It was a busy day in the Big Brother 22 house for Da’vonne and Kevin who have been trying to convince the POV winner to save one of them. However, the POV winner doesn’t seem to be budging on their decision to keep the noms the same. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds for Big Brother All-Stars right here!

David and Kevin had a chat about the vote from last week and David wonders to Kevin if he was the one to flip his vote to make him and Day closer. Kevin tells him that is not what happened and that he and Day both voted out Tyler. David and Kevin agree that it must have been Nicole and add how they both think it’s odd that Nicole was so vocal about Ian being her best friend in the house after what happened with Day and Bay.

Memphis tells Christmas that he planted a seed with Day to see if it would get back to Nicole and Dani and it did. He tells her that he told Day that he was worried about Nicole and Tyler and only about two hours later he had Nicole approach him worried that she was being BD’d this week. He says that it proves his theory that Day, Dani, and Nicole have something going on and Christmas says she thinks that they are trying to keep Day close so she will take shots that they aren’t willing to take themselves. Memphis says that’s why they have to get Day out his week and Christmas agrees. Memphis suspects that’s why Dani was playing so hard for the POV. So that she can save Day and keep strengthening that relationship.

Christmas and Tyler talk about revealing to Day that it was Nicole who flipped her vote. They think that the best way to do that would probably be in their good-bye message to her.

Dani and Christmas talked about who to keep this week and Dani tells her that she thinks Day is better for their game because she isn’t coming after any of them (Christmas doesn’t believe for a second that Day isn’t coming after her). Dani also tells her that Kevin and David are much closer than Day and David are so keeping Kevin in the house is keeping a duo in the house. Christmas pretends to agree with her, but then runs upstairs and reports this all back to Memphis.

There was a long conversation between Day and Kevin who are trying to find a way to get Memphis to force Tyler to use the POV. It involved them blowing up a lot of people’s games and exposing lies. Not that these plans ever work, but at least they are trying. In this plan, they want to suggest to the house in someone’s POV Ceremony speech that there is some kind of deal going on between Memphis and David to get them out. This would point out that David is a liar and needs to go.

Tyler talked to Memphis about how Dani worked on him to try and save Day this week. He also mentions to Memphis that Dani said David and Kevin are getting really close. Memphis suggests that Tyler just tells her that he’s keeping them the same because they already have two non-Committee members on the block.

David asks Day why Kevin or Day didn’t pick him to play for them. She tells him that she didn’t believe that David would use the POV on her if he won. She thought that Nicole would have. Day asks David if he was aware of a plan to get Kevin and Day in trouble last week with the vote. He tells her that he wasn’t aware of any plan.

Memphis tells Kevin that he doesn’t think that Tyler is going to use the POV because he wants Day gone this week. Memphis tells Kevin that he is upset with Tyler for not using it because getting rid of Day wasn’t in his plan this week.

Nicole and Christmas talked about how Nicole heard from Dani that Memphis told Day he wanted everyone to throw the POV. Christmas doesn’t think that’s true.

Day and Nicole talk about how Day thinks that Memphis still wants to BD David but Tyler is going against the plan by not using the POV. They also talk about how Dani suggested to Day to smooth things over with Christmas and Day says she is tired of talking to Christmas over and over about things. Nicole says that Christmas just needs daily reassurances. Day says they are 40 years old, there is no reason why she should be having daily conversations to reassure someone at this age.

Nicole asks Enzo what he wants to see happen this week and he says it doesn’t matter to him. Nicole mentions how she is fine with Day going this week, but Dani wants her to stay.

Enzo then talks to Cody about how Christmas has been throwing Dani under the bus every chance she gets. Cody tells him he wants to tell Dani this, but Enzo warns that if he does, it will get back to Christmas. Cody tells Enzo how Dani just told him that they need to keep Day this week. Enzo and Cody agree they’re not keeping her this week.

Day tells Dani that she has a plan to make Tyler want to get rid of David this week. She tells her she plans to tell Tyler that David is coming after him because of what happened with Bay. Dani tells her that this is a great plan because Tyler is already worried about how people are looking at him for that. Day is just trying to come up with a way to have it all play out where it doesn’t get too out of hand.

Day goes to Kevin and Kevin says that he is stressing about this. He is worried that if he does this and gets David BD’d, David won’t vote for him at the end (ummmm you can’t get his vote if you don’t make it to the end either though!). Day assures Kevin that David wasn’t going to vote for him anyway.

Feeds were down for a couple of hours and when they came back up, Christmas was telling Memphis that Day will blame Dani if she doesn’t come down at the POV Ceremony. Memphis tells Christmas that Day knew that the plan was to BD David this week. Meanwhile, Dani and Day are working out the details of Day’s plan to save herself. They also talk about how if the POV isn’t used that they need to start campaigning to Enzo first and convince him because he will convince the others.

At the same time, Enzo, Cody, and Tyler are talking about how Dani is pushing to keep Day too hard. Enzo says that if this week is a DE, he is ready to start making cuts.

Right before heading to bed, Dani and Cody talked and Dani is starting to realize that Day is not going to have the votes to stay this week. Dani asks Cody if she agrees to let Day go this week, they need to get David out next week. He agrees.

It doesn’t look like Tyler will be using the POV this week unless something big happens between now and then. If the noms do stay the same, Day is likely to be evicted on Thursday. I’ll have confirmation on the POV Ceremony coming up later today!

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