It was Power of Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother 22 house and the nominees were locked in. It was a pretty slow day overall with some light campaigning from the noms. The HGs got some backyard music that had the feeds in and out all night. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother All-Stars house on Monday right here with our live feeds recap!

The HGs got a late wakeup call so not much by way of conversations before the feeds went down for the ceremony. There was a conversation in the backyard between Cody and David where Cody tells him he is going to use the POV and tells David he has 10 seconds to tell him who to renom. Cody starts counting down and David tells him “whoever you think would be best for your game.” Cody tells him he is just kidding and tells David that he’s not using it and David’s staying on the block.

Feeds cut for POV Ceremony and sure enough, when they come back up, the POV was not used and Kevin and David became final noms for Week 8 of Big Brother All-Stars. When the feeds come back there is a conversation going on between Christmas and Cody about how untrustworthy Dani is and how Christmas feels slighted by her. Christmas also mentioned a conversation she was privy to before Kaysar was voted out. She tells him all about how Kaysar was telling Bay and Day that if they won HOH, they had to put Dani and Tyler on the block and if one of them came down, they should BD Cody. Christmas wonders if Kevin would play that out if he stayed this week because he was so close to Bay and Day.

David and Kevin had a chat in the backyard about how David needs to do campaigning. He tells Kevin that he thinks he is in a good spot in the house but knows that there are things that can be used against him. He uses his vote to evict Tyler and the $10k he just won during OTEV. David tells Kevin that he felt like when Nicole gave Day the $5k and took the punishment the week Bay was evicted, it was Nicole’s way of sending her out of the house with something because she knew that Day wouldn’t be too far behind. Kevin says he didn’t read that far into it, he just saw it as pandering to America. They also talked about how Nicole’s whole demeanor changed when Cody won HOH and how she became super joyful. Kevin says that her attitude will change back in a day or two.

Cody and Enzo talked about moves they need to make going forward. Enzo says that if they get rid of Memphis and then Tyler, they will have Christmas in their back pocket. Cody says that he would almost want to get rid of Christmas and have Tyler and Memphis with them instead. Enzo mentions that if Nicole or Dani gives Kevin a vote this week he is going to be pissed. He adds that this should be a 6-0 vote.

Dani is talking up The Committee with Christmas and mentions how they have all almost made it to F6. She says this could be the most successful alliance ever. Nicole joins the conversation and they talk about how they think this week is going to be a DE (surprise, it’s a Triple Eviction!).

David tells Dani that he wants to be there to see the table get smaller and asks her if she will vote to keep him? She asks him if that’s his pitch. He tells her yes, he wants to sit at the smaller table with her. She tells him that he needs to come up with a better pitch than that and he tells her that he will and he will come back to her.

Christmas camtalked a bit about how they have a F2 together, but he’s tried to leave the game so many times now. She is having a hard time wrapping her head around why he would dishonor the game like that. Christmas talked about how Memphis has been more loyal to her than Tyler and that she respects that Memphis has followed through with everything he said he would. She talked about how Enzo wanted to make a F2 with her, but she thinks that he has F2s with Cody or Tyler already. Christmas then talks about how hard it’s going to be to decide who to put up when she wins her next HOH.

Dani tells Memphis that she is annoyed that it feels like they have to just do what Cody wants this week and can’t even discuss getting out David. She wonders if David is working with Cody and Tyler and that’s why he isn’t being targeted. Memphis tells her that they can get David out next and adds that it’s bothering him as well. Dani is convinced that if David wins HOH, he will put Memphis and Dani up together and she knows that he won’t target Cody and Tyler.

An indoor lockdown was called for a suspected wall-yeller. Production decided that they were going to play music super loud outside to drown all of that out so that the HGs can enjoy the backyard before they lockdown for comp set up. Any time the HGs went outside, the feeds would cut to stars.

Christmas and Enzo talked about the upcoming week and suspect that this week will either be a DE or an endurance comp. Christmas doesn’t think that Nicole or Dani will win it because the wall comp was thrown to Dani. She adds that Dani hasn’t really won anything if you consider that.

Cody and Enzo talked later about who to target next and Cody says he wants Christmas out right away. He says that they should nominate her with David and use the $10k as the excuse for him. Enzo and Cody think that Dani would try to BD Tyler if she won HOH. They studied events and days for a bit too. Enzo tells Cody that he thinks that they should skip targeting David and go straight for Dani. He’s also worried that Tyler is getting closer to Christmas and Cody suggests that they make a F3 with him.

Cody mentions that if he wins another HOH, he is going to nominate Christmas and Dani. They agree that Memphis and Christmas are getting really close so they have to get Christmas out to eliminate the other Wise Guys alliance. Cody says that the ideal situation would be for Dani to win the next HOH and take out Christmas and then for Tyler to win the one after that to take out Dani.

These HGs are going to be in for the surprise of their lives when they are told that it’s the first-ever Triple Eviction for BBUS. It still looks like Kevin will be the first one to go this Thursday, but with the easy targets dwindling and Cody and Enzo protecting David, it could be time for The Committee to starting turning on each other. We will see what happens this Thursday!

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