It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house! There was a backdoor plan in place prior to the competition starting, but the POV Winner this week on Big Brother All-Stars has decided that using it might not be what’s best for their game. Get you Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

The HGs started the morning really early with a 7:30 AM BBT wakeup call. They picked the players for the POV and when the feeds came back up we found out that Dani, Nicole, and Tyler were picked to join. Memphis pulled Tyler’s chip while the noms both pulled HG choice chips and chose Dani and Nicole to play. Seems like the reason for that was because they felt like Nicole and Dani would give them the best shot at winning this competition.

After the POV Player draw, Memphis told Tyler that his plan this week is to BD David and that he wants whoever wins the Power of Veto to use it and take one of the noms down. He tells Tyler he doesn’t care which of them comes down, but David will go up in their place and he wants him voted out on Thursday. Memphis tells Tyler that it is probably best if they (Tyler, Nicole, and Dani) throw the comp to him so that he can can be the one to do it. Tyler agrees and says that he will throw the comp.

Day and Kevin had both talked to Dani after the player draw and she promised both of them that she would take them down. While comparing notes they think that’s really weird and wonder if there is a plan to BD David this week. A little later, Memphis does reveal to both of them that his plan is to BD David and he apologizes to them for putting them up, but he had to in order to make this happen.

Before the competition, Tyler tells Cody that Memphis’ plan is to BD David and Cody is upset and says that he spent all this time isolating David so that he isn’t seen as part of their group. He says that Day or Kevin has to go this week because they are clearly a pair. Cody says that he wants Day gone this week, but if she wins the POV, he will settle for Kevin. Cody says that there is no way he is letting Memphis get his way this week.

The feeds cut at 1 PM BBT for the POV and came back up just before 4:30 PM BBT. When the feeds come back, Memphis is explaining his plan to BD David to Day and Kevin again. When he leaves the room, Day calls bullsh*t, literally.

Memphis goes to talk to Tyler and tells Tyler how frustrated he is that Dani didn’t try and throw it like she was supposed to (she was pretty close to beating Tyler’s time). Memphis tells him that she clearly has something going on with Day and Tyler says he obviously didn’t try and throw it either (he won it), does that mean Memphis thinks he has something going on with David? Tyler tells Memphis that the girls want Kevin gone this week and he starts hinting at the fact that David going probably isn’t a good move for them. Memphis tells Tyler that if the noms stay the same, Day needs to go. Tyler agrees.

Throughout the evening, the HGs talked about all the zings that Zingbot gave them. Memphis slowly came to terms with the fact that he wasn’t going to be able to BD David this week and is okay with Day going instead. He says that he wants to have a meeting with The Committee to confirm this new plan. Christmas tells Memphis that Dani and Nicole are a clear pair in the house and she wants to keep Day this week because she will target them.

Cody goes to Nicole and warns her that Memphis is worried about her and Dani having some sort of alliance with Day. He tells her not to push too hard to keep Day this week when she talks to Memphis. Cody also tells her that he is in this new F3 with Enzo and Memphis.

Meanwhile, Memphis is talking to Dani and she swears that she threw the comp (she came in second). Memphis tells her that Tyler doesn’t seem to want to use it and asks her if the noms stay the same, who should they vote out. She tells him Kevin (which confirms his thoughts of her having something going on with Day).

Memphis and Enzo catch up and Enzo tells Memphis that he is surprised that Dani wants to keep Day after everything that’s happened with them. He says there has to be something going on with the three girls (Nicole, Dani, and Day). Enzo tells Memphis that he is okay with either noms going this week.

Memphis tells Tyler that he is fine with the change of plans and tells Tyler that he is onto Dani’s plan to push to keep Day this week. He also tells Tyler that he doesn’t want David to know that he was planning to BD him this week. Tyler tells him that he doesn’t think anyone is going to tell David that.

Memphis tries to get more information out of Nicole about the Day situation. He tells her that he keeps hearing of these different groupings inside the house and it makes him feel like The Committee is going to break apart. Nicole tells him that she doesn’t think so and if they were able to make it through last week, they can make it through this one too. Memphis wonders if it’s too risky to keep Day over Kevin this week. He tells Nicole that he still really wants David out and plans to push Tyler to use the POV. Nicole tells him that he is the HOH and he should fight for what he wants (doesn’t mean he’s going to get it).

There were some small conversations throughout the night before the HGs headed to bed, but nothing worth noting. It looks like Tyler is going to keep the noms the same this week and the guys are going to band together to vote out Day. They feel like, without her, they will weaken Dani and Nicole further. There is a small chance that Kevin could still be voted out and I’m sure the plan will change a few more times before Thursday night’s eviction show. I’ll keep you posted right here!

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