Sunday inside the Big Brother All-Stars house one of this week’s nominees tried to convince Cody that he is more of a help than a threat to his game. Also, Monday is POV Ceremony day in the Big Brother 22 house, will the POV Winner use the POV to save either David or Kevin from eviction? Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds for Sunday right here.

The HGs got a pretty late wakeup call on Sunday with BB allowing them to sleep until about 11:20 AM BBT. When the HGs were awake and moving around, Tyler and Christmas discussed keeping David inside the house a little longer. Tyler says that he would like to get Dani and Nicole out before they get David out.

Cody and Enzo talked about who they think needs to go next and they both agree that Christmas should probably be the next to go. Enzo is hopeful that if they keep Nicole around, she will go after Memphis. Cody tells Enzo that he almost wants to tell Christmas that Dani was trying to get him to BD her this week. Hopes that this will motivate Christmas to take a shot at Dani if she should win HOH.

Memphis and Christmas talked a little later in the day and Memphis tells her that he still wants David gone this week. Christmas tries to sway him to keep David and vote out Kevin this week. Memphis mentions that he would like to see The Committee hold strong, but that he is ready to make a move on the alliance if the opportunity presents itself and Christmas mentions that she is mostly worried about Dani and Nicole.

Kevin asked Dani what his chances looked like this week and Dani tells him that he needs to go talk to Cody and makeup with him (for his comment about the world not revolving around him). Kevin clearly doesn’t want to do this, but he heads up to the HOH room to talk to Cody. Kevin starts off by apologizing to Cody and tells him that he feels like his time is ending in the house. Cody understands and tells him that it’s understandable that he feels that way after being on the block as many times as he has been. Cody accepts the apology but still doesn’t seem swayed.

Memphis goes to Cody and warns him that Christmas is suspicious of Cody wanting to put her up. Memphis tells him that he tried to deflect the claims by telling her that he didn’t hear anything about that. Memphis tells Cody that if he wins HOH, he would put David up as a pawn, but he hopes that Tyler or Christmas wins it. Cody wonders if he should tell Christmas that he was thinking about renoming Enzo this week to try and ease her a bit.

Kevin talks to Christmas and says that he tried really hard to win the POV this week, unlike David who went for the prizes. She agrees that David going for the prizes rather than the POV was frustrating for her, but tells Kevin that she isn’t sure what the plan is for this week.

The feeds cut for four hours and after they came back up, the HGs were chatting in separate areas of the house. David did mention something about the feeds being back up, so it was something they knew about. David also talked about the pictures that were taken so it sounded like the HGs got the camera to snap some shots.

Not much else happened the rest of the night, a lot of general chatting about life and a lot of down feeds. Kevin tried really hard to convince Cody not to target him this week, but I’m not sure it did him any good. We will find out later today what happens at the POV Ceremony for week 8 so be on the lookout for confirmation!

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