It was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house and six of the Big Brother All-Stars got to compete in this week’s OTEV competition! Keep reading to find out what happened before and after the POV Competition took place right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

Prior to the players being drawn for the POV Competition, Memphis told Kevin that if he could find a way to discretely go for the money instead, he would consider throwing the POV to Kevin this week. Memphis also tells him that he would be lucky if Tyler and Enzo got picked too because they might also be swayed by the money.

Dani goes to talk to Cody about a renom option in case this week’s POV doesn’t go in their favor. She mentions that Nicole is on board with getting Christmas out this week too, but Cody tells her that Nicole really isn’t. He tells Dani that Nicole is just telling her what she wants to hear. Meanwhile, Nicole is telling Christmas that she trusts her more than anyone else in the game.

Feeds go down for the player pick and when they come back up we find out that Nicole, Enzo, and Tyler got picked to play in the POV.

Nicole and Cody talk about playing hard for the POV, because both of them are worried about Christmas hitting the block this week.

Cody tells Enzo that Memphis heard that Christmas was Cody’s renom plan and he only told Enzo, Nicole, and Dani (this is true). Enzo says that it must have been Dani because he didn’t say anything and he trusts Nicole. Enzo mentions that if Kevin wins the POV and Christmas goes up, they are right back where they started with Kevin and David still in the house. Memphis joins the conversation and tells Cody and Enzo that they have to keep noms the same and get Kevin out of the house.

Tyler goes to talk to Cody and tells him that he thinks Dani would take a shot at them (Cody & Tyler) and he thinks that Dani only wants Cody to target Christmas because Christmas is going after Dani. He doesn’t believe that Christmas would target either of them.

Feeds go down for the POV comp and when they come back up we see the HGs re-entering the BB house with balloons and pool floaties from the OTEV comp. They are all holding tie-dye shirts and Cody is also wearing the POV.

Cody warns Christmas that Dani is going to push hard for David to go this week but he still wants Kevin gone. Christmas suggests to Cody that he tells David that he is going home for taking the $10k over playing for the POV. She says that he can use that for leverage later.

Enzo tells Tyler that he was planning to play for prizes after David and Kevin were eliminated. He says that David going straight for the prizes proves that he doesn’t care anymore. He says that for someone who is on the block, he seems really comfortable and makes a comment that he almost wants to vote David out for going after the money instead of the POV.

Dani did her complaining about the same thing to Christmas and Memphis. She can’t believe that he would go for the prizes instead of trying to stay in the game. She wonders if Cody promised him he was a pawn and he feels safe. After Dani leaves the room, Christmas tells Memphis that they are not sending David home this week.

Tyler had told Enzo earlier in the night about the OTEV curse (no player who won OTEV has won their season) and he made a comment about how he was happy he didn’t win then. Enzo relayed this information to Cody last night.

David mentioned that the only reason he went for the money was that he was one of the last two and he thought he was going to lose anyway.

Cody, Memphis, and Christmas talked last night about how Dani is trying to play everyone in the house. Christmas tells them that she doesn’t like talking to Dani alone because she is worried that Dani will twist her words on her. Memphis tells Cody that they are locked in to vote out Kevin this week. He says that as long as they have Enzo, they can get him out without Dani’s vote.

Dani tells Nicole that she is going to fight for David to go this week. She mentions how Kevin isn’t coming after them. Dani adds that Cody promised her that if she let Day go last week that he would support her on getting David out this week. Dani mentions that she doesn’t trust Kevin, but she believes that he will go after Cody before coming after them because Cody has nominated him twice already.

Christmas warned David last night that the other HGs don’t respect David for his choice to go after the money instead of fighting for the POV.

Nicole goes to Cody and Enzo and warns them that Dani is going to try and flip the vote this week. She tells them that she is still going to vote Kevin out this week, but asks them not to tell Dani that. Cody tells them that David told him he was going to target Memphis and warns Nicole not to say anything to Dani because he will know it was her. Dani joins them for a bit and they talk about now new school players only come on the show to try and get famous. Enzo says that he is there to play the game and then go home to his family. After Dani leaves, Cody says that he knows Dani talks about him to the others and has been lying to him about it for a while now.

It looks like Dani is going to push hard for David to go this week, but she isn’t going to have the votes. Nicole is going to keep telling her that she will do what Dani wants her to do, but she is going to vote with the rest of the house. If the target on Dani’s back isn’t big enough, it’s going to get even bigger at this week’s Triple Eviction. I’m putting my prediction out there now, Kevin, Christmas, and Dani will go this week during the TE. Who do you think will be evicted on Thursday?

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