It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 22 house and Tyler and Ian spent the day talking to their fellow HGs about this week’s vote. Get all the details of what went on in the Big Brother house and find out how Nicole tried to save face with Ian right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap. If you missed anything throughout the week, make sure you get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers!

Yesterday morning there was a lot of talk about an incident between Ian and Dani. Apparently, Ian had heard something floating around the house that upset him and when he approached Dani about it, he was pretty angry. Memphis and Christmas talked about how Ian seemed really aggresive when he was talking to Dani. Memphis wonders if that will make it easier for Dani and Nicole to come to terms with Ian being voted out.

Memphis and Christmas also talked about how if someone in their alliance wins HOH this week, they can activate their F3 deal with Enzo. That is if whoever wins HOH doesn’t plan to target him. Memphis says his only worry with working with Enzo is that he might have a ton of side deals with other HGs. Christmas says she thinks there is a way to talk about that without prying though.

Meanwhile, Dani says hi to Kevin and Kevin gets a little snippy with her. Dani wonders why Kevin is giving her an attitude all of a sudden. Dani talks to Tyler about this and Tyler tells her that Day, David, and Kevin all had a late night meeting the night before. Dani mentions how Ian threatened not to vote for her if she is in F2 and Tyler tells her that in a conversation he had with Ian, he admitted that he needed to work on his sportsmanship.

Ian goes up to the HOH to talk to Dani and Dani starts off by telling him that she isn’t mad at him at all. She tells him she was upset last night because everything he was saying, was true and it sucks.

Enzo tells Kevin that there is no way that Ian is the pawn this week. Kevin tells Enzo that he saw Christmas and Memphis in the lounge for 45 minutes earlier yesterday morning. Enzo says that the two of them are close and Tyler and Christmas are close. Kevin tells Enzo that Christmas is campaigning for Tyler to stay and Tyler has the votes.

Kevin asked Ian if he is in an alliance because it if is, this would be a great time to pull in his people. Ian says he doesn’t have any people and he isn’t in an alliance. Kevin tells him that he needs to join one after this week and Ian makes a comment about how he has to be there for that to work. Kevin tells Ian that he noticed that people are campaigning for Tyler to stay this week. He also tells Ian that Tyler is looking way too comfortable for someone on the block.

Ian then relays this information to Nicole who then goes to Cody with it. Cody is upset that Kevin is telling Ian these things. Nicole says the worst part of it, is it’s true! Nicole then goes to Dani and tells her that she thinks that Day, David, and Kevin are going to make the vote 8-0. Dani tells her that Memphis just told her that he isn’t going to lie to Ian about his vote. Nicole wonders if she can convince Day, Christmas and Ezno to do the same to that she can then go to Ian and tell him she has to vote with the house. Nicole also tells Dani that Ian told her that David is actively campaigning against him.

Nicole has a conversation with Tyler, she is trying to clear the air with him after he threw her under the bus with Dani. She also tells him about some of the stuff that Ian told her this morning. About David campaigning for Tyler, about how Kevin told Ian that her and Cody were playing him, and how Tyler is too comfortable. Tyler tells her that he is sorry if this is all stressing her out. Nicole tells Tyler that she would really like to work closer with him but they need to mend this. She asks him about why he went back and told Dani about the wall thing and the feeds cut away.

When they go back to their conversation, Tyler tells Nicole that he was thinking about blowing up David’s spot right after the vote. He tells her that if the vote is 5-3, he is going to go up to David and loudly thank him for keeping him. Then in front of Day and Kevin he is going to say something along the lines of “you and me to the end!” Nicole tells him that would be great, but she thinks that they are trying to make this an 8-0 vote to screw Nicole and Dani over.

Nicole goes to Enzo and Christmas and asks them to be honest with Ian about thier votes so that she can then go to him and tell him that she has to vote with the house. That way when the vote comes back 8-0 he doesn’t feel betrayed. Nicole tells them that this isn’t even about the jury vote, she doesn’t care about that. She cares about their friendship and doesn’t want to lose that after the show is over. They seem to be okay with this plan.

Memphis does go to Ian and tells him that he is voting to keep Tyler this week because Ian is a better player than Tyler. Memphis also adds that Ian is smarter than him (M). Ian then goes to Nicole and Cody and tells them that he doesn’t have Memphis’ vote. They both play dumb and encourage him to keep trying because Memphis is just one vote.

After the halfway party, David talks to Tyler and he tells Tyler that he is scared of him. Tyler tells him he should be. David talks about how he got Bay out, but Tyler cuts him off and tells him he didn’t do that. Tyler tells David how he messed up Tyler’s game early on and David tells him that wasn’t his intentions. Tyler asks if David is voting him out or Ian and David refuses to answer. Tyler is getting aggravated and tells David that the only reason he’s on the block is because David used his power. After the back and forth, Tyler asks again if he has David’s vote and he tells him he doesn’t know, he will tell him Thursday.

Dani and Day talked about the vote and Dani wonders if they just take the hit and vote Ian out. Day tells her that they are going to have to (Dani thinks that Day, David, and Kevin are just voting Ian out because that was the opposite of what she told them she wanted). Day asks Dani if she is going to play in this week’s HOH again and she tells her she can’t, she needs the target on her back to go away. She wonders if she can just use it on the next HOH and put a target on them. They talk about who would put who up if they won HOH this week.

After talking to a lot of the people in the house, Ian checks in with Nicole about his vote progress. He tells Nicole that he is suspecting Day and Kevin are voting him out because they think Dani wants him to stay this week. He thinks he has Cody’s vote (he doesn’t).

Meanwhile Christmas and Memphis are comparing notes on Dani. They agree that she is spreading information that they give her and also noticed that Dani has been hanging out with Nicole and Cody a lot. Christmas suggests that they try to make it a tie so that Dani has to break it. Dani confirmed to Nicole a little later in the evening that she will vote out Ian if it comes to a tie.

That was pretty much it other than the back and forth campaigning from Ian. He literally campaigned to everyone in the house at least 10 times each. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to do him any good this week. Stay tuned for my eviction poll, eviction prediction and tonight’s live recap!

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