After nearly 22 hours of no Big Brother live feeds, the feeds came back up at 10 PM BBT (1 AM EST), and things were pretty normal with the HGs playing charades. After the game of charades ended, there were some talks about what the plan is in the event that tonight’s eviction is a double (it isn’t). Get the Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother All-Stars house right here!

After the game of charades, Cody and Enzo caught up and talked about what the plan would be if Thursday is a DE. They both think that they would be good if there was a DE, but they believe that Dani might be in trouble. Enzo tells Cody that he thinks that if Tyler were to win HOH, he would probably target Dani and Nicole. Cody tells Enzo that Dani warned him that Christmas doesn’t want to be in F2 with Cody. Enzo doesn’t think that Christmas and Dani get along.

Enzo talks to Tyler a little later and tells him that he doesn’t know who the target would be the target if there is a DE. Tyler suggests that it’s probably Dani and they agree that no one would be mad if that happened. Enzo tells Tyler that he doesn’t trust Dani and Nicole hasn’t accomplished anything to be worried.

Dani and Nicole talk about how Christmas wants to target Cody in the event of a DE. Dani thinks that if Christmas won HOH, she would probably put Dani and Cody up together. Later on, they talk again and Dani mentions that she thinks that Kevin would target two of the guys because he won’t think that Dani and Nicole are coming for him. Nicole says that she thinks Kevin would target her only because of the wall-yeller (the one that said she and Cody were working together).

That was it for the conversations inside the house. We have no idea why the feeds were down for almost 22 hours because the HGs didn’t say anything about it. Stay tuned for my Eviction Poll and Eviction Prediction coming up later today. As always I will be here tonight live recapping tonight’s episode of Big Brother and I will have HOH spoilers for you after that. Who do you hope wins HOH tonight?

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