It was Power of Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother 22 house and the final noms for Week 7 of Big Brother All-Stars were put into place. Find out what was decided and who this week’s target seems to be right here with our Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s Big Brother live feeds.

The day started off really slow with the HGs getting ready for the POV Ceremony. Tyler was honest with Day and told her that he was not intending on using the POV this week. He tells her that when he was on the block, he was left there because she used it on Kevin instead. Then she was nominated this week because she used it and he doesn’t want to see himself be a target next week for using it. Even though at this point, most of the house is aware that the original plan was to BD David.

At the POV Ceremony, Tyler did not use the POV and Day and Kevin remained on the block. After the POV Ceremony happened, there was some small talk around the house about the speeches. Christmas told Enzo that Day’s speech made it clear that she was working with Dani and Nicole. Apparently Day called everyone out for different game-related things except for Dani and Nicole.

Meanwhile, Day is telling Kevin and Dani that she has no intention of campaigning this week because she watched how each of the targets so far this season was made fun of and ridiculed for playing the game and fighting for their chance to stay. She tells Dani that she is not going to set herself up to be made fun of by the “Royal Guard”. She says she isn’t rolling over and dying, but she also isn’t rolling over to kiss anyone’s ass.

Day talked to Nicole and relayed all of this to her too and also asked Nicole to be honest with her about something. She asks if it was her that flipped her vote at the last eviction. Nicole swears she didn’t and that she voted to keep Ian. Day tells her that she just doesn’t want to look stupid on national television for bashing David if it wasn’t him that flipped his vote. After Day left the room, Nicole camtalked about how it is killing her to lie to Day and she is going to come clean, she just needs to find the right time.

Nicole goes to talk to Dani and she tells Dani that she feels terrible because Day asked her to be honest and she lied to her again. She tells Dani how she thinks Day is planning to bash David in her eviction speech for flipping his vote, but she can’t let her do that and make her look bad on national television. She thinks she should tell Day it was her, but Dani tells her that she can’t do that. They just have to make sure that Day doesn’t say anything in her speech. (Nicole was still planning on coming clean in her GBM)

Nicole is worried that no one is going to see what they did to Ian with the vote as a game move. Dani asks if she means David and Day won’t see it as a game move and Nicole says no, no one in the entire world will see it as a game move. Dani says that isn’t true. They talk about how the plan is to get Day out this week and there is no way around that. Nicole says that they need to make sure that Day doesn’t call David out on Thursday or she is just going to stand up and say it was her. Dani thinks that Day is going to start blowing up people’s games when she realizes she is going.

Christmas talked to Memphis and asks him what they want David to do if he wins HOH next week. He thinks that David should put up Kevin and Dani or Nicole. Christmas says that she can leverage that. Christmas then goes to David and starts trying to plant seeds with him. She tells him to think about who Day didn’t call out in her speech, she points out that she didn’t call out Dani, Nicole, or Kevin in her speech. She thinks that Day, Dani, and Nicole had a pregame alliance.

Meanwhile, Cody goes to talk to Dani and mentions how every time he talks to someone, he gets dagger eyes from Christmas. Dani wonders what Christmas and David have been talking about.

A little later, Nicole talks to Christmas about the Ian vote and says that she wonders why David thinks it was her that flipped and not Day or Kevin. She says she is going to be so mad if David wins HOH and puts her up. Nicole tells Christmas that Day thinks that the alliance is all the guys minus Kevin and adds that Day is going to be shocked when she finds out that the alliance also includes Nicole, Dani, and Christmas. Christmas mentions that isn’t good for jury management and Nicole agrees. (Too bad they let that cat out of the bag with Ian and now Ian will tell Day.)

David managed to start a small fire on the stovetop, but it was put out quickly.

Day tells Kevin that if he wins HOH, he has to put up two of the guys to try and force one of them out. She warns him that if he puts David, Dani, or Nicole as a pawn, they will be evicted over any of the guys. They agree that it would be best to target Cody and Tyler together with Enzo as a renom.

Before heading to bed, Enzo, Cody, and Tyler talk about how Christmas seems to be in every room and in every conversation. Enzo tells the guys that if he wins HOH, he isn’t going after Kevin, he plans to turn the house upside down but doesn’t mention exactly what his plan is (hoping for an Enzo HOH this week?).

There hasn’t been a shift in the plan as the guys plan to evict Day this week to weaken David, Dani, and Nicole. I will keep you posted if that seems to change at all throughout the week!

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