talks about how Nicole is most likely going to go out of her way to try and save Ian this week which means he is clearly her untouchable (cringe). Christmas talks about how Nicole is going to have to go soon, but she doesn’t want to be the one to do it.

Christmas then talked to Memphis about how she heard Nicole and Ian talking in Nicole’s bed the night before and they thought she was sleeping. She said she couldn’t hear a lot of what they were saying but she kept hearing them say “she, she, she” so that narrows it down a bit. She tells Memphis that she thinks that Nicole is actively trying to save Ian, but Memphis just thinks that Nicole is playing it off to him like she is. He doesn’t think that Nicole would be that stupid.

Christmas and Memphis talk about Enzo a bit and Christmas mentions that she thinks that Enzo would be receptive to working with them. Memphis thinks so too, but he feels like they should wait a couple more weeks before putting that together in case they have to use him as a pawn in the near future. They wonder if Ian could get the votes to stay and Memphis says he suspects that David might flip his vote. Christmas tells Memphis that in a conversation she had with David, he indicated that he could possibly lean that way. Memphis says that isn’t good for them.

Memphis tells Enzo that he is worried about Ian and the way that he is playing now. He tells Enzo how he had a conversation with him the night before and it was like talking to a completely different person. He was persuasive and looked him in the eye. Memphis mentions that he thinks that Ian has been putting on a show this whole time. Memphis also brings up the possibility for him and Enzo to have two different F3s with a couple of HGs. He tells him that it’s a little soon to say who, but in a couple of weeks they will revisit that. (He’s planting seeds for them working with Christmas)

Memphis then goes to talk to Dani and reiterates to her what he said about Ian. She tells him that she really just thinks that Ian’s demeanor has changed because the stress levels are different now that they have made it to jury. Dani tells Memphis that putting Ian up wasn’t in her plan this week because he isn’t coming after any of them and Nicole has Ian in her back pocket. Memphis brings up that Tyler would be a shield for them Memphis says that if David were to win HOH, he would put Memphis and Tyler up together, Dani thinks that it would probably be Memphis with her or Christmas though. Memphis tells Dani that he will talk to Christmas and see how she reacts. If she won’t at least hear him out about the possibility of keeping Ian, they might have a bigger problem.

The conversation between Dani and Memphis about the possibility of keeping Ian around stemmed from a conversation Dani had with Nicole. Nicole has been spending a lot of time trying to come up with a way to either save Ian this week or make it seem like she tried to. She even talked to Cody and Tyler about the possibility of claiming David’s vote for Ian to stay if the vote count is 5-3. Little does she know, it’s looking like it might be unanimous because Day, David, and Kevin think they are flipping the vote when Tyler is no longer the target.

Dani asked Tyler who he would put up if he won HOH and he tells her that there are only three options at this point (Day, David, and Kevin). Dani asks if a power is played, who from the committee would he put up as a pawn and he tells her that he wouldn’t want it to be her. After his talk with Dani, he talks with Christmas and tells her how Dani told him Kevin heard the wall yeller say that Tyler and Christmas had a F2 and someone has a power. He doesn’t think that they heard her name associated with the power though. He also tells her how he told Dani he would use her as a pawn if someone from the alliance had to go up.

Christmas and David talked a little bit about the vote. As I’ve said before, David, Day and Kevin all think they are masterminds and are flipping this week’s vote to keep Tyler. David literally campaigned to Christmas about reasons why they should keep Tyler in the house which is what the plan is anyway. Christmas tells Tyler later that this could be a way to cover up her voting for Tyler (to Ian later). She can just say that David talked her into it.

Memphis tells Christmas that he is worried the house could flip to save Ian, but Christmas tells him she has heard the opposite. He is relieved to hear that, but he is still worried about Nicole trying to save him.

Ian did some campaigning and his biggest pitch to everyone is that if Tyler stays this week, he will make it to the end and probably win this time.

There was a meeting of the women in the Big Brother house where they discussed sticking together and protecting each other. Day tells them all that she feels good about working with them because they all cover different parts of the game. No more than 20 minutes later, Nicole, Christmas, and Dani are talking about how they have to be careful about what they say in front of Day because she runs and tells Kevin everything. They talk about how Kevin has to go next week and then Day can go right after him. Dani is still upset over Day using the POV and says that she hasn’t even apologized for using it and forcing her to nominate a fourth person. (I’m sorry…she doesn’t owe you that.)

Kevin wonders to Day later on why Tyler isn’t campaigning. Day says that’s because he knows he has the votes. He has Christmas, Memphis, Cody, David, and Enzo. Kevin points out how Dani didn’t even mention Christmas and Memphis as renom options before picking Ian. Day says that is an important piece of this puzzle. Kevin tells Day that they need to take out Ian because he is more connected to Dani than Tyler is (wrong).

Christmas tells Dani about how David thinks they are working together now because of his pitch to save Tyler. Dani tells her that they might be trying to set her up for something and Christmas says that they can try, but the joke is on them.

Kevin talked to Tyler about campaigning and Tyler says he is going to let everyone go about their business because they have already made up their mind.

Kevin then goes to David and warns him not to trust Christmas too much and reminds him how she screwed over Bay.

The feeds went down for a couple of hours after the HGs were all called inside.

When they come back up the HGs there were some chats between the HGs that were pretty quick:

  1. Dani tells Tyler she knows the viewers want them all to vote Tyler out.
  2. Nicole cries to Tyler about not wanting to vote out her best friend in the house.
  3. Cody tells Enzo that Ian is in this position because of Dani’s bad gameplay.
  4. Dani tells Cody that Ian threatened not to give her his Jury vote. They also discussed how Nicole is really upset about how Dani made her best friend disposable instead of someone else.

Day talked to David and Kevin last night and they all noticed that Ian stopped campaigning after they got alcohol and how stable the house seems. Day asks David why he thinks Ian is the bigger target and he tells her because he is part of the core four (he can’t possibly be this bad at reading people…) and she tells him that Ian is not in the core four, he is a plus one to that because of Nicole.

There was some little chit chat around the house after all of this, nothing too interesting or new. David is really bad at reading people even though he thinks that’s why he is there. Looks like Nicole isn’t going to have any votes to claim when we get to tomorrow night’s eviction either. Remember there is no new episode tonight, just the live eviction tomorrow! See you all here tomorrow for our Eviction Day festivities.

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