It was Nomination Day in the Big Brother 22 house and a busy one at that! Prior to the Nomination Ceremony, one of the potential noms put the HOH in their place and reminded them that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from our Big Brother All-Stars live feeds recap!

It was a busy day in the Big Brother house, but I think I can summarize it pretty quickly, so let’s get started!

During Cody’s one on ones prior to the Nomination Ceremony, he made it clear to everyone that Kevin and David were going on the block and that Kevin was his target. He also made it clear to Enzo, Dani, and Nicole, that if Kevin managed to win this week’s Power of Veto and took himself off the block that he was planning to put Christmas up in his place. He said that at that point, they would have to have a conversation because he doesn’t want David to go and Christmas has made it clear that she will clip Cody when given the chance.

Christmas is becoming more and more paranoid about Dani and her spreading seeds about her. Which she should be because she is. Dani will tell everyone that listens that Christmas is scheming something about them or a close ally of their just to get them to think about targeting her. Memphis knows that these talks are going on about Christmas and although he has promised Christmas that she has nothing to worry about and that he will tell her if he thinks she does, he hasn’t told her anything about what he has heard.

Christmas is doing just as much seed planting about Dani that Dani is doing about her. She has been making it very clear that she is nervous about Nicole and Dani’s relationship in the house. While Cody thinks that he would be Christmas’ target if she won HOH, Christmas is likely to target Dani if she did.

Cody’s talk with David was a pretty genuine one where he told David that the two of them are tight and he doesn’t want to see him go this week. He tells David that there is something he has to do to keep up appearances with a larger group of people he is working with so that they don’t turn on him. David understands what Cody is saying without actually saying it. Cody tells him that his original noms are smoke in mirrors, but adds that if the noms stay the same this week, he is not Cody’s target.

During his pre-Nomination Ceremony talks with Kevin, things got a little heated. Kevin tells Cody that it sounds like to him, Cody thinks that Kevin is coming after him and because of that he is going to be nominated. He says to Cody that it also sounds like Cody is setting him up as a nom because Cody knows that Kevin doesn’t like him and wouldn’t vote for him in the end. Cody tells Kevin that it sucks being HOH and Kevin tells him that the world doesn’t revolve around him and says “poor you, you have to be HOH and put me up and target me. Are you kidding me?” Cody asks Kevin if he has a personal issue with Cody and Kevin tells him that they don’t have to continue this conversation. Cody tells him that he can tell that Kevin is really mad and he doesn’t like how he is framing all of this.

After this conversation ends, Cody goes to Dani and retells her what happened. Cody is really bothered by the fact that Kevin told him the world doesn’t revolve around him. Talks turn to Dani asking Cody what him and Nicole were talking about for an hour and asks if they were scheming. Cody says they talked about the noms and what if the POV is used. He tells Dani that he told Nicole that he would put Christmas up if that should happen.

Feeds go down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back, the noms are Kevin and David as suspected.

David talked to Christmas right after and she tells him that there is still the POV and it doesn’t sound like David is Cody’s target this week. David tells Christmas that he is looking at this from a viewers standpoint and no one wants to see the same people on the block over and over and over again. It’s frustrating, it makes for a boring season and viewers don’t want to watch something predictable. Christmas tells David that she won’t be interfering with his chances at winning the POV, because she will be going for prizes.

Cody told everyone who would listen about how bothered he was about Kevin’s comments prior to the Noms Ceremony.

Kevin and David talked about Ian’s eviction and how they think it was a slip up because there were no other options. Kevin says that he thinks Dani was in on the plan to evict Ian too and David agrees.

Dani and Nicole worried about being the last two women in the house if Christmas goes up, but they also know that Christmas is coming after Dani.

Enzo and Cody talked before bed last night and Enzo mentions that Nicole told him that putting Christmas up only helps Dani. Enzo tells him that he wants Nicole gone and has pushed for the previous winners to be taken out. Enzo says that if he won HOH he would put Dani up and BD Nicole. Cody says that Nicole isn’t coming after them so he doesn’t want to see Nicole, Memphis, or Tyler on the block. Cody and Enzo both agree that if Kevin comes down, Christmas goes up and she will be voted out over David.

There you have it folks! David and Kevin are on the block and Kevin is the true target. If Kevin comes down, Christmas goes up. Stay tuned throughout the day for POV spoilers. I will have the player picks for you and then the winner later today!

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