It was a super quiet day inside the Big Brother 22 house with the feeds down for four hours in the middle of the day so that someone could come in and unclog all the sinks in the house. Find out what happened inside the Big Brother house throughout the day on Tuesday right here with our Big Brother live feeds recap!

Memphis and Kevin had a chat yesterday morning about this week’s vote. Memphis tells him that he expects that Day will go this week because no one wants that kind of energy in the house. This was in reference to her POV speech where she called everyone out for their alliances. We will get to see how that all went down tonight on Big Brother 22!

Memphis then talked to Christmas and reiterated his conversation with Kevin to her. He asks her if David would nominate Kevin and Dani or Nicole if he won HOH. Christmas thinks that he would because he feels slighted by Kevin. Memphis wonders what Kevin would do if he won HOH and mentions to Christmas that Kevin told him he wasn’t sure where Christmas’ vote lies. He tells her that he told Kevin that he should have a conversation with Chrismtas and suggested to him that she would be honest with him.

The feeds cut for four hours and when they came back up the HGs were all chatting around the house.

Enzo and Cody talked much later about how Day going this week is better for their game. Cody says that Day has too many people in the house protecting her (ummm, what?).

Day tells Kevin that she got confirmation from someone in the house that she was leaving this week. She tells him it was someone she trusts and they cried to her about it. Day tells him that she has come to terms with it, but tells him that he can’t act like he knows and he has to keep campaigning to stay. Day also tells him that he has to win the next HOH or he will be walking out the door next week. Kevin tells Day that he isn’t sure that he can handle this house without her there. She tells him he has to and he tells her that he is just done with these people (same Kevin, same).

Nicole later asked Christmas if the plan was still to vote out Day this week. Christmas says that no one has even said anything to her about it and Nicole mentions that she just wants to be on the same page. Not even a half hour later, Day told Dani that Christmas told her she was leaving this week. Dani wondered how Christmas has this information and Day very nicely asked her if she was blind. Day wonders what got her to this point.

Dani and Nicole talk later and Dani tells her that they can’t keep putting their games on the line for Day. Nicole tells her how she is sick of having to lie to people she likes and respects and tells Dani she isn’t going to do it anymore.

Kevin warns Day that he thinks it was Nicole who flipped her vote last week and not David. Day doesn’t think that’s true because Nicole hasn’t lied to her at all but David has.

Nicole talks to Christmas about how the stress of lying to Day is eating away at her. She says she wants to tell Day the truth but doesn’t want to do anything that will mess up The Committee. Nicole mentions that maybe she will tell Day in her GBM.

Day asks Dani if Nicole flipped her vote last week to protect herself, but Dani says she swears Nicole didn’t flip her vote. Day and Dani then discuss a plan where Day would tell David that she believes him and if he votes for her to stay, she will target Nicole.

The feeds went down at 12:13 AM BBT last night and all we know is there was another wall-yeller because Enzo made a comment about it right before they went down. They have been down ever since (I am posting this at 7:15 AM BBT).

It doesn’t look like the plan is changing at all and Day will likely walk out of the Big Brother house tomorrow night and join Ian in the Jury House.

Make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of the POV Competition and Ceremony at 8/7c! If you don’t want to wait for tonight’s show, feel free to find out what happened with our Big Brother spoilers!

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